Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. USD game week preview

Join The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack and WDAY sports director Dom Izzo for the latest episode of the Bison Video Blog.

29 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. USD game week preview

  1. USD is beaten up. Their top two running backs barely played in the SDSU game and might not play altogether against NDSU. They were one dimensional against the Jacks and it won’t get any better (obviously) against the Bison. Might have been a tougher game a few weeks ago but not now. Make no mistake though, USD is coming. Very similar to what NDSU did in 2010 after a bad 2009, USD’s defense made a big jump and they’ve gotten a lot of young, freshman players in on offense. They’re a playoff team next year and one that could give NDSU some fits at the top of the Valley in 2-3 years.

    UND was screwed the moment they went to the Big Sky. They play in the upper and recruit (primarily) in the upper midwest where it’s all about smash mouth football and strong defense. Instead they go to a league that far favors warmer weather spreads (Montana schools and EWU being the exception but even they play those systems in cold weather). They’re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Would UND have faired any better in the MVFC thus far? Probably not, but at least they’d be getting the type of players and playing the type of ball that made them successful in the D2/NCC days. Even if they ever got to a 7-8 win type at large playoff bid, they still wouldn’t match up against a Valley team. Any Valley team.

    Hindsight 20-20, but not getting in the Big Sky was the best thing possible for NDSU. The Bison still would have been successful because football is the bell cow and nobody tried to muddy things with hockey. But they’d have looked far more like a Big Sky team and not played as much to their recruiting base and strengths. Ending up in the Valley was perfect on so many levels.

    • It sounds like you think NDSU would not have done well over the past 3 years in the Big Sky. My assumption is that they would have won 3 or mayb 4 Big Sky titles in a row with a bunch of midwest kids.

      • To the contrary, they’d have been fine in the Big Sky and won plenty of Big Fluffy titles. But I firmly believe playing in the MVFC better prepares them to win NATIONAL titles. With some exceptions (EWU a few years ago) a lot of the Big Fluffy teams get out muscled when they get into the playoffs by more physical teams.

    • Seems they matched up pretty well with South Dakota State having a chance to tie it at the end of the game.

      • Consider who they were playing, though. SDSU has been terrible defensively and yet held them under 100 yards rushing. USD’s defense is good and did enough to keep them in the game, but the Jacks defense held USD down. The Yotes had 3 chances in the fourth to score inside the SDSU 30 and failed each time. If SDSU can have that much success defensively when they’ve struggled all year on defense, no doubt NDSU is going to have a much easier time.

  2. what about the NDSU basketball team? Calling a timeout during a fast break by saul with 38 seconds left, then Not fouling soon enough with 12 seconds left and getting out rebounded and the slow lethargic bo ryan offense in the first half all contributed to this loss to USM.

    crowd was crazy loud, student section packed, had to be over 4500 there (they don’t even count students, do they, I watched them flash ID and walk right in and there wasn’t enough room for them all!)

    • Another participation ribbon for Bball team. Competed against a good team (not in top 25) at home. Need to start winning some of the tough games now. I hope Saul is right when he “puts all his chips on us” for future games. This is the year to do it. The future is now.
      Been waiting a few years for a signature win. Time to quit talking and start getting some meaningful wins.

      Go Bison!

      • Lets be honest—-none of this matters. Short of going undefeated in non-conference play, NDSU is NEVER….I repeat….NEVER….going to get an at-large bid to the Dance (nor will any other Summit Team obviously).

        All that matters is the three (or two now if you get the top seed) days in Sioux Falls in March. No matter how many games NDSU wins if they lose in Sioux Falls season is basically over.

        • Winning these early non-conference games against these teams would have gone a long way in building confidence within the team and would help NDSU in trying to get an NIT bid should they not win the conference tournament, because if NDSU loses in Sioux Falls the season is NOT over if you win those games early in the season.

          • By the numbers NDSU should have gotten an NIT bid last year. The NIT doesn’t care about RPI or quality wins when it comes to smaller conferences. They’re always going to give their at large bids to major conference scrubs then trickle down to the mid-major. NDSU’s only hope of making the NIT is to win the regular season title. But even then it’s a consolation gift because if you end up in the NIT it means you obviously failed in the conference tournament.

            And you can talk about the NIT’s history, but the NIT this year would be a failure. This team is built to win the conference title and go to the Big Dance. Anything short of that would be akin to saying football bowing out before the national title game (much less winning it) is still a successful season.

            This is life in a smaller conference and, to some extent, some mid-majors. It all comes down to the conference tourney. I agree, a win or two now would build confidence, but it’s not like a loss really hurts in the scheme of things. IF they make the Dance, I don’t buy this “we can get a better seed” stuff. 1-Summit Teams have picked up big wins in OOC (SDSU at New Mexico last year, ORU at Kansas a while back), and they’re quickly forgotten when seeding (league’s what, never been higher than 12 or 13?). 2-Does it really matter where the seed is? Chances are we play a major conference team that on paper is a beast and will be tough to beat. That’s March.

  3. Actually, get Braun under control in transition and not create stupid turnovers while trying to score the hero bucket. Let Alexander bring the ball up and run the offense. Don’t let Travon dribble so much. …

  4. Remember the classic movies with Adam Sandler. (Waterboy, Happy Gilmore). they all had that fan or person who constantly was on his a–. Well, Saul’s Pain in the A– is me. I get tired of his cute quotes and talk talk talk. Start doing things as a coach to make this team win. I do not care how good these teams are that they are playing, beat them. Get some edge and grit. Come on Saul.

  5. I agree with Dan, leave your Iphone on your desk. Your continually looking at it during the show. It’s very distracting.

    • Very distracting? It’s an 8 min clip of 2 guys TALKING football! Were your ears distracted? Someone call the WHAMBULANCE!!!!

  6. Great crowd at bsa last night, 5000 fans I bet they don’t count students and there was 2000+ of them. It was loud and fun, but the PA/Marketing needs better music in between timeouts. Jeremiah was a bullfrog with 5 minutes left? Hahaha really? And quit playing mayville and valley city zero point in that

  7. I cant believe the crap you guys rag Dom about! Just be glad he does all of this for us! I just don’t get some of you drama queens.

    • I agree with you BisonJeff. Dom and Jeff do a great job. I didn’t realize people watched the blog to check out Dom and Jeff’s faces.
      I guess I tend to listen to their info rather than check them out.

      Thanks for all the time and effort you guys put into these shows.

    • It’s NICKEL btw. Keep your trophy. UND can have it since they didn’t want to play anymore in the first place… pretty easy to keep something you play for when you no longer want to play anymore. NDSU has accomplished more in the last 10 years since moving up than UND will ever accomplish.

  8. Dakota Big 3 game today! Doesn’t get any bigger for the mighty Dakota Big 3.

    De facto Dakota College Football championship on the line! NDSU wins it outright with a win today

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