The ins and outs of NDSU signing day

It was national signing day today and here’s a rundown of the North Dakota State signings. A couple of notes and thoughts starting with two Bison coaches landing high school teammates from back-to-back state championship teams.

That would be forward Evan Wesenberg and guard Jake Showalter from Germantown, Wis., a team that has won 56 straight games. Showalter’s father, Steve Showalter, is the head coach. On the women’s side, the golf program signed Detroit Lakes standouts Trisa Hutchinson and Natalie Roth, who were part of back-to-back Minnesota Class 2A state title teams.

“One of the first steps was to find out if that’s something they wanted to do, (be teammates),” NDSU head coach Matt Johnson. “When we first proposed if they wanted to be teammates in college, they high-fived each other. They know how to win and they know how to compete.”

Softball landed its first All-American recruit in outfielder Breanna Beatty from Las Vegas, a 2013 Max Preps All-American. Head coach Darren Mueller called her an “amazing hitter who absolutely crushes the ball.” He said Beatty tore her ACL after her sophomore year and recruiting interest in her subsequently subsided. “We stayed on her,” he said.

The NDSU coaches signed two from Nevada, the first softball players in the program from that state. A program that has long gotten wealthy from California recruits, Mueller said the Nevada players had a recruiting presence in California with tournaments. Katie Shoultz, a 5-8 outfielder from Muscatine, Iowa, may become one of the fastest players in program history. Mueller said she was timed in 2.53 seconds from home to first, which he said is the equivalent of a football player running a 4.2- to a 4.3-second 40-yard dash. She is a five-sport athlete who got track and field letters from Big Ten schools.

Men’s basketball

  • Jon Sobaski, 6-1, G, Prior Lake, Minn. (18.2 ppg)
  • Paul Miller, 6-4, G, Kettle Moraine HS, Wis. (17.9 ppg, 7.0 assists, 4.0 GPA)
  • Evan Wesenberg, 6-7, F, Germantown, Wis. (8.3 ppg, 5.2 rpg, team 56-0 last two years)
  • Jake Showalter, 6-3, G, Germantown, Wis. (11.6 ppg, teammate with Wesenberg)

Women’s basketball

  • -Olivia Baker, 6-4, C, Minnetonka, Minn. (four-year varsity player)
  • McKenna Happke, 6-1, F, Coon Rapids, Minn. (two-time all-conference, team state champs)
  • Taylor Thunstedt, 5-8, G., Spicer, Minn. (school’s all-time scoring leader, averaged 29 points and made 104 3-point field goals last season)


  • Brianna Rasmussen, 5-11, setter, Fergus Falls, Minn.(all-state selection, led Fergus to third place state finish)
  • Jessica Jorgenson, 6-1, MH, Blaine, Minn. (Class 3A all-state selection)
  • Mikaela Purnell, 5-9, libero, OH, Minnetonka, Minn. (Class 3A all-state selection, also third in school history in kills)


  • Breanna Beatty, 5-9, OF, Las Vegas (2013 Max Preps All-American)
  • Tabitha Heinz, 5-7, INF, Livermore, Calif. (.351 career hitter)
  • Jacquelyn Sertic, 5-6, P, Sparks, Nev. (Two-time all-state, 0.71 ERA,)
  • Katie Shoultz, 5-8, OF, Muscatine, Iowa (.541 hitter)
  • Joel Samper, 5-1, INF, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. (four-year starter, first team all league)

Women’s solf

  • Trisa Hutchinson, Detroit Lakes, Minn. (5-year varsity player, 7th in Class 2A tourney)
  • Natalie Roth, Detroit Lakes, Minn. (state tourney co-medalist, both players members of back-to-back state title teams).

15 thoughts on “The ins and outs of NDSU signing day

  1. Not so sold on the Germantown kids. Since when does 8.3 pts and 5.2 rebounds qualify as DIV. 1 caliber?

    • To be on a team that went 56-0 and have his stats just means he is more than likely team player not in it for himself. I think Saul found a diamond in the ruff. I saw the Germantown team play in the state tournament they were really good.

  2. I think you can look at the all these recruits as winners. 56-0 in basketball, back to back state titles in golf. All state selections across the board. Winners have that something special inside them that makes them winners. Now the coaching staff need to get the rest of the ability out of the recruits. Make them bigger faster and stronger. Future looks bright for NDSU athletics. Go Herd.

    • Brock was a winner in high school and not highly recruited, so maybe person performance is not the only sign of good college athlete.

  3. You should watch some tape Jay…that Showalter kid from Germantown can flat out shoot, I can see him filling Felt’s role and maybe even being a bit better. As for Wessenburg he was only playing next to a four start recruit last season that is now playing at Indiana this season. That might be the cause for his less than impressive stats, I’m sure the coaches fully vetted him during his AAU game.

    • Not so concerned with Showwalter. Looks like the big kid is coming with minimum production. 56-0 is impressive and I would think the kid now playing at Indiana had a lot to do with that record, more so than 8-5 kid. Lets hope he proves me wrong, just not impressed with those stats.

  4. No post players signed???? Not questioning Saul, he is a great recruiter, just wondering who is going to replace the kids we are losing? Go Bison

  5. This is Big10/Big12 quality recruiting. Future keeps getting brighter for Bison athletics. Keep reloading.

      • Germantown Wisconsin was a good team for the last two years because they had Wisconsin’s Mr. Basketball that is now at Indiana, Luke Fischer. Wesenberg and Showalter may be good role players but they aren’t even the best player on the team this year…. LaMonte Bearden Jr. who is headed to Buffalo University.

      • yes. they recruit kid who steal, do drugs and if good enough jump for the NBA at first chance to make money.

      • That is one of the reasons why the big schools miss on some football and basketball recruits. Sure benefits schools like NDSU, ton of examples of this years football and basketball teams.

  6. Mens BB team still needs a gorilla in the middle, color doesn’t matter, big and hairy, full beard and two menacing eyes. Hairy knuckles. Sweat band, elbow and knee pads. Elbow pads for giving love taps during the game. Just a suggestion. You’ll find him in outer Mongolia. That’s still in your recruiting territory.

  7. Our football success is rubbing off on our other programs. Winners want to come play for winners. Having the opportunity to play in an athletic program that has been a top 20 athletic program (overall) in the country doesn’t hurt. I don’ think these kids will be playing in the Summit by the time they are done with school. The Big12/10 are taking notice of NDSU.

  8. Saul getting 3 more Wisconsin kids ho hum. Get me some ballers from Minneapolis anyday. Wahp science is right down the road that should be a pipeline with dave richman being president there. I just do get it, too many sawed off guards.

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