Some Numbers

It was a great night of college football this Thursday with two top 10 matchups, Oklahoma and Baylor along with Oregon and Stanford and with the Ducks losing, that snapped their Division 1 best 18 game road winning streak, meaning NDSU inherits the longest streak in the country at 16. Some nit-pickers will say its just 13 TRUE road games, 2 of the games were in Frisco, the other in Sioux Falls, but if the games are NOT played in Fargo in my mind, then it’s a road game.


  • 1. NDSU                    16
  • 2. Northern Illinois   13
  • 3. Alabama                 11
  • 4. Texas A&M             8
  • 1. Ohio State               21
  • 2. NDSU                       17
  • 3. Alabama                    12
  • 4. Baylor                       12
  • 5. Florida State            10
  • 1. Sam Houston St.      20
  • 2. South Carolina        15
  • 3.  Ohio State               14
  •      Stanford                  14
  • 5. Fresno State            11
  • 6. NDSU                          9
  •     Northern Illinois        9

4 thoughts on “Some Numbers

  1. Great teams find a way to win and during long streaks hard work and a little luck usually comes into play. As the Gopher woman hockey team comes up to the 60 in a row mark puts a little perceptive on things but when teams coming at you week in and week out it is not easy never the less.

  2. Watching the Stanford-Oregon game last night, it struck me how similar Stanford and North Dakota State are in playing style. On offense, the formula is to dominate the line of scrimmage, run the ball effectively, wear down the opponent, and control the clock. On defense, pressure the quarterback, know your assignments, stay disciplined, and tackle effectively. Quick strike offenses like Oregon or Baylor (FBS level) or Eastern Washington or Eastern Illinois (FCS level) can spread their offense and use their speed to roll over most opponents, but teams that play like Stanford or NDSU definitely have a system that can slow them down, keep the ball out of their hands, and beat them. A team has to have the right personnel to pull off this brand of football, but when they do, it can be almost unstoppable. I’ve heard people say that NDSU is the Alabama of the FCS — which is appropriate if you are comparing winning national championships — but if you are comparing style of play, NDSU is really the Stanford of the FCS… and that is quite a compliment indeed. Congrats to the Cardinal on their huge win last night, and good luck to the Bison on Saturday. Fear the Tree and Feel the Thunder!

    • I completely agree with you. The best way to stop a high-powered, high-scoring offense is to keep them off the field. Dominate the line of scrimmage, and a steady dose of 5-6 yards runs by a couple running backs will extend drives and suck valuable clock time. On defense, win the line of scrimmage and force them to become 1-dimensional by stopping the run. Be well conditioned on defense and rotate lineman in and out when they rotate in skill position players.

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