Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. UNH playoff preview

Join The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack and WDAY sports director Dom Izzo for the latest episode of the Bison Video Blog! The University of New Hampshire Wildcats are the only thing standing between the Bison and a thrid trip to Frisco, TX.

19 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: NDSU vs. UNH playoff preview

  1. Sorry guys, this should be the easiest game of the playoffs. You give too much credit to the CAA this year.

    • Agreed; 35 – 3. Another blowout.
      So cool that Grant Olsen might play again!!!
      GO BISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You guys are nuts. The CAA is a great conference. The most competitive playoff game in 2011 was vs James Madison. This New Hampshire team has made the playoffs 10 years in a row. Think about that for a minute.

  2. I don’t see how it will be easier than coastal Carolina but I do see it as another 25 pt victory. Fact is the Bison have the best defense in FCS by far, they have the best qb and 2 of the top rbs, stacked o-line, the best special teams, kicker, and punter. Oh, and have really good depth at all positions!

  3. I know everyone says there is not a “hidden story”, but I am still wondering why Ojuri and Crockett did not alternate series like they have for every other game this year.

  4. yeah, but…..but … but …. :
    a. the Bizon haven’t faced that NE speed;
    b. the Bizon haven’t really played anyone good;
    c. the Bizon haven’t faced an offence like the Wildcats;
    d. the Bizon haven’t faced a defense like the Wildcats;
    e. Wildcats have played in louder a agenda like ah,…well it won’t be a problem….
    f. the Bizon offense is overrated,
    g. the Bizon defense is overrated….
    h. the Bizon haven’t faced a QB like …. what’s his name
    I. the Bizon haven’t faced a runner like…what’s his name
    j. etc.

    • 68, you forgot to mention that the last two years NDSU has lost one home game, and this is their last chance to lose one at home this season.
      Tongue Firmly in Cheek!

  5. It’s always wise to respect your opponent and prepare like they are really good. I agree that we will most likely win for the following reason…. these seniors are not going to let anyone keep them from acheiving their goals. The biggest concern are injuries but it seems like who ever gets replaced, there is no drop off in play. The future looks good.

  6. I do agree with Saul the Media needs to put just as much energy in covering MBB as football. He might be right the MBB team could be on to something great and no one is paying attention.

    • And as soon as the FB team is done trying to achieve what only one team in FCS story has done, they will.

  7. Who cares if six of UNHs victories were against teams with losing records. The Bison also had six victories against losers. Who cares? They are W’s.

    As far as Crockett getting fewer reps, I don’t think this is unusual with Bohl in the playoffs. I think Jirik (when not injured), Perry, Drevlow and Emmanuel also took more snaps in the game than normal compared to Shaetz, Luecke, Hardie and Gordon. Thornton played sparingly and most of the time the D played Shephard along with Heagle. If you all go to your DVR and watch the 2011 playoff, which also was a senior laden team (albeit not quite as top heavy as this one), you will see the seniors carrying the load where they used to rotate more. A good example was at LB where Willson and Evans got nearly all of the snaps, especially in the semi-final and final game.

    This is how Bohl rolls, starters and seniors get the game reps. But, I guess we have to have our conspiracy theorists no matter what the perceived issue may be.

  8. why is Brock not considered a nfl option? He makes ponder look bad. This team is awesome….Really what does anyone think if bison played vikings? without Cassel?I will have to say, Bison with this last game with CC well, they are second half team, and well, this time, first half team…I really want to say, I wish the best to Bohl….awesome dude, My opinion, Vegan is the man behind it all, how he works the offense. I have nothing against best rated defense, and he does awesome, I am happy Kieman is new coach…how often have you seen, in play off, the second string is put in at 3rd quarter…..unreallllllllllllllll

      • Brock has issues throwing deep passes. He is killing Zach Vraa and Carey Woods by throwing those passes too far.

    • Really? NDSU vs Vikings? I’m thinking Vikings win by 60 with the backups playing most of the game. That’s not a knock on the Bison but just the reality of 32 NFL teams with only the best football players in the world on them vs the top ranked FCS team with lots of great atheletes on it but the talent doesn’t compare. The vikings would be the #1 FBS team by about the same amount, its just not a good comparison.

  9. I think the Bison will be wound up for this game. Last game for the seniors and quite a few coaches in the FargoDome. No way do they let anyone beat them at home in the playoffs. UNH is running into a buzz saw. Bison win big…again.

    Bison 56 – UNH 10

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