Craig Bohl To Wyoming

So how was your Saturday? Today was slightly busy after NDSU defeated Furman 38-7; the news broke at 8:30 pm from Bruce Feldman from

That was followed up by a flurry of Twitter activity from the Bison players, who seemed stunned and surprised at the news that Bohl was leaving for Wyoming; here’s the story from Mike Vorel from the Casper-Star Tribune.

Wyoming is coming off a 5-7 season and has struggled in the Mountain West in recent years; NDSU faced them in 2008, a game the Bison nearly won. The amount of money we’re hearing is more than 1.2 million, that was what Dave Christensen was getting paid, and Vorel’s article makes us believe it’s more than that. For the record, haven’t heard any confirmation on NDSU’s part; left messages with Gene Taylor and Bohl himself. We have confirmed there is a team meeting at 9am Sunday, that is unusual for the Bison, not something normally planned. NDSU’s Broadcasting Twitter feed says that Craig Bohl Coaches Show will go on at 10:30 am tomorrow. Per Bohl’s contract, the buyout to leave for a FBS job is 100,000 dollars; which I assume Wyoming would swallow up.

Biggest question now is who goes with Bohl? I firmly believe Brent Vigen will go with Bohl, not sure about Chris Klieman, but obviously this comes at a time when NDSU is prepping for an FCS Quarterfinal game against Coastal Carolina that will now be played Saturday at 11 am on ESPN, many at NDSU and even commissioner of the Missouri Valley, Patty Viverito nearly guaranteed a Friday night game on ESPN 2, instead that went to Towson-Eastern Illinois. The response from the players to this news seemed stunned and shock; from Brock Jensen:

Cole Jirk:

Will have full update in the morning, please continue to check here,, and Channel 6 news on Sunday as we update this story.

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  1. Is there any possibility this is incorrect? ESPN is NOT reporting this.

    The whole coaching staff can’t go with him in the midst of this playoff run to a 3-peat.

    Will any of the coaches interview for the job…if he leaves? This job is extremely desirable but a new coach that doesn’t make big changes to the offense and defense would be the best way to go. The Bison are a defensive power and they need to remain that.

    I’m shocked and disappointed that this could happen during the season and this historic playoff run.

    Hopefully the player leadership is strong enough to overcome this if it does happen.

    Wyoming is a crappy football program with no tradition. It makes absolutely no sense to leave NDSU for that program. Joe Glenn failed there and he was a successful FCS coach prior to being hired there.

  2. Dom, Bohl’s contract buyout for a “big-time, bowl-eligible team, Bohl would owe the school twice his current salary – at least $413,000″ per the contract details in this article:

    Unfortunate that Bohl is leaving but since it looks like Wyoming is moving into the Big 12 that makes more sense for him go. I wish him the best and thank him for all he has done for NDSU but the timing could have been better.

    • Joel, nothing and I mean nothing but rumors on Wyoming and the Big 12, Wyoming’s beat guy and Twitter feed both said they haven’t heard a peep about it, but the money alone is impressive, you get three to four times what you’re getting paid now, hard to say no.

      • I know they are rumors but that has to be a big bargaining chip for Bohl to make this move now. Big 12 and 1.2 million would be crazy to turn down so I agree with you.

        If Vigen goes with Bohl, would it be now or after the playoffs are over? The leadership of the head coach will be hard to replace on such short notice. Maybe Klieman can fill that void I hope if Vigen goes. That would really be a killer.

  3. More motivated then ever to support the players Next week! Gunna blow the roof off the dome!!!!

    • I cannot agree more! Bison Nation needs to support the payers more than anyone this week. We need to be loud at the Dome against CC. My thought is Coastal Carolina is in for a firestorm. There is going to be some fired up Bison players!

  4. Timing sucks but it is what it is. Big recruiting time and there’s no way Wyoming was going to wait till, potentially, the middle of January for Bohl to make up his mind. I can’t imagine they’ll let him coach it out through the playoffs either, but I couldn’t imagine Bohl raiding his assistants and leaving NDSU with nothing for the rest of the playoffs either.

    I certainly think Bohl could have done better than Wyoming. Probably a signal that Jerry Kill will be back despite the seizures because I’m betting Bohl would have held out for that job. Wyoming has destroyed the careers of a lot of promising coach candidates. The guy just fired, Dave Christensen, was a big name after helping Mizzou rise a few years ago. Of course before that it was Joe Glenn. A lot of people expressed similar surprise sentiments when he left Montana. However, for all the guys who have failed there, for those who did win (Joe Tiller, Bob Devaney) it was a stepping stone to bigger and better. That prospect, plus the fact it pays better because it’s the lone state school and they’re getting oil surplus, is why it can keep drawing bright prospects.

    Oh, and this Wyoming to the Big 12 rumor is laughable. Seriously, can anyone give me one good reason why a major conference would take a program from the one of the smallest markets in the country (Fargo looks like Twin Cities in comparison). It’s close to Denver and has a lot of alums there but it won’t make that a Wyoming market. And even if realignment weren’t all about media market and TV money, why would the league want to add a program that has the smallest FB stadium in the MWC and isn’t even competitive in the MWC for titles of any kind? I think that’s a rumor some of us are cooking up to rationalize why Bohl is leaving.

  5. Wyoming wrestling is moving to B12, no other sports. I’m sick for the players, they trusted this man, shed tears for him on Senior Day. Bison Nation will rise and the strength of herd will be heard next week.

  6. Bison Nation, remember the law of the prairie. Now is the time to live it. We must remain strong and support the young men sporting the Green and Yellow as they pursuit a third National Championships in a row.

    Yes, it is shocking and disappointing to see a great coach leave, but that is the nature of college football. Let’s not be angry and forget what Bohl has done for this program. Appreciate what he did and wish him well. I’m sure this wasn’t an easy decision, but if he wants his career to continue to evolve, this was bound to happen. Taking a job at Laramie only means he knows his chances at the next level are limited. Trust me, I’ve been to Laramie many times, and this is a big step backwards in my opinion. However, if he can bring the same type of success to Wyoming, then perhaps, he will get a chance to coach a team at the BCS level.

    In the meantime, trust in the team and whoever takes over the helm. Gene Taylor and company will find a great replacement when the season is over. Thankfully because of the job Bohl did over the past decade, NDSU is going to be dream job for many good coaches.

    I hope to see this team strive and continue winning in the playoffs. They need to remember to keep their emotions in check and execute the game-plan. The season is far from over!

    Fellow Bison, stay strong and I hope to see many of you in Frisco!

    Take care and Go Bison!!!

  7. Have any of you considered that this might not be easy for bohl either? He didn’t leave for chump change, wyoming looks like its wanting to put programing changing money into its program to turn itself into the kind of program ndsu would be if it were fbs. He’ll make as much a year as he would in the rest of his careerat ndsu.

    • Its OK to walk away if its for big bucks. Is that what you’re saying? If that is the case then his loyalty is not to his team, staff, university, fans,and the program but to his wallet. It may be a radical notion now-a-days but I believe there are higher ideals than money. I would likely not say that if this announcement was held of until after the season.

        • The notion that people say Bohl is a sellout for leaving for a job in a higher division, one thats more , is flat out ridiculous!! You can say you love your job and all that, but if you were offered a job that paid you 4-5 times what you currently made, almost every single person would take that opportunity. He has no were to go but down if he doesn’t move on this now. He wins a title this year, and next year is a tough season, lots of injuries or bad luck and the team goes 6-5…….misses playoffs, would he be able to get another job opportunity like this? Be thankful he has stuck around here as long as he has!

  8. Very poor timing, during the playoffs????? Not sure what coach was thinking except $$$$$$$$$$$$

  9. Sounds like there should be a lot of people tested for Meth. Bohl for thinking Wyoming, and the Big 12 for thinking Wyoming. Someone explain to me when the hell Wyoming became so attractive? A school that is a bottom feeder in everything in a bad Conference. But if this is true, Bohl would have destroyed his reputation leaving at the beginning of a playoff run, not just a playoff run, a historic chance for this School to three peat. Not to mention the steamy heap he would be dumping on this Senior Class that gave him everything, and he can’t simply return that favor. Absolutely classless and that in itself does not sound like Coach Bohl, so I am hoping this is not true. But if it is, I’ll be right over and help you pack your bags Coach so you can get the hell out of Fargo. I will be absolutely disgusted if he leaves this way, after the playoff run is over whenever that is, yea then you can go. He has certainly earned it, but timing is everything. In a far too quoted saying, but here it goes, “Stay Classy Coach Bohl.”

  10. Guess the glammer of moving to Laramie from Fargo was just too much to pass up.
    (From Wikipedia)
    Laramie is a city in and the county seat of Albany County, Wyoming, United States. The population was 30,816 at the 2010 census.[6] Located on the Laramie River in southeastern Wyoming, the city is west of Cheyenne, at the junction of Interstate 80 and U.S. Route 287.

    Laramie was settled in the mid-19th century along the Union Pacific Railroad line, which crosses the Laramie River at Laramie. It is home to the University of Wyoming, Wyoming Technical Institute, and a branch of Laramie County Community College. Laramie Regional Airport serves Laramie. The ruins of Fort Sanders, an army fort predating Laramie, lie just south of the city along Route 287. Located in the Laramie Valley between the Snowy Range and the Laramie Range, the city draws outdoor enthusiasts because of its abundance of outdoor activities.

    In 2011, Laramie was named as one of the best cities in which to retire by Money Magazine due to its scenic location, low taxes and educational opportunities.[7]

    The city and its name became associated with homophobic violence following the murder of Matthew Shepard on October 6, 1998. Shepard, a young gay man, was tied to a fence on the outskirts of Laramie, brutally beaten and left to die. The widely reported crime served as the basis of The Laramie Project, a documentary-style theatre tribute to Shepard and journalism-based exploration, followed by an HBO film and ten-year anniversary production looking at the event’s aftermath and impact.[8]

  11. Of course a competitive person like a football coach is going to take the next challenge when it is offered. Of course, $1 million plus is going to pull someone to a new job.

    Wish to heck that he could / would have stayed throughout the playoffs. The athletes are still pretty young men. They look to their head coach for leadership. His bailing with three games to go will be a blow to the entire team.

    The strength of the herd is the Bison. The strength of the Bison is the herd. Let’s move on and win #3.

  12. If this is true, Thank You Coach Bohl for all that you have done for NDSU.

    This doesn’t seem like a great career move but I wish you well.

  13. Even if the Bison go to the championship again, the season will be over in less than a month. Couldn’t it have been kept under wraps until then. Bohl talks about commitment, loyalty, team pride,but in the end its all about me, my career, my fame and fortune.

    • Oh stop being so butthurt. Bohl made the move everyone else would make as well, so stop beating around the bush. No one should hold anything against him. He had a great run at NDSU and has done great things for the University. He should be remembered as doing such.

      The amount of money being offered is just too much to overcome. His coaching ability is apparently worth that much and NDSU cannot afford that. No one should hold it against him because everyone in their right mind would take a salary increase. This is his job and livelihood afterall…

  14. The timing of this sucks. Wyoming could have locked everything up and announced this in January. Guessing he won’t coach another game.

    • The timing of it sucks, but the fact that Wyoming of all places, can pay our coach 1 million more is what also is very frustating………Wyoming?!?!

  15. PS . Bohl has to leave now for recruiting at wyoming, no one cares about FCS that’s the cold hard facts.

    If NDSU admin had the balls to announce FBS tomorrow Bohl would stay

    • My lord, you are stupid Sam! If ndsu announced fbs they still have no conference. You are an idiot. You don’t get to pick and choose, invites are needed….

    • You have to be invited to an FBS conference before you can move. You cannot simply announce you are moving up to FBS you moron.

  16. Dom,

    Why are you convinced Vigen would go with Bohl? He has been a Bison for far too long to leave IMO. He was a player and a coach. I would think he would jump at the chance to be the HC if offered it. Klieman would be a good HC too. I just hope the assistants stay until the playoffs are over, the kids deserve it. GO BISON!!!

  17. This team should have heard this from Coach Bohl. To bad the media is always looking for “a breaking story” at the expense of an unbelievable group of young men. Would love to be a fly on the wall at the team meet this morning. This team will survive and and move to the next game and a 3rd national championship. GO BISON!!

  18. As stated above “commitment, loyalty, team pride,but in the end its all about me, my career, my fame and fortune”. To pull the pin when a team is on the cusp of a 3-peat to go to Wyoming of all places. We all where looking through rose colored glasses thinking that we had a coach that would be content as the Big Fish in the little pond and be the John Gagliardi of NDSU. I hope the Big-12 takes Wyoming in for football. 3 years from now Wyoming will be no different then they are today and the Bison will continue being conference champions and in the play-offs. BISON PRIDE

  19. Coach Bohl moving on is part of the business and he has a million reasons to do it. Good luck to him. That also means the whole staff is gone by seasons end. Start the search and think of the future. The cupboard for the next few seasons isn’t bare and NDSU is very competitive in FCS pay. What fans need to remember is that the next guy will probably leave too. 99% of all coaching jobs are just stops on the way. If you want a coach forever, get someone that will go 7-5 or 8-4 for a lot of years.

  20. Oh, Mr. Ross go cry somewhere else. It’s always about the money. Always. Whether it’s oil, basketball, football, politics, the diversion, school, the office, it is always about the money! Bohl is just another cat who erodes the moral compass, in the case, of young men for self fulfillment. He’s no different then you or the majority of society today. Please admit that at least. You think Bison football means anything. Money means something. It’s the case here and always will be the case, money will always win, at least in this life. Ask those poor bastards who are suffering concussion related symptoms, who’s shoulders, knees and bodies are suffering the consequences of Bison Pride from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Oh, being part of something big is always great until…. personal suffering results after the fact…..and for what, a trophy in a case, a banner on the ceiling. Where does “football” actually fit into life, especially as a fan. Get a life.

  21. just when UND stopped their football operations and everyone gasped.
    Now NDSU football operations could be in the same situation. How much damage is going to be done to the program on the attempt of a three peat. How many of the assistants will follow Bohl to Wyoming and who’s going to stay behind to lead the ship

  22. Jim Kramer will be the first guy Bohl is taking with him. Kramer may be the toughest coach to replace on this staff.

    • Jim is actually the Strength and Conditioning coach, so I’m not sure if he is completely tied to Bohl.

      I got to know Jim for a few years here in Colorado Springs when he ran the same program at the Olympic Training Center. Doesn’t seem that long ago when he asked me about Fargo as he was applying for a job at NDSU. The past 10 years have definitely flown by quick.

      Jim is a great dude and awesome motivator. I just wish I got to know him earlier in my wrestling career. By the time I got to Colorado Springs, I was pretty much done and didn’t give Jim and his program the committeemen it deserved. I wish him well and I hope he stays in Fargo.

  23. This is a completely classless move and shows the complete lack of integrity Bohl has to leave the players, fans, university high and dry in the middle of a playoff run. I hope the door doesn’t hit him in the ass on the way out. He is now the enemy in recruiting and should be treated as such.
    Imagine the outcry if the butler of VCU basketball coach would have left after the team reached the sweet 16. This is exactly the same.

  24. After watching the CB Football Show it sounds like the staff will stay together for the rest of the playoffs. That sounds like trouble for the rest of the FCS football teams. This team will be on a mission to destroy everyone they play the rest of the year. Thank you Craig Bohl for the time, dedication, and loyalty for the time you were here! You left the program in a great place for the next group of coaches and players. I wish you well in Laramie. Go Bison!

    • FCS is going to lose out to FBS…$$$$.

      ND does have the means to support SU to compete at the next level, they just done have the support of those in power (maybe the citizens as well) to allocate the resources needed. The State has always been a bit slow to embrace success and or comprehend its full potential.

      NDSU will always be a top FCS program but we can be more… CB and this staff have shown this.

      Cant wait for the game (ESPN Sat. 11am)! Roof gunna be blown off the dome!!!!!

  25. Thank you coach,
    Players unite like you have always and keep winning. 3peat on the way. Money can’t buy you national championships or happiness. But it can buy u an expensive to sleep on at night.

    • All the more reason to support these great student/athletes in their march to a 3rd National Title!! Bison Pride All The Way To Frisco!!!
      Thank you Coach Bohl for building this Championship Team!

  26. Now that he is gone…who are the candidates to replace him and when does the search begin? If they promote from the staff does NDSU have to follow the North Dakota hiring requirements and post for at least a month?

    My biggest fear is I love the way the Bison have played football under Coach Bohl. I love having a dominating defense and an offense that can run the ball at will as well as pass at will. I love the depth he has created on the team and the fact that he plays the best player regardless of age. Everything has been handled first class with the football program under Bohl and I hope the next coach does the same.

    I’m worried that the new coach will be more offensive minded and run the spread or some other non-power scheme. We all saw what happened to the defense up north when an offensive coach neglected it to build his offense.

    Candidates in no particular order:
    1. Scotty Hazelton
    2. Brent Vigen
    3. Chris Klieman
    4. Keeler (former Delaware coach)
    5. Mickey Matthews (former JMU coach)
    6. Steve Laqua
    7. Kevin Feeney
    8. Jerry Moore (former App State coach)
    9. Monken (the current Georgia Southern coach)
    10. Any current coach from another MVFC team (Bison job best in conference)???

    • Take it for what its worth. Positions at Wyoming have been offered to Brent Vigen, Chris Klieman, Kenni Burns, Steve Stanard and Scott Fuchs. Pay range in the 1.5 – 2M per year along with private aircraft and asst. staff salaries that exceed what predecessor had. It is nice that they as a group are giving up 30 days of potential recruiting for Wyoming to see us through to Frisco.

  27. Seems like every coach that has left for division one has failed – at least they finished the season before they pulled the plug.

  28. Is there a reason the media hasn’t reported Leevon Perry’s latest escapade, or at least asked Coach Bohol or Gene about it? It’s public record prior to Thanksgiving. Not even a suspension…..?

  29. Should be “Bowl without Bohl”. But let him have continued access to his recruiting files. Next man up, just move on without him.

  30. I agree Bohl shouldn’t be coaching the remainder of the season, I think he has done a fantastic job but ultimately it came down to money. He stated his focus is on the remainder of the season but that isn’t true. Flying to Wyoming today for a press conference and in order to get the players/coaches you want, you have to start now. Road to the title is probably on his top five but not his top priority. It’s reality folks. He preaches loyalty and teamwork but, out of all the inappropriate times to do thus, he picked the worst.

    Time to move on, grow a pair Bison Nation, and don’t let him back on the field.

    • The fact that he is staying on for the rest of the season, makes it more telling that he will be taking a lot of coaching staff with him to Wyoming. Some interesting times ahead…

  31. I will be anxiously waiting to see what happens with the recruits. Hopefully Easton Stick, RJ, Marcus Collins, etc still consider coming to Fargo.

  32. Going from the Big Fish in a small pond… To the only fish in the pond…. Laramie Pop. 32,000….

  33. I was one that thought coach Bohl would stay only because of the challenge of possibly bringing NDSU to the next level. Obviously this means that will not happen for a while if at all. I am glad I waited to say something now instead of what I was thinking 10 hours ago.
    We all knew this day would come at some point but the way it happened should have been handled better. To announce this during the playoffs is not fair to the players involved. I felt that if they could come to an agreement for him to finish the season that would be the best for the players, but knowing what it like to work the old job while waiting for the next job to start Coach Bohl no matter how hard he tries his heart might be with the team but his head will be somewhere else. Let the assistants take over the team during the playoff run and allow Bohl on the sidelines during games to offer moral support for the players. I think we owe it to them. This would allow the cordinators a chance to show what they can do especially if one them does want to take the next step. If Taylor wants to assign one to be interim HC then do it. The bottom line is it sounds like everyone has a job at the end of the season. So lets just get through the playoff run and enjoy it but Bohl has alot of things to get organized for his next chapter in his life.

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