Bison Video Blog: PostGame WrapUp from UND

It was a clinic put on by UND tonight over NDSU, scoring the most points against a Bison team in regulation since 2004, Jeff and I break down the game with some comments from NDSU and UND.

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  1. Will be shocked if one of these two teams is not Dancing. If not both. NDSU can certainly win the Summit though I think the path is tougher. UND can win a down Big Fluffy with what they put on the floor. Think if they won the regular season title don’t they get to host the Big Sky Tourney?

    • I guess I don’t know much about the Big Sky being down this year, but I do know if the Bison are picked to win the Summit, the Summit must also be down.
      It appears to me that the Bison are a good group of players with no direction. They need a leader (coach) who can adjust to different styles or changes in the game. It seems there is always an excuse for losing. I didn’t hear all of Saul’s post game comments but I did hear him talk about four starters fouling out .If that’s the case, change to a zone to protect your players. If there are new rules for fouling, adjust to them.
      Offensively, if Braun is the only one to get good looks by creating on his own, change your offense to help others get good looks also.
      I’ve said before this team needs a signature win. I’m throwing that out and am gonna say this team needs any kind of win. Talking about the “Big Dance” is ridiculous. If they can’t change their style, any post season tourney is not deserved.
      Hats off to UND. They were the better team last night.

      Go Bison!

    • The Summit is tougher yet Montana has already knocked off SDSU in Brookings and UND just dominated NDSU?

      • If the Bison are the best team in the Summit then the Summit is not better than the Big Sky

  2. I watched the UND vs Badgers game and they have talent. Key for both teams is to stay injury free.

  3. The Bison are over rated, other than Taylor Braun who is going to step up? UND is going to be good but if NDSU thinks they are a tournament team they cant lose a game like this the way they did. Very disapointing

  4. Year after year we see a team with no offensive identity, that can’t screen or run an out of bounds play and we are surprised. Marshal and Braun have defined roles..the rest run around lost on offense (honestly watch them with and with out the ball, they don’t know what to do, seems to be all improv)
    Now Saul is a good recruiter and a good defensive coach (unless the team is using that tricky pick-n-roll play) But he has no offensive scheme and instead of bringing in an offensive minded assistance..he brings in his former players that only know his system. Thank goodness we are in the Summit.

  5. The team needs to adjust to the officiating of the game. I am not saying I am opposed to the new way of officiating but if the defense is going to get called for fouls every time they touch the offensive player then the new way to play the game is to just drive to the basket and create contact and shoot free throws. Charges will be tough to be called because as soon as the offensive player leaves the ground a defender can not set in front and draw the charge it will be a block every time (or should be). I think the new officiating will be bailing out player that are out of control heading to the basket. The guy (whoever it is) with the ball in basketball is like the QB in football, you touch him it is a foul. Better learn how to make free throws and have 3 hour basketball games.

  6. Who cares, it is November and only the 5th nonconference game of the year. Let’s see how the Bison are playing and the adjustments that have been made three months from now during mid-February. This game didn’t matter, NDSU sure played like it didn’t matter, but it is way TOO early in a long season to worry about the outcome.

    • The game matters when it comes to identifying who has the best college basketball team in the state. Should be no problem for a team to get up for that. Ironically SU has the easier path to the tournament even though they aren’t even the best team in the state.

      • It also matters come selection Sunday. There is virtually zero chance the Summit gets 2 teams into the dance but if there is ever any hope teams picked to win a mid-major CAN’T LOSE to other teams from mid-majors!! Even if NDSU wins the Summit tourney and is the only team from the league dancing these games matter when it comes to seeding, the difference between a 14 and an 11 seed can be huge.

  7. Why shoot any outside shots unless you are wide open? From what I can tell you drive the lane and go hard to the hoop, they either get out of the way and you make your shot or they are called for a foul and you shoot free throws. Teams need to work on handling the basketball so they can drive without having it stolen along the way and shooting free throws.

    Taylor Braun obviously noticed how to play in the second half since he scored all of his points driving to the hoop or at the free throw line after driving to the hoop.

    This style of play suits Taylor Braun and Ben Woodside. LA needs to figure out how to do it as well.

    Trayvon and Marshall just need to be there to crash the boards if a foul isn’t called.

  8. You’ve got to love Dom’s first story on Bison BBall this year. He called NDSU basketball “one of the best stories in all of college basketball this year” so what do call UND’s story this year Dom? If they just beat one of the best stories?

    • I said people would be neglecting one of the best stories going
      in college basketball; and so far NDSU has struggled out of the gates, and last night was no exception. UND is a tremendous team and has great potential; here’s from that same post what I wrote: Also the game this year between NDSU and UND should be terrific; UND is picked 2nd in the Big Sky and the Bison lost the last time they played in Grand Forks, that game is on November 24th, FCS Selection Sunday, it figures to be a busy day on the blog.

      NDSU’s defense needs to get better and soon, and so far the Big Sky has shown its strength against the Summit, Montana won at SDSU and UND took it to NDSU, curious to see how these seasons develop for these teams.

  9. Und & sauls coaching & refs = grand forks super bowl

    Ndsu players it was just another game, ho hum no rivalry.

    Sdsu is 0-4 montana lost by 45 to syracuse 1st round that’s how bad the big fluffy is. Ndsu is not good right now, not even average

    • If that was the attitude of the Bison players it’s no surprise that Nate Wolters owned them and is now a starter in the NBA.

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