Media Blog Coach Watch List: Day 3

Here is the daily Bison Media Blog Football Coach Watch List, an unofficial top 10 ranking of the favorites culled from gut feeling, sources, rumors, experience or no valid reason whatsoever to take the head football coaching position at NDSU:
  • 1. Chris Klieman, NDSU defensive coordinator, maybe needs to be convinced not to go to Wyoming.
  • 2. Brent Vigen, NDSU offensive coordinator. Now appears internal candidates will get legitimate shot.
  • 3. Scottie Hazelton, Nevada defensive coordinator. Former NDSU defensive coordinator and architect of first national title from the defensive side. USC experience helps.
  • 4. Pat Perles, offensive line coach, Syracuse. Former Bison offensive coordinator who went to the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs before that staff was fired.
  • 5. Todd Wash, defensive line coach, Jacksonville Jaguars. We get that NFL guys don’t come back because of the NFL money, but here’s the question for the former Bison assistant and player: If you ever want to be a head coach, now is the time because it’s not going to happen in the NFL.
  • 6. Tim Albin, offensive coordinator, Ohio University. Former Bison assistant who has been a career assistant.
  • 7. Brian Ward, defensive coordinator, Western Illinois. This guy just has CEO leadership written all over him.
  • 8. Rob Ambrose, head coach, Towson. He’s brought that program to FCS success.
  • 9. Glenn Caruso, head coach, University of St. Thomas. Great recruiter who knows how to run a program, no matter what level.
  • 10. Brad Salem, QB/Recruiting Coordinator, Michigan State. He’s the former head coach at Augustana from 2005-09, has ties to the midwest, he played at Augustana and his dad Joe, used to coach at USD. He’s been in East Lansing for four years, but if you’re looking for an out of the box idea, he may be the guy.
  • 11. Brent Pease. A Montana guy, former NFL quarterback who was recently fired as Florida’s offensive coordinator.

10 thoughts on “Media Blog Coach Watch List: Day 3

  1. What does signing a contract have to do with it. If that mattered the Bison wouldn’t be looking for a coach.

  2. I sure would like to hear more about the challenge and strategy for Saturdays game, position matchups, offense and defense challenges, team speed comparisons, big plays to watch for, CC season play type etc. Let’s talk about coaches when the season is over. Focus on the championship, one game at a time for now! 100%. Let AD do his job. You guys do such a great job all season long, let’s not get distracted now.

  3. Based on Forum’s focus of attention, you’d think the next Bison opponent was Coastal Don’t Care Olina.

  4. A guy who class to have solid “inside” info says Coach Klieman has agreed to stay at NDSU. Vegan to Jacksonville???

  5. Recently fired bothers me until you think back to when Bohl was hired, he also was recently fired.

  6. I suggest you start a new list of potential head coaches for the mens basketball. Saul is roughly in the same position with his players as Craig does (or did). Too many seniors this year, not enough next year. Loving a college team teaches you to acknowledge the changes in life, whether you like them or not.

    • Saul should be here for awhile. I am one of his hardest critics as I think he continues to attempt to coach himself right out of victories. I was very happy for him last night. They still did not put the foot on the throat, but at least they did not get up by a bunch only to watch it disappear. Nice job Bison.

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