Bison Video Blog: FCS Playoff Preview

Join The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack and WDAY sports director Dom Izzo for the latest Bison Video Blog. NDSU hosts the Furman University Paladins as they make their bid for a third FCS national title.

8 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: FCS Playoff Preview

  1. I am confused. The highlights of Furman showed them throwing the ball almost every time, however, I thought they only threw or completed 3 passes on Saturday? Shouldn’t the highlights show their vaunted running attack?

  2. Great information fellas! I’m keeping an eye on turnovers come Saturday. I hope MWill is 100 percent

  3. Dom, it’s not very nerd-like of you to mispronounce Paladins…

    I also think CCU can surprise this weekend in Missoula, the whole weather advantage is overplayed. It will effect both teams and CCU has the offense that can give a Big Sky defense fits regardless of the weather.

  4. Furman, welcome to the Upper Midwest! -10 on Saturday!!!!!
    Furman = SD Coyotes/Indiana St. LITE.
    Another blowout coming. Bring on the rest of the FCS field.
    GO BISON!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree…the FCS field of 24 playoff teams is pretty weak. There are only about four teams that can win the FCS Championship each year.

  5. Dom – You committed the cardinal sin of looking past this week’s respected opponent when you said the Bison would play the winner of Coastal Carolina / Montana…WITHOUT saying “if the Bison beat Furman”.

    Fer shame!

    • We Bison fans are getting overconfident and complacent, but I truly think this week will be a cakewalk. Round 3 starts the real games.
      GO BISON!!!!!!!!

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