Media Blog Coach Watch List: Day 2

Here is the daily Bison Media Blog Football Coach Watch List, an unofficial top 10 ranking of the favorites culled from gut feeling, sources, rumors, experience or no valid reason whatsoever to take the head football coaching position at NDSU:
  • 1. Chris Klieman, NDSU defensive coordinator, maybe needs to be convinced not to go to Wyoming.
  • 2. Brent Vigen, NDSU offensive coordinator. Now appears internal candidates will get legitimate shot.
  • 3. Scottie Hazelton, Nevada defensive coordinator. Former NDSU defensive coordinator and architect of first national title from the defensive side. USC experience helps.
  • 4. Pat Perles, offensive line coach, Syracuse. Former Bison offensive coordinator who went to the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs before that staff was fired.
  • 5. Todd Wash, defensive line coach, Jacksonville Jaguars. We get that NFL guys don’t come back because of the NFL money, but here’s the question for the former Bison assistant and player: If you ever want to be a head coach, now is the time because it’s not going to happen in the NFL.
  • 6. Tim Albin, offensive coordinator, Ohio University. Former Bison assistant who has been a career assistant.
  • 7. Brian Ward, defensive coordinator, Western Illinois. This guy just has CEO leadership written all over him.
  • 8. Rob Ambrose, head coach, Towson. He’s brought that program to FCS success.
  • 9. Glenn Caruso, head coach, University of St. Thomas. Great recruiter who knows how to run a program, no matter what level.
  • 10. Brent Pease. A Montana guy, former NFL quarterback who was recently fired as Florida’s offensive coordinator.



25 thoughts on “Media Blog Coach Watch List: Day 2

  1. What do you suppose the salary for Brent or Chris would be in Wyoming versus NDSU? Not that $$ is the only factor, being a potential top tier FBS program certainly has its perks.

  2. Other than the current coaches I think Caruso should be the top candidate. Look what he did a NDSU and is doing at UST.

  3. And which of these have the broad shoulders to carry the expectations of annual national championships from the faithful Bison fandom?

  4. A few lesser mentioned coaches who I think should be considered in the larger discussion of potential head coach candidates. Kevin Feeney (Moorhead High), Curt Wiese (UM-Duluth) and Aaron Keen (MSU-Mankato). I really like Aaron Keen from Mankato who lead the Mavericks to a 13-1 season in 2012 and a 11-1 season this year.

  5. Dom & Jeff – You have an interesting list of coaches who have experience and/or NDSU connections. Don’t you think that there is a decent chance that some good coach that you have never heard of will be sending a resume into Gene Taylor? In other words, should the list not only include people more or less already in the NDSU circle?

    Along those lines, why in the world would an NFL assistant come back to FCS football? Seems like those guys have employment for life in th NFL (see Babich, Bob) and jumping out of an NFL job after less than a year would be a dumb step.

    • If Klieman or Vigen get hired it won’t be advertised to the outside world. With this program humming along staying inside might be the best thing to do.

      There is also Tim Polasek, Jeff McInerni (former Bison assistant and former head coach at Central Connecticut)

      • If you don’t think that GT hasn’t already gotten resume’s from outside coached you are kidding yourself.

  6. Have they been able to classify the position as an emergency hire or will they need to go through the more lengthy regular hiring process?

  7. NDSU and UND should merge. Get past the petty differences and think about it. Football, Basketball, Hockey … We’d kick some serious NCAA butt, and beyond that it would solve a lot of problems on many other levels. Nodak = FBS and CB would have stayed, not that it will matter. Bison football has always been excellent and this will remain the case. I wish it were Saturday AM …

    • Keep dreaming, Fargo and West Fargo school districts can’t get together to merge(many years late), how do think two higher education institutions could get together.

  8. While NDSU’s base salary (approximately $200,000) for a head coach is very comparable to that of a Mountain West coordinator, Nevada just happens to be near the bottom of the Mountain West for coaching salaries. As their DC, Hazelton was the highest paid coordinator on staff with a 2013 salary of $157,468.

  9. Dom or Jeff,
    Coach Kramer is the Strength and Conditioning coach for NDSU athletics. He is not listed as football only. Is he not employed by the University as a whole. If so, I would hope that is considered and a raise in order.

  10. One other tidbit!
    I hear Coach Bohl of Wyoming, has retained the current Wyoming OC. Hmmm

    Coach Bohl of NDSU sure had an intense yet loose Presser today. I liked the sounds of things. You players are the Herd, one game at a time for the next three games .
    Go Bison.

  11. I think Taylor should put the best offer out there, highest in the FCS for the best program in order to get the best canidate. The expectations will be high for whoever gets it the pressure will be great. My thoughts are most fans will not accept more than 3 losses per year. Even next year 1or2 losses would be the most. That’s pressure for what would be first year coach. My wish would be to select Klieman keeping the defense intact and find strong (balanced)offensive minded OC.

  12. My choice would be Klieman. He’s been around the conference and wouldn’t have to revamp the defenseive gameplan like an outside coach would.He knows the players and the university.
    On another note, I believe Bohl will go down as one of the best ever Bison coaches, and rightfully so. The one thing I don’t want is for our team, fans and backers included, to panic and think the ride is over just because Bohl is gone.
    Anyone who coaches for NDSU has had a ton of support and tools at their disposal over the years. Better than the majority of FCS schools and better than a pretty fair amount of FBS schools.
    Coaching at NDSU is more than just the head coach himself. The facilities for recruits to see, great athletic director, great community support and fans are all huge factors for the success of a head coach.
    NDSU will be just fine.
    Let’s start “Klieman” the championship mountain.
    Go Bison!

  13. Coach Bohl’s announcement to leave isn’t a distractions…said no one ever.

    Is there a football game this weekend? Will Bohl get booed or cheered when he runs onto the field in the FargoDome this weekend?

    • It’s definitely a distraction for the fans and media, but I bet the players are a little more focused than we are.

    • You are not a true Bison fan if you boo coach Bohl… ONCE A BISON ALWAYS A BISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • As long as Bohl doesn’t run out of the tunnel wearing a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, chaps, and a handlebar mustache, I think the crowd response will be quite positive.

  14. For someone who doesn’t know the St Thomas coach on a deep level, What makes Caruso a good recruiter, at any level? What’s his resume show to an elite FCS program to shoot for him?

  15. Klieman is easily my #1 candidate. He is familiar with the program and has great ties to Northern Iowa, Western Illinois, and Missouri St ate. He knows what it takes to win and the players and fans love him. Money? I could be wrong but I think the NDSU head coach will be paid better than a Wyoming Coordinator or at the very least close. NDSU is a better stepping stone if he ever wants the FBS head coaching job. There isn’t a better program in the nation right now to take over. We have the fans support, financial support to retain assistant coaches, TV exposure that will benefit us for a few years down the road, tradition, and fan base and we haven’t even scratched the surface as far as success.

    Vigen is right up there too. The only thing I don’t like about Vigen is he has been in ND for his entire career so I don’t think he has the outside connections Klieman has.

    Todd Wash. The guy is the epitome of what a Bison coach should be but the timing and the need for continuity puts him behind Klieman.

    Hazelton – Don’t need to explain why he is a candidate. I think it would be great to try and get him back as a DC

    Polasek – Another darkhorse candidate. If anything I would love to try and steak him back from NIU as a coach

    Scott Fuchs. He’s my darkhorse candidate or OC

    As far as the other guys go, I think it would be worth floating some cash their way to see if they would want to come back. Guys like Ward, Albin, Perles, or Burrows know the systems and know how this team operates

    • I think Klieman is the best candidate as well. however, I don’t agree with your point on NDSU being the best stepping stone….Craig Bohl is the exception, not the rule, for coaches jumping to FBS. 9 times out of 10, an FBS Coordinator will get a shot at being an FBS coach, over an FCS head coach.
      Whether this is part of Klieman’s thought process is anybody’s guess.

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