Jeff’s FCS bracket

I’m still in shock over losing the FCS Pick ‘Em Nickel Trophy, but here’s how I see the tournament shaking out over the next month:


  • Lafayette at New Hampshire                   UNH
  • Sacred Heart at Fordam                         Fordham
  • Furman  at SC State                              Furman
  • Bethune-Cookman at Coastal Carolina    B-C
  • Tennessee State at Butler                      TSU
  • Southern Utah at Sam Houston St          SHSU
  • Samford at Jacksonville State                Samford
  • SDSU at Northern Arizona                     SDSU

Second round

  • Furman at NDSU                                   NDSU
  • Bethune-Cookman at Montana                Montana
  • New Hampshire at Maine                       New Hampshire
  • Sam Houston at SE Louisiana                SE Louisiana
  • SDSU at Eastern Washington                EWU
  • Samford at McNeese State                    McNeese
  • Fordham at Towson                               Towson
  • Tennessee State at Eastern Illinois          EIU


  • Montana at NDSU                                NDSU
  • New Hampshire at SE Louisiana           SE Louisiana
  • McNeese St at Eastern Washington      EWU
  • Towson at Eastern Illinois                      EIU


  • SE Louisiana at NDSU                            NDSU
  • Eastern Washington at Eastern Illinois      EWU



  • Eastern Washington vs NDSU                   NDSU

Not too much different from Dom. I have Bethune-Cookman beating Coastal in the first round and I have Eastern Washington making the title game, mainly because of strength of schedule and playoff experience.

10 thoughts on “Jeff’s FCS bracket

  1. Not sure why Dom is so sold on EIU. I still can’t get over the way they played in the playoffs last year and that league is soooooo weak.

    Really not sure SELA makes it that far. No playoff experience could bite them.

    SDSU could and REALLY DOES need to do some damage. If they blow up the Big Sky that sends a nice little statement about the strength of the MVFC vs. the BSC, one that hopefully gets remembered next year during selections. Though I see a lot of people favoring SDSU the first game at NAU won’t be easy. They can run it with Bauman and when SDSU struggles it’s because their line gets blown up.

    EWU is, in my opinion, the only team that can beat NDSU. Everybody else would be lucky to be within 10. And the Bison will SLAUGHTER the Griz. Mark that down. No closer than 14.

  2. I’ll take your word for it Kolpack.
    How nice if NDSU plays at home every single week except the title game.
    Not too sure if Eastern Washington gets that far, but it would be nice for the Big Sky Conference.

  3. I’m not sure Kolpack deserves ANY credibility after writing in his article about MVFC awards that Starr is from SDSU. IT WAS ONLY LAST WEEK WE PLAYED AGAINST HIM!!!!!

    Other than NDSU, MVFC teams haven’t done well the past few years so I agree with other posts that SDSU has to show up and go deep into the playoffs. It is possible for an all MVFC championship and if SDSU plays the way they did the last few games it could end up that way. The Big Sky definitely isn’t two teams better than the MVFC.

    • i agree. eiu is vastly improved. high flying offense. theyve shown their improvement with their 2-0 record vs mvc teams. their dismantling of san diego state, and near upset of northern illinois

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