New Hampshire Nuggets

Well with game day being moved up a day, need to get our Nerd Stats info out to everyone a day earlier, so here’s what you need to know about the University of New Hampshire and what they’re bringing to Fargo on Friday.

Sean Goldrich leads the UNH offense into Fargo on Friday.

  • New Hampshire enters Friday’s game winners of six straight and nine of its last ten games, the Wildcats started the year 1-3, with losses to Central Michigan, Lehigh and Towson, who plays in the other semifinal on Saturday. During this winning streak, the Wildcats haven’t scored less than 24 points. Strike that it’s less than 20, thanks to our readers for the correction.
  • UNH’s offense is humming as addressed in the last point, they are averaging 32 points per game on the season, but the defense has been vulnerable, allowing 20 points per game. For point of reference, Towson racked up 731, yes 731 total yards against New Hampshire, Terrance West, who last we saw, was running all over Eastern Illinois, ran for 238 yards and 3 touchdowns. Now since then, UNH has dramatically improved, their only other loss was to William and Mary, who for a time had the best scoring defense in the country.
  • A closer look at UNH’s quarterback situation is interesting, sophomore Sean Goldrich has been the starter for the majority of the year, but he started the year on the bench behind junior Andy Vailas, each rotated snaps last season. Goldrich was devastating with his legs last week against Southeastern Louisiana, rushing for 99 yards and three touchdowns in leading the Wildcats to an impressive win.
  • UNH has perhaps the most impressive playoff pedigree in the FCS, they have made the playoffs 10 consecutive years, the longest streak going, but this is their first trip to the semifinals. Consider also the league that UNH plays in, the CAA, traditionally the top in the country, this is the 4th time in the last 6 years that the league has two teams in the semifinals.
  • Lastly, this is a stat that everyone knows, UNH’s most famous football alum is clearly Chip Kelly, the current head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, Kelly is a UNH grad, he coached there for years, rising to offensive coordinator from 1999-2006, he left Durham to take the OC job at Oregon and the rest is history.

25 thoughts on “New Hampshire Nuggets

  1. I think it’ll be a good game Friday night. Close for a half and then the Bison will pull away to a 31-14 win. GO BISON!!!

  2. Just a stat check that in this “winning streak the Wildcats haven’t scored less than 24 points”. They scored 20 against SELA in the Quarterfinal game, correct? Thanks Kolpack and Dom for all your work and the Nerd Stats are appreciated.

  3. so basically we are playing Southern Illinois/ Illinois State / Youngstown St.

    17-7 at Half
    bison win 31 -10

  4. Because of the Bison Blowout last weekend, NDSU was able to rest players in the 2nd half, UNH had to scrap all the way to the end of their game. Bison D somewhat banged up, but at this point of the season, aren’t all teams dealing with injuries? I haven’t seen anything on UNH injuries, key players out or not. Here’s hoping for another Bison Breakout in 1st half and a good amount of reserves seeing action in the 2nd half.

  5. I keep thinking about watching a replay over and over and over with a freshman QB fumbling near the goal line on red turf on a cold day in Cheney, Washington.

    And I keep thinking that same QB, who is now a senior with two national championships on his resume will want to avenge the only playoff loss in his career.

    Brock, take care of New Hampshire, and then go to Frisco to even that score with Eastern Washington!

    Go Bison.

  6. Watched the entirely of the NH v. SE Louisiana game last week – it was ugly. It looked like neither team wanted to win. If NH looks like they did last week, this one will not be fun for the Wildcats.

  7. I’m hoping that Brock gets another shot at EW, too! BisoNation would love it!

  8. It would be and interesting coincidental confluence of events should both the Bison and Towson win their games this week-end with the Bison playing Towson in MBB on Saturday night.

  9. I want a win on Friday for a Christmas present. I want a win in Frisco, preferably against Ewu. With both of these, I will be dancing like like the mayor of Toronto.

    Go Bison.

  10. I keep trying to find UNH stories, forums and blogs with very, very limited success. Even the few UNH’ers who log into Bisonville seem to have conceded the season high point has been reached, and the trip to Fargo will be an interesting experience, but with outcome already decided.

    So, is UNH a team without a fan base? The school bids(?) for home field didn’t register. Does anyone in NH know or care about the Wildcats?

    It just doesn’t make much sense for a team that has made the playoffs as often as the Wildcats just doesn’t seem to be any significant following. There ought to be a story line in there somewhere – orphaned championship team searching for missing family.

    • With an outcome already decided? There is absolutely no limit to the arrogance of some Bison fans. I have been watching Bison football for over 35 years, as your 68Bizon pseudonym suggests, but I have never met anyone with the ignorance to say that a game does not need to be played because the result is already determined, and I hope I never do. Wow, just wow.

      • OldMan: that is not what I took from 68’s post . What I read and see is there does not seem to be a fan base for UNH. 68 is correct, there just does not seem to be the usual banter for this game. esp a semifinal game!!!! Only 8 pages on their forum compared to 30+ on BV. Also, those UNH fans that have stumbled into BV pretty much have conceded the game….just weird!!!! No usual back and forth banter, no smack, nothing!!! AGAIN WEIRD!!!!

        I am starting to think its some sorta double super secret jedi mind trick that UNH fans are playing on us. Me thinks these guys/team are slippery….better keep 4 qts worth of full throat pressure on them.

        BTW to the guy who sits a few rows behind us and gets all sorts of miffed when we stand up and scream our heads off…..dude its a fb game! Quick clue— pick up the latest copy of Bison illustrated and read the printed cheering directions would ya! Pharaphrased 1. stand up and be very noisy during the huddle on 1st down (not just on 3rd and not after the oppsing team has broke the huddle )….geeeeessssshhhhh

      • I didn’t say in any manner shape or form the game should not be played. I just wondered about where the UNH fanbase was.

        Maybe, OldGuy, you are too old and senile to read and understand simple English.

        • Really, you didn’t state this:

          “and the trip to Fargo will be an interesting experience, but with outcome already decided.”

          What the heck do the last five words mean? If you can’t state what you actually intend then it is you who does not understand simple English. If the outcome has been decided than that means the game does not need to be played. Period. End of story.

          • This is the direct quote “Even the few UNH’ers who log into Bisonville seem to have conceded the season high point has been reached, and the trip to Fargo will be an interesting experience, but with outcome already decided. ”

            Sounds to me like he is talking about the UNH’ers believing the outcome is already decided, not Bison fans.

  11. Ndsu fans keep your kids at home Friday night, this ain’t chucky cheese we need all loud rowdy crazy fans in the dome party all day get loud all night!

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