Marcus Collins

In the world of recruiting, Marcus Collins is the type of player FCS schools covet and by that I mean the caliber of prospect that has FBS options, but chooses an FCS school after all is said and done. Collins, from La Follette High School in Madison, Wis., said today he originally committed to Pittsburgh in July, but started to have second thoughts as time went on.


“Everybody has to find the best place for themselves,” he said. “I just wanted to play football at the next level and it doesn’t matter if it’s FBS, FCS, D2 or D3. It doesn’t matter; whatever is the best decision for you. I decided by being with an FCS, being with a powerhouse, that NDSU was the best situation for me.”

He becomes the fourth known Bison recruit in recent years from Wisconsin who decided against FBS opportunities joining Justin Juckem (Washington State, Boston College), Nathan Tanguay (Army) and Nick Jacobsen (Pitt). Juckem finished his career last year and Jacobsen and Tanguay are redshirting this season.

The 6-4, 205-pound Collins said NDSU is looking at him as a pass-catching tight end. His coach, Mike Harris, said Collins also has potential as a defensive lineman. The kid is an athlete; he was a quarterback as a high school freshman and a receiver the following year. His father is a defensive line coach on the La Follette staff. “He grew up in a coach’s office,” Harris said.

He said he also had offers from Air Force, Army, Toledo, Drake, Butler and Illinois State.

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    • Until they play a down you never know, but this class is looking very good —-On paper!

      Welcome NDSU recruits!

  1. Looks like Carson has another nice big target to throw to next year. Looking at the other recruits out there is a very impressive list of talent. The coaching staff just reloads the gun and will take aim at another MVFC Title next year.

  2. Welcome to the team you made a good decision. The team just keeps getting stronger. Go Bison

  3. 4 fbs players with fbs offers means that NDSU should go FBS. Coach Bohl could become a FBS coach again. Sagarin Rankings have NDSU at #24 and #1 if in the Mountain West, why are they afraid to add NDSU?

    • What makes you think they even care about NDSU. You act as though every FBS team-conference is talking about us. Get a grip on reality.

      • 22 more scholarships will help obviously along with TV revenue from that conference and big dance money! hello.

  4. This was on Terry Vandrovec’s blog this morning: USD coach Joe Glenn said again that he just wishes the run game was healthier. He also lamented the Bison recruiting machine.
    “We’re having a hard time getting through on those guys in recruiting,” he said. “most of the teams in our league are.”
    Go Bison!

  5. Welcome Marcus!!!

    Looks like a very good FB player!!

    Bison will reload next year not rebuild.

  6. “Offers”?? More likely “attention” or “interest”. You don’t give up an appointment to a service academy, if you have the grades, for NDSU. Check some facts, guys.

    • army is a full time job, every day, every minute. football is secondary there and obviously would be hard to do both. Army just isnt a fit for some, but Army still offers kids every day in HS.

      to the FBS people out there, I agree, this fcs division is getting stale, the teams in the playoffs are a joke and some of these stadiums have 4000-5000 fans in them and look pathetic. NDSU belongs with the big dogs, lets ramp this up.

      • I agree. Then we will see what FBS players look like. Yeah, we have Marcus Williams. Most FBS schools have one as good as him. And one better than him. SEC schools might have two backup corners that good. I’ve always maintained that the difference is the depth. We get some great ones for sure. Those schools get 85 great ones.

    • you obviously dont follow recruiting much J-Dub. Air Force and Army regularly lose out on recruits who they offered but chose a FCS offer instead. Ambrosious is another Wisconsin guy with FBS offer, his was to Air Force

  7. And ask Brooks Bollinger regarding Pitt and this guy. Did he turn his back on a SCHOLARSHIP at Pitt?

    We all know the other guys you listed never received an official scholarship offer at those FBS schools.

    NDSU has won the last two FCS championships and you guys aren’t on the payroll. Why the need for the sugar coating?

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