Bison PostGame Show at Youngstown State

NDSU took care of business Saturday, winning a 19th straight game defeating Youngstown State 35-17 and in the process claim the Missouri Valley Conference title for a 3rd straight year. NDSU also won it’s 17th straight road game and now is in prime position for the number 1 seed in the playoffs for the 2nd straight year. Join Jeff, E and I as we break down the game from Youngstown.

13 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show at Youngstown State

  1. Every ysu fan in tailgate said. We aren’t you fbs you are too good for this. We have only been tested 2 times this year ksu and uni

    • You can see it in the home crowd this years. As the crowd gets a little bored, the crowd goes to sleep a bit when we we get up on a team, .

  2. This has been a great season for the Bison (so far) and a great season for this broadcasting team.

  3. As tough as the MVC is and has been, the Bison have made all of them look like junior varsity this year, with the exception of UNI in the first half of that game. KSU and UNI have really been the only tests for NDSU this year. I am very curious if this trend continues during the playoffs.
    2nd point – horrible TV reception (and announcers) yesterday…… KVLY too cheap to travel to eastern Ohio??????

    • YSU had the rights for the game since it was in Youngstown. KVLY had no option other then the feed from YSU’s affiliate.

  4. How many starting seniors does NDSU lose after this season? OH, by the way, do you think Craig Bohls’ wife would be interested in the UND job?

  5. Bison continue on their mission for an undefeated 3-peat next weekend. Senior Day in the FargoDome. The game won’t be close and the Bison will win going away. Bison 56 USD 0.

    What is up with YSU’s coach Wolford? That guy is a whining crybaby. He should be embarrassed by his conduct yesterday. If the late hit by Jirik was so bad why didn’t the YSU broadcast even show a replay of it? In the second half when the Bison were trying to strip the ball from the running back and the YSU players started pushing and shoving the Bison he was screaming for somebody from NDSU to be ejected. These kids put way too much work in to play this game for someone like Wolford to be screaming that players should be ejected. In the postgame press conference he still wouldn’t quit whining. He complained about the late hit and said something to the effect that the way the Bison play will come back to bite them. He then said boy it would have been great to have had Hess the entire game I think we would have beaten them. Which game was he watching? When the Bison got to 14 points the game was never in doubt. The Bison would have loved to have Grant Olson and Marcus Williams playing as well.

    YSU’s defense never came close to stopping the Bison offense. The running game and passing game moved the ball at will and if they hadn’t just ran the clock in the second half they would have scored at will.

    I saw Hess’s postgame interview where he said he thought he would be ready to play next weekend. He didn’t really even get hit and he couldn’t stay in the game. I don’t see him playing next weekend and I think YSU has a bad enough defense that SDSU wins that game.

    If the MVFC only gets 2 teams it will once again be NDSU and SDSU.

  6. Brickhouse Bonnet. What year is that guy again?? He’s very fun to watch. Nice to see Jensen’s passing game flourish as well.

    It says a lot about the Bison that when some of their best players are sidelined, they still play top-tier. Can’t say that for Youngstown, and by the way, I REALLY don’t like their coach.

  7. Great Job guys with them media, can’t wait to see whats in store for senior week. Jeff I had to laugh a little with the goal posts making it look like you had horns on your hat at the beginning of the video.

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