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  1. Dom and Jeff – Thanks for the great coverage all season. You give insight and have the right humorous perspective on this really special team and program.

    One favor (which may be out of your hands, Jeff). For those of us who don’t get the old-style newspaper delivered to our front door every Saturday, is there any way to get all of the Game Day features from the Forum published in the InForum (electronic version). One piece I really like to read is the scribes’ game predictions.

  2. UNI has 5 losses. I understand the resume argument; they had 7 good wins.

    But I have a really hard time arguing for them with 5 losses. Is 7-5 a playoff-worthy record? I’m struggling with that.

    They needed to find a way to win one of those close games in the middle of the season.

    I’m much more sympathetic to arguing for a Youngstown State inclusion.

    • Sam Houston get in on a 8-4 record, having lost their last two games and on top of it, that two of their wins were against DII opponents. So much for the supposed seven D1 (quality) wins requirement.

    • I would be more sympathetic for Youngstown if they would start winning at the end of the season instead of losing.

      YSU just hasn’t looked good going into the end of the season the last few years.

    • I agree, UNI shouldn’t be a consideration this year, they were 3-5 in the conference. They were 7th in the conference, Missouri State had 5 wins in the conference. If they were selected how could they justify a 7th place team jumping over 3 or 4 teams in the conference?

  3. Next year I would want Dom and Jeff as the selection committee. At least someone that has followed and has knowledge of the FCS. I believe Youngstown and UNI would be worthy selections. I compare this years selection committee to the refs at Saturday’s game.

  4. They need to cut down the AQ’s. The Patriot, Pioneer and MEAC should not be getting an autobid. It’s ridiculous that a 5-6 Lafayette is in the field. SHSU has 2 non D1 wins so they basically got in with only 6 D1 wins just because of the EWU win. SUU gets in with basically the exact same resume as YSU. Why not put 3 BSC and 3 MVFC teams in rather then BSC getting 4? They don’t even play everybody in conference play. Just atrocious!

    They should scrap the whole autobid system and go with the best 24 teams. Quality over quantity!!!

  5. I don’t think there is a perfect system. I think there was too much inconsistency in the Missouri Valley this year.

  6. 1. I would love for the Bison to play EWU in Frisco, and kick their —- for payback

    2. I would love to see NDSU vs. SDSU to show the selection committee once again.

    3. I just want a the trip back to Frisco. I do not care who just a three peat.

  7. As for basketball, I will continue to hound Saul. I just think he gets outcoached too often. The talent on this team, should continue to get better. They are very good, but not better than the year before or the year before. Cute quotes and excuses don’t get you the girl or the dance. You get there by being better than your opponent. The fouls called was crazy, but that is what the rule changes dictated. UND did not have four starters foul out. So adjust your team to play the new style defense better Saul. And get your team to play with forty minute shutdown mentality. They play tough then let up. They can do well with talent, but eventually harder work and better coaching will get them in the end.
    Come on Saul.

    • If you are in foul trouble and not deep then it doesnt take a genious to figure out that you switch to a zone, Does Saul even know what a zone defense is?

    • I have said since last season they are very talented but are to inconsistent shooting the ball. It is so obvious. The foul trouble is just another problem that is going to hamper this team’s chances of going to the big dance. I must admit I am very surprised that the Bison have been picked to go to the dance by so many people. Cody Larson is going to help fill the scoring void left by Nate Wolters. The Jacks and Denver will have a lot to say about who goes dancing. With that being said I still believe in Saul and think he will get things fixed if it is possible. Look at the talent on this team. He recruited this to play in the dump known as the BSA! No firing Saul if they don’t make the dance. I think with the new arena Saul will be able to recruit like Bohl does in the Fargodome. Go Bison!

  8. No dance, and Saul will be gone; I don’t care how much of a Cleaver family man is; GT cuts him loose.

  9. Ill pose this question…..Is Patty V doing a good job? I often wonder—no real good TV deal and now this.

    • Jeff or Dom: On his show this week, coach Bohl said something about “sending film in”. This was in reference to the blown call on the Vraa TD. Can either of you explain what he meant by this? Can these officials be punished?

  10. The problem with the Valley always getting the shaft first is the NCAA, I don’t trust the selection committee and their East Coast mentality. The Valley gets one more team in then the Pioneer? But I also blame the Valley itself. Wanting to stay a small manageable League is what is hurting the number of selections. Why does the Big Sky get 4? It’s a 13 member League, there is a very good chance you see a few good teams, and you also have a higher number of weak teams to beat on. S. Utah had to run the gament of Idaho St. and Northern Colorado to get in and lost to N. Ariz at home, granted they beat Montana St. Youngstown essentially has been in the playoffs for 3 weeks already losing to NDSU, SDSU, and N. Iowa, another Valley team people are wondering why they didn’t get in. The “any given Saturday” aspect of the Valley will always hurt it at Selection time. The selection committee thinks only 1 team 5-3 in the Valley is worth being in the playoffs and that is a shame. I think the Valley needs to look at expanding, the Big Sky and CAA are bigger conferences that always seem to get 4 teams in. But the Valley won’t because they make themselves out to be an exclusive Conference, and as long as it stays that way, expect the Valley to always have worthy teams missing out. Oh,and how in the hell does Eastern Illinois factor ahead of NDSU in this so called SRS?

    • Expanding the MVFC: Good Point. I wonder if there is a strategic vision or if we are/have achieved it on the members minds? Jeff, Dom, anyone, any perspective on this.

      Me—I would like to see a conference affiliation with a real network (on actually TV not the net), Instant reply for all conference games, and more recognition for the strength of schedule come playoffs. I just dont see Patty V. accomplishing any of this, but again we never hear about what she is who knows.

    • East Coast Bias? That didn’t seem to hurt the Big Sky conference and their 4 teams getting in. I think there’s an East Coast bias in most polls, especially the TSN, but not necessarily in the Selection Committee, that was specifically a MVFC bias. I think the MVFC has been propelled to a clear position as the top conf (with NDSU’s help), and maybe that doesn’t sit well with some.

    • I agree that the Valley not getting more teams in is a conference PR issue. But the inconsistency is wins this year could be a factor, too.

      As for E Illinois getting the #1 pick? I think that’s pretty obvious; NDSU only played 11 games this year, not the 12 that is expected. They probably lost some points for only having ’11 wins’.

  11. Patty V needs to be fired and ndsu doesn’t fire anyone just look at dehoff heck amy erv bucky are still at ndsu no one gets cut loose until they die. Its quite amazing.

    • Erv, Bucky and Amy didn’t get let go because they are huge reasons why the Bison have had success over the years! Let DeHoff recruit in the new arena and I think she will turn it around. I think the team will be much better this year in the BSA.

      • Worst excuse. New stadium? Come on. The men don’t have that issue. That’s just an excuse.

        • Not an excuse but a valid reason that DeHoff struggles recruiting. As for Saul it tells you just how great a recruiter he is when he can recruit in spite of the BSA.

    • I doubt NDSU can fire the commissioner of the MVFC. I am sure its managed by a committee with various governance rules. However, I think sports writers can ask some pointed questions that place some much needed attention on these issues.

    • Wait, did you just imply that Amy friggin Ruley needs to be fired? Ok 1) She’s paid her dues several times over to the school as a championship WBB coach; 2) I see nothing wrong with the athletic department’s administration. NDSU has a pretty good growing reputation in D1. The only thing I would argue is that they could use 2-4 more athletic programs such as tennis, swimming, etc. to appeal to a broader set of kids. Plenty of talented ND and MN high schoolers would like to continue their extracurriculars locally.

  12. I am not defending the committee’s choices but it appears they like to choose teams that have never gone to the playoffs or haven’t gone in a number of years over traditional powerhouse teams that are on the bubble.

    YSU and UNI are better than many of the at-large selections but I don’t think either of them would have gone very far in the playoffs; but I guess we will never know.

  13. Dom, Jeff and Big E, thanks for all of the coverage. You guys do a fantastic job and it is very much appreciated!

  14. Let’s get one thing clear . . . SUI > UNI in 2013. Please refer to the conf standings. The order of playoff team for the MVFC should be YSU, SUI, UNI, in that order.

    As for the MVFC conf commissioner, what is she supposed to do? Payoff someone on the committee or do something underhanded behind the scenes? She should help to clarify the rules for selection, then help to hold the committee accountable, but in 2013 I’m not sure what she could do. She should seek clarification for selection rules, then work to hold future committees accountable, without biasing the selection process.

  15. People who want to say the rivalry is dead are the first to freak out after UND has beaten NDSU in hoops the two times up in Grand Forks. Course before hand they’re saying we shouldn’t play the game and just keep playing NAIA teams who draw 2K (if that. Viterbo was barely over 2k this year and VCSU drew less than that a year ago). Again-it’s a great atmosphere, and it’s better for this team to continue to challenge themselves with tougher non-con games like that. UND is as close as they’ll get to conference games with SDSU or even a Summit Tournament game with the Jacks in terms of hostile environment. Yes, I know we play in bigger places like OSU and Notre Dame, but those schools don’t give a care about us, we’re just another non-conference filler to them. That was a hornets nest fully invested against NDSU as it will be in most conference games, especially SDSU. They need to play with more composure in those situations, and hopefully they can learn from this moving forward.

    • Dont care about Un_ and am not freaking out. That was an early season BB game against a good team. It was a nice measuring stick, nothing more and nothing special about it.

    • I say kudos to UND for beating NDSU. The rivalry is still dead though, they are not in our conference, but this is a fine early season game to be played. I think with the right coaching, the Bison will make the dance again this year. As for UND? Good luck them this year, they apparently have a good MBB team.

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