Press Conference: Chris Klieman announced as head coach

Full press conference video of NDSU athlethletic director Gene Taylor announcing defensive coordinator Chris Klieman as the new head football coach.

11 thoughts on “Press Conference: Chris Klieman announced as head coach

  1. Great job by GT in securing a quality coach with Bison pride! I don’t think he could have found a better option. There might be some more familiar names out there, but Coach K has demonstrated phenomenal success here already in various positions, most recently as the DC of the #1 defense in the country. I wish he would have said that NDSU is the #1 FCS HC job in the country, but maybe UNI is still in his sights. I was impressed with his comments about maintaining his focus as the DC until 2014 and thought he handled the questions about the future perfectly, especially considering Coach B is still the HC until this campaign is over. One other thing that may be lost in all of this is that we have one heckuva AD. Pres B needs to make sure he has GT locked up in a good contract too. The success that NDSU has realized over the last few years is amazing. This week MBB beats ND and receives national kudos, FB team plays on ESPN for first time ever, wrestling is nationally ranked and on and on. Oh don’t forget a new $41M athletic complex. I live in TX and am amazed at how much recognition NDSU has gained. People everywhere know who we are and always have positive comments for our success. Thanks for posting the press conf on the blog for us out of towners!

    • “” I wish he would have said that NDSU is the #1 FCS HC job in the country,””

      He did say that. More than once.

  2. Smart hire by NDSU. Klieman is a players coach and great recruiter. This hire will allow for continuity and use of the same schemes that allow the Bison to dominate in FCS.

  3. Congrats to Coach Klieman. I think we will be a great HC. I agree with him when he said next friday night will be special. It will be the last time Coach Bohl will lead the Bison out of the Tunnel. We need to be loud, loud, loud! Win or lose, I will be staying after the game to give Coach Bohl a standing ovation for what he has done for NDSU and his community. I think all of Bison Nation should be thankful and wish him well.

  4. Really, really classy of our new Coach to have his father there at the news conference, and for calling him his hero. He could have jumped ship and gone off to Wyoming. The fact that he had his father there, and talked about his family being settled in Fargo shows that he is not a hired gun.

    Should be good for the road back to Frisco, and for a winning program years into the future.

    Go Bison.

  5. from the Forum article:
    “In one respect, the hiring of Klieman has roots back to the rise of NDSU football. His head coach at Northern Iowa as a player was former Bison head coach Darrell Mudra, who was in charge of the Bison in the mid-1960s when they turned the program into a national power.”

    I have been asking for an article on the Mudra roots and the 1965 start to the Bison football rise. This all started in 1965!!!!!!! We need the story – Jeff! The Bison beat UND 2 years in a row, and that was the BEGINNING!

    • Mudra came in 1963 after an 0-10 season in ’62 and won about 4 games. In 1964 went 10-1 and won the Mineral Water Bowl against Western Colorado State. 1965 was undefeated at 11-0 winning the Pecan Bowl 20-7 against Grambling. So the turn around began in ’63.

  6. I don’t think he considers UNI a better job than NDSU. His Dad’s quote was he got himself a job in football heaven. If Klieman leaves NDSU it will be to become a head football coach at a FBS school he won’t move to another FCS school. If he fails (which I don’t expect) he will have to work his way back up to being a head coach again.

    This is a great hire by Gene Taylor. What else can you expect when he hired Bohl his second choice was Gus Bradley who is now the head coach of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Gene can pick a good football coach.

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