FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 13

Well here we go, the Nickel will be in the house tomorrow, it was a big weekend for me last week to surge into the lead, Kolpack wanted to pick 85 games, but we’ll pick a few, lot of games with playoff implications!

                                                                  DOM   (117-55)           JEFF (113-59)

  • (4) Maine at (24) New Hampshire           UNH         Maine
  • Wofford at Furman                                 FUR         Woff
  • Lafayette at (15) Lehigh                         LEH          LEH
  • (11) Fordham at Colgate                         FORD      FORD
  • (6) Montana at (13) Montana St              UM           MSU
  • (2) Eastern Illinois at UT Martin              EIU           EIU
  • (17) SDSU at (18) Youngstown                 YSU        SDSU
  • Southern Illinois at Indiana St               SIU          SIU
  • Elon at (23) Samford                              SAM         SAM
  • (12) No.Arizona at (22) Southern Utah    SUU         UNA
  • James Madison at (5) Towson                TOW        JMU
  • Delaware at Villanova                           VILL         Del
  • (20) William &Mary at Richmond           W&M        Rich
  • (9) Sam Houston at Central Arkansas    SHS          SHS
  • Western Illinois at Northern Iowa          UNI           UNI
  • Portland State at (3) Eastern Wash.       EWU         EWU
  • (4) Baylor at (10) Oklahoma State           BAY          BAY

8 thoughts on “FCS Pick ‘Em – Week 13

  1. Dom, Jeff,
    You two (and Big E) do a great job of covering the Bison! THANK YOU!
    As for this weeks Pick ‘Em, I see that you both had some differing opinions! Haha!

    It will be fun to see who wins the regular season “Pick ‘Em Title” this year!


  2. Of all the games you guys didn’t see eye-to-eye on one that you did, is Sam Houston State over Central Arkansas. I’ve heard that Sam Houston’s quarterback Brian Bell is out with a fractured clavicle and their leading rusher, Tim Flanders is “dinged up”….fwiw, Bell is their second leading rusher. Any verification on those?

    • Bell is out with broken collarbone, but UCA’s QB has been out all season, think SHSU finds a way to win, they lose, Selection Sunday gets a bit sweaty!!

  3. Jeff great story about Nack. Living 80 miles north of Fargo and watching the success over the last few years, it’s clear this group of young men have really bought into a great system. I’ve always respected the Bison, but hearing stories Nack’s makes it hard for me to dislike them, which I’m supposed to do. I hope the boys keep it rolling and get No.3 in a row. This senior class is very special.

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