The Furman File

As we get set for the first round of the FCS playoffs, wanted to give a look at each team that NDSU could potentially play in the 2nd round in Fargo next Saturday, so let’s start with my favorite nickname, the Paladins of Furman.

Furman sophomore quarterback Reese Hannon leads the Paladin offense.

FURMAN PALADINS – 7-5, SoCon Champs

  • Started season 2-4, 1-2 conference record on October 12th, won five of last six games, including wins over Georgia Southern, Appalachian State, Wofford and Samford (who’s also in the playoffs). The GSU win just looks better and better considering what the Eagles did last Saturday in Florida, the day that the Paladins beat GSU they held Jerrick McKinnon to 46 rush yds; he racked up 168 against the Bison in Fargo last December.
  • Furman was a pretty consistent playoff team in the early part of the 2000’s, making it five times in six years from 2000-2006, just missing out in 2003. They made a deep playoff run in 2005, losing to App State, the eventual national champs in the 2005 semis.
  • The Paladins won the National Championship in 1988, they became the first private school to win the 1-AA Championship, they were also runner-up to the title in 1985 and 2001.
  • Furman is the only program in SoCon history to have a winning record against App State, which says a lot about its football program.
  • Most notable Furman football alum is known to fans in the area, Minnesota Vikings fullback Jerome Felton, who was named a Pro Bowler this past season.
  • Reese Hannon makes the Paladin offense go, the sophomore quarterback is coming off a career best game of 326 yards passing against Wofford, when he’s in the lineup Furman is 7-2, when he’s been out, they’re 0-3.
  • Furman is not an experienced team, with 44 freshmen and just 11 seniors on the roster.

Furman will play at South Carolina State on Saturday at noon, tomorrow, we’ll take a closer look at the co-champs of the MEAC.

19 thoughts on “The Furman File

  1. I expect Furman to beat SCSU pretty easily on Saturday and look forward to hosting the Paladins on Dec. 7th. GO BISON!!

    • Never forget the old adage “On any given Sunday… ” (In this case, any given Saturday).

      • Case in point, last year’s Indiana State game. Does anyone thinks ISU was the better team? I doubt the Bison overlooked them, I think they just had a bad game the same day ISU played their best defensive game of the season.

    • It looks to me like Dom laid out a bunch of facts about Furman. If the reader makes Furman out to be something different from those facts then in my opinion that is a reader issue.

      Dom and Jeff, appreciate all of this above and beyond stuff that you do. Excited to learn more about South Carolina State.

      Go Bison!

  2. Dom, thanks for the hard work and research you put in on Furman. It is tough to get a lot of info or understanding of the other playoff teams so it is appreciated.

  3. From my observations, get pressure on Hannon as he is the best offensive weapon. Also, Furman has a pretty good offensive line, especially at right tackle. Their defense looks kind of weak up front, LB’s and DB’s make a lot of tackles. The Bison power running attack will wear them down, Bison will own the 4th quarter. The Bison offensive game plan of using the run, then play action to set up deep passes should work well against Furman.

      • ……..and Charlemagne was a Frank who lived a long time ago. He was the first emperor of Western Europe after the fall of the Roman empire. His father was Pepin the Short…….read into that what you want.

  4. Furman is a good team. They have beat Georgia Southern, who just beat Florida, and they have beat App. St. Furman is a good team.

  5. I don’t think there are any easy games in the playoffs. I think whoever we play, it will be at least a good game. I look forward to seeing the Bison potentially play different teams this year in the playoffs.

  6. Having watched Furman play on the internet, they are good but no where near the Bison. If the Bison do not turn the ball over numerous times this game will be a 3 TD win or more.

  7. Good information!
    I was on the Furman football page earlier today, and I don’t think these young men will be a pushover,
    Remember, we’re in the playoffs now, new season; new teams. I think the Bison will prevail, but there won’t be any easy games.
    GO BISON!!!!

  8. Hopefully the Bison don’t take their next opponent as lightly as some of you or this playoff season will be over as quick as it starts. Go Bison!

  9. There will be no easy games in the playoffs. The reserves will not get extended playing time in any of the games.

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