My Bracket

Alrighty, the field is set, we can keep hemming and hawing over who made the field of 24, but the games begin tomorrow and it’s time to predict a champion, our usual FCS Pick ‘Em segment comes up later today, but this is MY predictions only for the tournament.


  • Lafayette at New Hampshire                   UNH
  • Sacred Heart at Fordam                         Fordham
  • Furman  at SC State                               Furman
  • Bethune-Cookman at Coastal Carolina  CCU
  • Tennessee State at Butler                      TSU
  • Southern Utah at Sam Houston St        SHSU
  • Samford at Jacksonville State                Samford
  • SDSU at Northern Arizona                     SDSU


  • Furman at NDSU                                   NDSU
  • Coastal Carolina  at Montana                Montana
  • New Hampshire at Maine                      New Hampshire
  • Sam Houston at SE Louisiana             SE Louisiana
  • SDSU at Eastern Washington             EWU
  • Samford at McNeese State                  McNeese
  • Fordham at Towson                             Towson
  • Tennessee State at Eastern Illinois     EIU


  • Montana at NDSU                                NDSU
  • New Hampshire at SE Louisiana        SE Louisiana
  • McNeese St at Eastern Washington   EWU
  • Towson at Eastern Illinois                   EIU


  • SE Louisiana at NDSU                             NDSU
  • Eastern Washington at Eastern Illinois     EIU



  • Eastern Illinois vs NDSU                       NDSU

Yes I want almost completely chalk, but remember it’s been three years since a team playing on the opening weekend and made the quarterfinals (NDSU and Georgia Southern did it in 2010) There’s two teams that can do it this year possibly, both with playoff pedigree, SDSU and Sam Houston State. Feel free to harass, but remember I do have the FCS Nickel Trophy!

16 thoughts on “My Bracket

  1. We need FBS. This playoff stuff sucks. I would much rather be playing on Tuesdays and Wednesday nights in front of 1/3 schools stadiums on ESPn 5 and fox college sports. All for the the glorious opportunity of a bowl game inDetroit!!!!

    I won’t donate another dollar until we go FBS.

  2. I’ll be wearing my SDSU hat this weekend! I have a secret fantasy that the Jacks mangle the Big Sky in the coming weeks. :)

  3. Fine don’t like the MAC. Can we start the WAC back up with Idaho and New Mexico St. WAC Attack 2014

  4. Dude keep your dollar. If you have tickets there are plenty of folks glad to take them off your hands.

  5. I’m amazed how many people don’t ” get” sarcasm. I applaud your attempt, Mr. Dude.

    I cant pretend to know anything about most of the teams playing… but i do think SDSU needs to win that game tomorrow to prove the MVFC’s point of getting the shaft regarding only two teams in the playoffs.

  6. Dom, your love of Eastern Illinois confounds me. Wouldn’t be shocked if they’re out before the Semis.

  7. FBS and the bowls are so much better than these garbage teams we play in the fcs, pathetic!

    Fresno & NIU will both get Jan 1 bowl games.

    Oh and there is ONLY 3 games on a tuesday night, if ndsu was in mac they’d play on a tuesday once every 5 years big deal get a clue. MWC never plays them

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