NDSU-UND Men’s Basketball LIVE Chat

Round 4 of the rivalry between two experienced teams NDSU and UND tips at 5, watch it LIVE on MidCo Sports Net, Channel 623 on DirecTV, and join us to chat about it!


27 thoughts on “NDSU-UND Men’s Basketball LIVE Chat

  1. No one on my Facebook or twitter here in Fargo is even mentioning this game, it’s hilarious how far it’s fallen. 3000 seat arena not even full? Maybe 50 NDSU fans there(admin)

    Face facts, this is unds Super Bowl just shows how insignificant they are, whereas NDSU fans aren’t even around.

    Ps. Why is this the Sioux center on the playing surface, let’s go Sioux chants and fighting Sioux shirts and Zumba pants? Where is the NCAA?

        • Sure you are Sam.

          In any case, you’re right. Lets just go play another D2 or NAIA team in front of (Maybe?) 2 thousand at the BSA. That beats playing a rivalry game in a packed gym anyday.

          Said nobody ever.

          • NDSU gets 3000 for valley city st or mayville.
            Heck over 4500 for southern miss and 5500 for last 4 SDSU games. You lose reality or sikocta

    • If this game means nothing, why are you following the blog? I suppose if SU were to have won, it would have been a great win, but since UND was the better team you say it has no meaning.

      I have more than once congratulated SU on their FB success, but this year looks like the BB team is down with a slim bench.

  2. Put the rivalry vitriole on both sides away……we really should appreciate what we’re seeing here.

    BOTH North Dakota State and North Dakota have Division 1 teams that have a very good chance to win their conferences and go to the NCAA Tournament. NDSU cna win the Summit and looking at UND they’re going to give the Big Sky all it can handle.

    I know some people will disagree and spam on this (from both fan bases), but how seriously awesome would it be for the state of North Dakota if BOTH flagship schools went Dancing?

  3. Wow, way to go Saul and NDSU. You continue to build UND’s confindence. I have said before but it does not get printed, Saul has a way of bringing down very talented teams. He can talk a great game, but fancy and humorous quotes do not get wins. I also think playing UND is a lose/lose situation for NDSU in sports. It is their Super Bowl no matter the sport and NDSU does not come with intensity or seems dis-interested. I will stay on Saul this entire year until he can make good talented teams better. NDSU does not seem to get better with Saul, they only sound better on paper, according to Saul.

  4. North Dakota is as good if not better than SU. This was no fluke. If any of you follow basketball, you would have known they put up 80+ points on the Wisconsin Badgers. UND has a great chance of making the 64 team tournament…deal with it.

    • What sport is that? Wrestling, hockey, track and field? If the sport is not DI football or basketball nobody cares. Heck, doesn’t college hockey have lower level teams like Duluth, St Cloud, Ferris St, Mankato, and the list goes on.

  5. More people play hockey then football and oh it’s an Olympic sport also and Fargo holds the biggest squirt torment in the states every year. I well always say SU has a great football team but there is more then one sport that’s all I am saying.

    • In what country, Canada?

      There are around 250 colleges that play DI football and around 58 colleges that play DI hockey.

      There are around 100 high schools in ND that have football teams and 16 or so high schools that have hockey teams.

      O.K., I’m done for the night, just keep everything in perspective.

  6. I’ll never understand the small-man syndrome so many NDSU fans suffer from. UND has a good basketball team this year- why is that so hard to admit? But instead it’s always the same silly responses: “we don’t care about THAT sport, or, forget the result-look at the attendance! and my favorite- we weren’t really trying as hard as they were because this is their Super Bowl.” So Please stop- you’re making the rest of us look bad.

    • Well said! A few try to make it sound less that it is but it certainly gives the entire state of North Dakota and western Minnesota something to talk about. Following the statewide blogs and the buzz is certainly there.

    • Don’t blame NDSU fans, read the comments from Richard Hamre. He brought up the 7 DI titles and started the silly hockey talk. Typical UND fans bringing up hockey on a NDSU blog. Nobody made you look bad, anti-Sam, you just made yourself look bad.

  7. These new rules with fouls called on any touch make watching almost impossible. Is there any way to adjust to these rules? It looks like all you have to do is drive into the lane and you either get your basket because they part the waters so they don’t foul you or you go to the free throw line.

    These new rules do not line up with Saul’s preferred style of play and if he doesn’t adjust to them the Bison will have a bunch of players fouling out and will not have a good season.

    Taylor Braun was once again the only Bison that could be counted on to score consistently. It got to the point where you could tell Braun knew it and just drove to the basket as soon as he got close to the lane.

    The Bison have some work to do if they think they are going to win the Summit League.

    • UND was playing under the same rules. They just kicked our azz. Plain and simple. As much as I like Saul Iam am tired of hearing about how the kids work there tails off and how exciting they are. And I am tired of the BB Team apologist–its only one game, its just the beginning of the season, we willbe better by the time the REAL season arrives etc etc etc. We stink. Plain and simple.

  8. Watching the Badger game earlier in the week I felt that the Bison would have their handsfull tonight. UND played well but the season isn’t done, when it comes down to it either teams only chance to make the NCAA is to win the conference and that is all that matters. The ohio state and ND games will get the Bison ready for conference play. We do have to adjust to how the games are called but it is ridiculous how many fouls were called.

  9. It’s been Saul’s style of play, that when NDSU is outmatched in a game he has the players slow the game down and foul. Historically, if you check losses in games by more that 8 points, NDSU has led the way with over 19 fouls a game.

    I specifically remember the Southern Utah game a few years ago when everyone on the team had 3-5 fouls each in the loss.

  10. Who cares its just a ho hum non conf loss for ndsu fans yes it means the world to anyone in grand forks, congrats on winning a game in november *yawn*

    Ill be back in march (same reason why fcs sucks) all that matters is playoffs.

  11. Wow Red River, you must captain the small man syndrome team. Richard Hamre stated a fact. He stated it after our small man team made their silly comments. But keep your blinders on big Red. Lol

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