FCS Sunday Night Ramblings – Week 15 Recap

Well I guess we have some things to discuss, maybe the Chanticleers, Amy Anderson and something else? Join Big E, Jeff and me at 9:45 and we’ll chat some Bison stuff.


6 thoughts on “FCS Sunday Night Ramblings – Week 15 Recap

  1. If Bohl was under contract was permission needed by Wyoming to discuss their coaching opening? If so who gave permission?

    • If you’re a mid-major type like NDSU, those stipulations are essentially irrelevant because you don’t want to be the school known to inhibit professional growth, doesn’t attract the best candidates out there.

  2. Don’t act like Coach Bohl’s departure is a big surprise. NDSU will always be a stepping stone to a FBS program, even a lower one like Wyoming. You can talk about FCS national championships, wins, fans support and tradition but in the end it comes down to $$$$$ and a FCS program will ALWAYS lose out to a FBS program. In reality, coaching like any other professions comes down to an economic one…show me the money!
    Until NDSU has a reall football facility (Wyoming’s War Memorial seats 29k) and can pay a coach millions of dollars…coaches will find more attrative jobs that pay and are on the highest level of talent in college athletics.

  3. The University of Minnesota offensive and defensive coordinators will not leave Jerry Kill and a Big Ten football program to come to Fargo, North Dakota because NDSU can’t pay them enough money. Tracy Claeys (D. Coord.) currently makes $340,000 a year and Matt Limegrover (O. Coord.) makes $335,000 a year. Why would they come to NDSU and take over a $100k pay cut to coach at a FCS program? Seems like a step backwards for them.
    NDSU is going to have to put up some better money to get a quality coach. Maybe somewhere in the range of $400k per year and that doesn’t seem likely, since Coach Bohl was only at $206,000 per year plus incentives.

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