A Slight Change Moves Everything

This post will be a brief change in programming for the week, we’ll resume full New Hampshire-NDSU coverage tomorrow, but there’s some news to be discussed today that affects both the Bison and Montana. First up, the Griz released their 2014 schedule today, they will play 12 games next season and will come to Fargo, except not on the date we originally thought.

Montana will still come to Fargo in 2014, just two weeks later than planned, September 20th.

Montana was supposed to come to Fargo on September 6th, NDSU’s home opener for 2014, but today it was revealed that that game has been moved to September 20th, as the Griz will instead host Central Washington. Spoke briefly to NDSU Athletic Director Gene Taylor about the schedule switch he told me that new head coach Chris Klieman preferred not to open next year with at Iowa State then home to Montana, and the Griz wanted a 6th home game therefore the move.

With the game getting moved that also has an affect on NDSU returning to ESPN. For those that don’t remember, refer to this blog post back in October, where Taylor said he contacted ESPN about being a part of its new FCS season opening TV package. Taylor confirmed that NDSU will no longer be considered for that opening weekend (we’re thinking August 23rd or 24th) but that ESPN still will move forward with the project. Disappointing news for some Bison fans considering the amount of exposure the team has had in recent years and you can bet that the Iowa State game will garner a national TV spot.

Finally what does this mean for the 2014 schedule? Well at least for now 10 opponents are still locked in and ’14 is again a year where the Bison could play 12. Taylor told me that he believes Klieman would like to play 12 games next season with a younger team and get some valuable experience. That means it’s a distinct possibility we see another Division 2 team return to Fargo next September, likely on September 6th and possibly another road game for the Bison on either September 13th or 27th, remember there are no bye weeks for NDSU when conference play begins in 2014. We’ll keep an eye on it of course.

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  1. any other mid-major AWAY game possible for 9/13 and/or 9/27? Can you research who might be free and available for a game? A Mid America, Sun Belt, or???

    • Highly unlikely NDSU will play a 2nd FBS next season, in fact, doubtful…will do more research in new year about open schedules for 2014

      • Any chance that the Wyoming Cowboys might have an open date that coincides with NDSU?

  2. Next year’s team is much different from this year’s team. New coach and coaching staff, new QB and 24 seniors graduating. Next year will be an interesting thing for Bison fans in watching a new approach to running the team that utilizes some concepts from Coach Bohl. I do think the Bison will be OK and I look forward to enjoying next year’s team.

    As for this year’s team…one more game before the National Championship this Friday. Stay focused and work hard in preparation. I saw a quote from a UNH safety that was something like “NDSU’s QB is a pretty good game manager”.

    Brock will show them that he is the best QB in FCS on Friday.

  3. Whether they would want to but App. State has the 13th and the 27th open at this point. Think it would be kinda neat to have both 3peaters play a game just because we can. See if ESPN would be interested in covering it.

  4. I sure hope that NDSU does not play a Divison II team again next year. Of course, you could probably make an argument that Ferris State was better than Deleware State this year.

    • The top D2 teams are better then the bottom feeders in FCS. I would rather watch a D2 come into Fargo then Valpraiso, Delaware State or PVAM.

      I think Gene is going to have to start signing more H/H with good FCS teams. One game deals are too hard to get done and cost too much money. I’d rather travel to a good FCS team every other year then pay a ton of money to bring in a loser every year. Just make sure it starts in Fargo or has a high buyout clause ($100,000+).

      I see SELA is looking for a H/H after Samford bought out a game. Get them on the schedule Gene. The Southland has been good about completing H/H deals.

  5. Did they valley eliminate bye’s or did the Bison get screwed by having the bye the first week of conference play?

  6. I disagree with 12 games, I would rather have 11 and a bye week. Young team will need a rest. I would rather have 5 games at home instead of bringing in a D2 team.

  7. It is interesting that NDSU always has to change their schedule so the Montana schools in the Big Fluffy can play their DII teams.

    Next year will be very interesting. Probably a lot of talent, but not much game experience, especially at QB, on the defensive line, and RB behind Crockett. When the Bison go 8-3 and miss the playoffs we will see how many fans are still screaming the Bison should be FBS.

    • The article said Coach Klieman didn’t want to start out with Iowa State and Montana back to back. I think the Bison were on board with this move and may even have instigated it.

    • Do you watch the games? YOU do know all of these guys are Coming back right.

      Trevor Gebhart
      CJ Smith
      Zach Colvin
      Esley Thorton
      Cooper Wahlo
      Bo Liekhus
      Adam Keller
      Ben LeCompte
      Colten Heagle
      Demitrius Gray
      John Crockett
      Chase Morlock
      Christian Dudzik
      Carlton Littlejohn
      MJ Stumpf
      Andrew Bonnet
      Travis Beck
      Kyle Emanuel
      Jeremy Kelly
      Joe Haeg
      Josh Colville
      Adam Schueller
      Jesse Hinz
      Nate Moody
      Zach Vraa
      Carey Woods
      Mike Hardie

  8. I once counted 8 starters back on defense. That was was earlier in the season so may have changed. Carson has all the tools to be a great one but no one can replace Brock. I think I said that of Steve Walker a few years ago. Shows what I know. I’ sorry the Nickel Trophy will still be collecting dust in Grand Forks next year.

  9. It will be interesting to see if Klieman has the same scheduling philosophy as Bohl. I heard that Bohl only wanted to schedule out of conference game against the the weak FCS leagues (as has shown on the schedule). Yes, they did have MtSt and Montana, but other than that the competition the last few years has been below weak.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bottom feeder FCS team (e.g. Central Conn, Hampton, Incarnate Word, Valpo) as the 6th home team next year.


  11. Will there ever be a day when NDSU plays a top FBS program instead of these powder puff FBS teams? KSU was probably the best we have seen so far, but how about a Nebraska (SDSU), TCU (SELA), or Texas A &M (SHSU), Florida State (Beth. Cook), Auburn (Ark. St.)?
    Iowa State is another loser of a FBS program (3-9). I think Gene Taylor realizes that wins against the low end FBS programs look a lot better than a beat down by the top FBS programs. It also gets the fan base rallied up about being as good as an FBS program.

    • I get it you are here to troll. However Gene has said since the beginning he is looking to play Area FBS teams that the Bison will be competitive and the fans can travel to. The formula has worked perfectly.

      Why change it up now??

    • Funny you mention TCU who was horrible this year and half the team of KSU. In matter of fact KSU destroyed them this year. Nothing wrong with playing the mid level FBS teams as the Big pay day is there and a legitiment chance at a victory. Say we schedule the Alabama’s, Flordia State’s, and Auburn’s of the world. We get the payday but we get the snot kicked out of us to start the season and spend all year trying to get back right mentally and physically. Looks what happens to other FCS teams after we get through with them. SDSU, Youngstown, and Northern Iowa. They go on losing streaks to teams they probably shouldn’t lose too because they are beat the hell up from playing the Bison. Same thing more than likely would happen to the Bison.

    • Kansas State was the defending Big 12 champ, what do you want, the Patriots on the schedule? NDSU is an FCS school and they have fared well against FBS schools no matter if they are great teams or not they still have more scholarships and play in a BCS conference (Minnesota, Kansas, Kansas State and next year Iowa State). If the Bison win the title this year they will be 42-2 over a 3 year period with three national titles. Do they really have to play Alabama and Florida State to impress you Bigtime? I think Alabama fans are happy with Alabama winning 3 titles in 4 years. They don’t need them to beat schedule 49ers to prove something. Go Bison!

    • I suppose we could schedule that powerhouse Minnesota again or maybe Wisconsin. Oh wait the B1G is too scared of us big meanies. Hahahahaha

    • Hard to argue with NDSU football scheduling strategy but in hindsight I wish we would have played Baylor instead of Ferris St.

      I am fine with adding a second FBS game or taking on a bigger FBS opponent in the future.

    • That would seem about right…or California, Hawaii, Air Force or Purdue. Big Conferences but terrible teams.

      • Hey dude Florida State beat Duke to get to the BCS title game go tell them about a weak schedule.

  12. Geography has to be something of a factor when Gene picks an FBS game. NDSU fans travel well, but if you ask them to go to Florida or Louisiana, there would probably be a pretty big dropoff.

    Colorado State, Iowa State, K State all feel about right to me. Beating Minnesota at TCF was a fun evening too.

  13. I was mad that Montana backed out on us earlier in the year, however, they got what they deserved, a loss to Coastal Carolina. I think a game against Carolina woudl be fun next year. Just to see if the coach of Coastal Carolina has to eat his words when he said that we would lose to them..

    • Montana State is the team that backed out, not Montana. Please get those right since we don’t like it when we are confused with the losers up north!

        • Montana hasn’t backed out of a game against NDSU. It was a guarantee game when NDSU went there last. The Griz did back out of games against SDSU after the Jacks went there twice.

    • We have 10 games currently scheduled for 2014. Iowa State and Montana are the only OOC games so far. Need to add at least 1 more and sounds like they may add 2 to get to 12 games. We will always have one date left open for a bye week.

  14. The elementary-aged reading and comprehension level of bisonation is quite disturbing. For those of you claiming Montana ‘backed out’ I suggest you read the story again, slowly, try to sound out all the words correctly, heck maybe even read it out loud if that helps you.

  15. It is the Montana schools. The big sky is teams from out west and folks just aren’t that interested in making fine distinctions about things that arent that important. Besides the games start late.

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