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  1. Initially I was pissed when I heard the news; now I am totally jacked up. This gives NDSU the chance to re-load the coaching ranks. We’ve done it before, that’s where the tradition of winning and winning big comes from. I’m also excited for the seniors, this gives them the chance to do something incredible: win a third straight national championship after your head coach takes another job. If they can win a third straight under these circumstances, I think they should be considered the best FCS team of all time.

    Let’s celebrate the end of the Craig Bohl era by supporting this team to a third straight National Championship. Then let’s celebrate the the Next Era of Bison domination!

  2. Thanks for the great coverage guys. Lots of distractions for this team to overcome but I think they are 3 tds better than Coastal Carolina so I think they still win. I think it will be helpful (although strange) for this team to know who their next coach is as they get ready for the finals, should they get there, and should the coach come from outside their current staff. I also think if vigen or klieman are named head coach they will coach the championship game without bohl. It will be VERY strange for coach bohl to celebrate a championship with a team he is no longer the coach of. There is just no way his heart will be in that celebration knowing that he starts a new job the next day. Gene Taylor is being very nice – this is truly a messy situation that will get worse heading into a national title game.

    • I think that is making to much of it. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate with your still head coach who has been there for 11 years. If it is in house they will take over the day after the championship… but one game at a time please.

  3. Like do you really think the guys are going to be jacked up
    to play for the Wyoming head coach.

    • I think they absolutely will be. These seniors love Craig Bohl, they’re likely very happy for his success, and would like nothing more than to end his incredibly successful tenure here with a 3rd title.

      I’m starting to get excited about the future as well. We’ve been left by CB in an amazing place, and we should have excellent options for an HC going forward.

      Congrats Coach, and GO BISON!!

      • I totally agree Derek. The kids understand why he is taking this job, they don’t hate him. If this team loses it won’t be because they hate Bohl. He is the greatest coach this school has ever had, so now people want to hate on him? Give me a break we all knew this day would come and I thought it would have been last year. Let’s get this title and celebrate and get ready for the new coach and continued success on the North side of Fargo! Anyone who thinks this title won’t mean anything to Bohl and his coaches knows nothing about sports. These coaches have had as much to do with this teams success as the players have, maybe more. Go Bison!

  4. Knowing the type of guys Coach B has recruited, don’t believe they will let this huge obstacle stand in their way. I live in Laramie but once you get that North Dakota snow in your veins, it just really stays there. So yes, I am a Bison fan.

  5. Players won’t be affected for one simple reason, college students don’t listen to talk radio or watch local news and sports.

  6. You can all be jacked up and excited about reloading and such, but that is all rationalizing BS, pure and simple.

    Yes, NDSU has reloaded in coaches before, but never have they had to deal with a coach announcing his departure in the middle of what should be another national championship run. What Bohl did is pure bush league and Dan can say the players don’t listen to talk shows or local news, but their Twitter comments makes you look dumb. Social media proves this is a big deal to them. Most were shocked to pissed. Of course this will affect the preparation, at least this week, and perhaps beyond as the coaches who accept Bohl’s offer begin to recruit for WY rather than for NDSU and instead of game planning. But, we’ll see if the Bison can survive CC.

    Finally, if Bohl does steal five of eight coaches and Kramer, we’ll see how many of you naive supporters think that is an exciting time and if you are still all jacked up. If that happens, this recruiting class will take a huge hit which NDSU cannot afford given there are lots of scholarships available this year and Bohl’s 2010 and 2011 classes are significantly less than stellar. Let’s face it, we have to consider that part of the reason he is leaving is perhaps because the cupboard is not very deep, especially on the defensive line.

    So, keep rationalizing and making yourself feel good people. I can’t because we have to think of the possibility, when you consider EVERYTHING, including recruiting, this mid-playoff move by Bohl may be an unmitigated disaster.

    • I don’t know how Coach Bohl intended to handle the announcement. He strikes me as a class act and I’m naïve enough to think he would have handled it better than how it came out. The story was broke by some CBS Sports dude. Calling Bohl “bush league” strikes me as unfair. As for “stealing” coaches, last I checked this is still sort of a free country.

      • My opinion (for what it’s worth) is that of course Bohl didn’t want the team to find out the way they did. However I still believe it’s on him and Glen Taylor that they didn’t have the foresight to know that this news would not stay quiet until Sunday morning when they planned to break it to the team in their own way. It’s pretty much short sighted to stupid to not understand in this day of hypermedia that they couldn’t control this situation. Their lack of foresight left the team in a really unfair position.

    • Based on your post you must be old. I couldn’t disagree more with everything you said. Change can be good. NDSU football is about tradition and it will continue on.

  7. Just a thought. Dale Lennon.

    Seriously. He knows Bison football as well as any coach out there. Is he really where he wants to be?

    • BTW …rumor form the Cowboys boards is that Kliemen is not following CB. It appears at least on their board he said no. Jeff Dom see if this rumor has legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Also, Fuchs for OC.

      This team is that good they can win next year! Assuming we keep a bit of continuity in the coaches!

  8. I am on board with Hazelton. I still would like to see Polasek come back too.

    Here are a couple out of the box names.
    AJ Pierzinski- Oops, I mean Mark Farley
    Stiggy- SDSU
    ME- Gene I will take it if offered, but I have a few things to wrap up first. Garbage out and pick up bread and milk on the way home.

  9. Unless one of this crowd doing all the posting is actually Eugene Forrest Taylor, there’s a lot of hot air blowing around the Bison Media Blog. Mr. Taylor is the only one who knows who is/not going to be a candidate, and he is also the one (with a little help from Dr. B) who will set the direction of Bison football the for the next number of years.

    He found Craig Bohl, and he will find us somebody good to take his place.

    On what’s left of the season, somebody should be inside these meetings taking notes. Who knows how a bunch of hard-assed, macho young football players react when they take a kick to the groin from a guy that they have worshiped for a few years? Do they play their butts off to show that they’re bigger than this soap opera, or do they mail it in? Could make a fascinating piece in Sports Illustrated or something. (Sports Illustrated is a magazine that people used to read before the Worldwide Leader ruined everybody’s attention span.)

  10. CB knew during the Furman game that he was no longer the Bison coach – how low is that – Larimie Wyoming population 30,000 – Comon Man!

    • Coach Bohl knew he was going to take the Wyoming job, and his assistants probably knew too, and they game-planned for Furman just fine.

  11. The players will rally around each other. Knowing that each game could be their last with this group of not only seniors but also the coaches, the playoffs the rest of the way is going to have the “feel” of a senior season for ALL of the players; not just the actual seniors. The underclassmen know it will never be quite the same again. Their focus will be better than ever. Book it.

  12. Need a good recruiter, as well as a good coach. Take a look at the St. Thomas coach very seriously.
    Seems hard to believe that the entire coaching staff would go with Bohl……..

  13. Even Coach Bohl has now acknowledged that being at a low end FBS program (Wyoming) is a better place to be that the best FCS program in the country (NDSU). Televised games on ESPN 3 and $200,000 a year are not enough to keep a quality FCS coach in Fargo.
    I agree with oldguy this time around, in that the timing of this announcement couldn’t have come at a worse time. It’s funny to watch all the posts trying to spin this thing in a positive way. What will be the Bision fan’s reaction when Coach Bohl runs onto the field on Saturday?

  14. I can see alot of the current verbal recruits changing their minds and going with Coach to Wyoming, if that happens it will set the Bison back 2 years!!

    • Imagine this. First play of the game – Ames IA – Crocket breaks loose runs it in for a 60 yard TD. Cyclones players and coaching staff look at each other and say, I thought they lost everyone last year.
      We come home to our first home game, the lights go down, thunderstuck is pounding over the loud speakers, 18000 people explode and the sound is deafening, Montana is standing in the opposing tunnel (Sh_tting) there pants, they look to the roof and see the banner with 2011 / 2012 / 2013. They can feel it, there not thinking well they lost coach bohl, there thinking, this is Bison nation, and this is what it feels like to have a tri-state area, community, school, everyone behind you.

      That feeling is what gets recruits to come to NDSU. The level of players out there is so close between FBS and FCS. They come here to be Winners and be a part of the Heritage.

    • I’m not the least bit worried about losing any current recruits.Why would they want to go to Laramie, Wyoming? None of our recruits are cowboys.

    • It is in Bohl’s contract he cannot recruit any Bison recruits for 1 year. You people panic at the drop of a hat and just wanna bitch at a person who has done great things for this program. You people are embarrassing.

      • That is a misrepresentation of the contract clause. Bohl cannot contact any of the current recruits. This does not stop him from recruiting them if they contact him first.

  15. I think Bohl new time was running out to move on and his stock wouldn’t be much higher due to his age. Anyone ever consider that maybe he set such high standards the last few years even he knows that success will be difficult to duplicate thus reducing is opportunity to move on. This senior class is a huge reason why the Bison are this good and have been this good for the last 3 years. After his move to Wyoming I truly think he wants to coach at a BCS level school again and he knows BCS schools will never hire an FCS coach but they would consider a Mountain West Coach.

  16. Agreed this current class of recruits is just that “Class”. These young men have already shown that their choice to come to NDSU and NDSU recruiting them is a perfect match. Just read the article by Steve Walker and you understand what it means to attend school and play football at NDSU. Bison Nation looks forward to seeing them playing in the coming years.
    As for the fan reaction for the team running out on Saturday better be nothing but loud ovation for the coach and the players. That is what they deserve from Bison Nation in the stands.
    Go Bison the March is still on and moving ever so closer to a 3rd straight National Title and 11th overall in football.

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