FCS Sunday LIVE Ramblings – Week 15 Recap

Another ridiculous Sunday covering the top team in FCS, as NDSU has selected a new head coach on top of the fact of preparing for the FCS Semifinals on Friday night. Join Jeff, Big E and me at 10 and let’s chat!


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  1. E. Illinois concerned me as a potential opponent for the Bison. Now nobody else really does. Thoughts?

    • Is The FCS weak ? That may be good topic. I remember last year many colleges moved up to FBS, didn’t powerhouse Southern Georgia do that? I firmly believe each and every year brings new teams to the top and the mix changes , but the fact that at this level some ‘perenniels’ are no longer around , does make the Bison path easier. For instance ‘if ‘ NDSU went FBS it sure would help every school on the FCS today!

      • I think it seems weaker because this is the best Bison team ever, and barring issues, we knew it would be. We played Furman in the first round who beat both Ga. Southern and App State. There were more FCS over FBS upsets this year than ever before.

        That being said, I believe it is time to start putting a plan in place to be ready for FBS when the opportunity presents itself. If people want it, keep/start giving money to NDSU athletics!

    • and as for ‘leaving it’, obvious, we may find out how ‘weak ‘ the FCS is as early as next year , when this wave of outstanding seniors graduate. What is it ,25 will gone? and yeah I know the talk is that the Bison will ‘just reload’ , that will easier said then done without the like of Jenson etc around.
      Lets do a decade of dominance before we get all puffy .

      • Look at it this way, we won the natty with a group of inexperienced sophomores! That speaks volumes of where this program is at right now! We may not be championship caliber next year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we are back in the hunt!

      • It wasn’t all that long ago people were convinced there was no way NDSU would ever find a replacement for Steve Walker, who was magnificent during the transition to DI. Jensen had a year of swapping the starting job with Jose “Brock Has Made Me Forget His Last Name”. Once Brock won the job he’s been great. This time around there is an heir apparent in Carson Wentz. Time will tell.

      • The problem with NBC ND is that no one outside of ND markets gets to see it. Regional coverage with FSN taking its feed is better but if the whole country is to see it ESPN3 is the best option.

  2. Coach Klieman will be a champion leader. He is players coach and they all like

  3. This NDSU team is just that much better then any team in the FCS right now. Don’t forget this years team is loaded with 24 seniors who have been playing for 4 years. 75% of this team has played for 2-3 years. They have been in the same system together for 4-5 years. That experience is unheard of at this level. This will go down as one of if not the best teams ever in FCS.

    There are still very good teams in the FCS. The CAA, SOCON, Big Sky, Southland and MVFC will always put out 2-3 very good teams every year. I think Bison fans have really been spoiled by this team the last 3 years and forget that we had dominate runs in D2 too. Those don’t last forever, enjoy the ride.

    Just because this years Bison team is dominate does not mean it will always be that way. Next year will not be as dominate but should still be very good and challenge for the MVFC and national title. A lot of players returning, another great recruiting class looks to be coming in, just reload some depth.

    A few question marks will be the D-line, the QB and the coaching staff. Still the D-line returns several guys with experience that have been rotating in for a couple years. Carson has the physical tools to be even better then Brock but hasn’t been tested mentally yet. Hopefully Coach Klieman assembles a staff that meshes well with our players and systems and we don’t miss a beat there. GO BISON!!!

  4. Klieman needs to hire Kevin Feeney as OC and Grant Olson as DC. Yes, both are young but both also ready. Feeney would be a great long term coach for the Bison when Klieman leaves in 5-7 years.

  5. Appalachian State went 4-7 this year. One of their losses was to Furman, 27-10.

    Their fans and alumni were probably saying all the same stuff about “we need to move up, we have conqurered this piddly FCS competiton”.

    How do you think they’re feeling about stepping up to play FBS competition every single week? One of their other losses this year was to Georgia, 45-6.

    I can just imagine all the empty seats in the proposed new outdoor stadium at NDSU when we are 2-7 and have Fresno State or somebody (Wyoming?) coming to town.

  6. Congrats to coach K. Congrats to coach Bohl on back to back fcs coach of year. Now lets get the three peat. Go bison

  7. Brian Ward was defensive backs coach with Bison before Chris Klieman was defensive backs coach. They did not work together.

    I don’t think we can assume Klieman’s network is the same as Bohl’s.

  8. We will be in the hunt again next year. Thinking that we might not be is the attitude that will make many passive and accepting. Why would we not be in the hunt. We are loaded at many spots.

    • Those folks who claim that the Bison have peaked; well, I might have to agree; however, those that claim that we can’t win the MVFC and have another deep run into the playoffs next season……………well, those folks are in for a very rude awakening.

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