Towson vs Eastern Washington – LIVE Chat FCS Semis

Who will NDSU play in Frisco? The second FCS Semi is about to kick off, if you dont feel like doing any Christmas shopping, join Big E and me and lets blog and watch the game on the red (maybe pink because of snow) turf! Game starts at 1pm on ESPN U.


15 thoughts on “Towson vs Eastern Washington – LIVE Chat FCS Semis

  1. Not impressed with EWU and the Big Sky. The Big Sky gets four teams in the playoffs and none in the national championship game. They were what, 2 & 4 in playoff games. The Missouri Valley had only two teams in the playoffs, and they are 4 & 1 with the Bison in the NC game!

    • It’s called the Coast bias. One of these years, when the Calif. schools have decent years, and the Ivy league does, also, they’ll leave the midwest out altogether.

      • The Ivy League schools don’t go to the playoffs, but your hyperbole is funny otherwise.

  2. EWU trounced SDSU, the 2nd best team in the MVFC. Towson and their 2nd string QB just took care of EWU. Explain to me again how a team with a 3-5 MVFC record. (UNI), or a team on a 3 game slide (Youngstown), deserved to be in the playoffs. Thanks.

    • And SDSU trounced Northern Arizona of the Big sky in the first round. SIU of the MVFC would have been a better playoff team than any of the other 3 qualifiers from the Big Sky. Proof is in the results of the playoffs.

    • Jim. There should have been 3 from the MIssouri Valley
      And 3 from the Big Sky!!! No way the over-rated Big Sky deserved to have 4!! Take Ew n The Bison out of the picture!! Rest of the Big Sky Stunk!!

  3. After watching a number of playoff games I am going to say the MVFC is a highly under rated conference. The Bison had much better competition durning the conference season than from any of the playoff teams they faced. SDSU, YSU, USI, UNI all had better teams than a number of schools that made it into the playoffs.

  4. The only proof of anything is that NDSU is not playing at the correct level. Time to take the step up and put $$ where the mouth is. One FCS team is dominant. That doesn’t mean jackcrap how this conference is or prove anything about that conference. It’s quite obvious that NDSU is head and shoulders above the rest of the MVFC, but each other TEAM needs to be judged on their own merits. If SIU is so much better and “deserved” to get in playoffs, maybe they should have won another game.

    • This senior class is a pretty special recruiting class. Give it a few more years. I think the Bison will still be a top 10, maybe a top 5 team going forward, but let’s wait and see if NDSU can be head and shoulders above everyone else in FCS for an extended period of time beyond this season.

  5. A lot of you are missing the point. Which is, you need a decent record to get in the playoffs. I agree completely with the other poster that ndsu is so far above the competition it’s inaccurate to say the MVFC is soooo awesome based on NDSU’s dominance.

    • Jim – it’s not just about the number of wins a team has. You HAVE to take into account how strong the league is that a team plays in, and the MVFC is the strongest league in FCS.
      NDSU was #2 this season in total defense. #1 was South Carolina St. SCSU plays in the MEAC. Delaware St. (who lost to NDSU 51-0) finished 5-2 in the MEAC. 5-2!
      So by the numbers – statistically – SCSU was listed as a better defense than NDSU. But in actuality, NDSU is a MUCH better defense that SCSU. If you’re just looking at wins (statistically), there were teams from the MEAC, OVC, and the Big South that were listed as better teams than YSU, SIU, and UNI, but in actuality, YSU, SIU, and UNI are much better teams than Bethune-Cookman, Furman, SCSU, Coastal, etc.

      • Who cares about defensive and offensive rankings when the only thing that matters is Wins. Wins should be the only thing that matters, otherwise why even keep score just put the best ranked defense and the best ranked offense in the playoffs.
        You can argue which conference is better and deserves to be in the playoffs with more teams, but even if you have a “strong” conference can you really argue you should be in the playoffs with 4 or 5 losses? Your team does not deserve a shot at the national championship if you lose multiple times during the regular season.

        • A couple of years ago Lehigh finished 10-1 and missed the playoffs, so yes, in some regard, the selection committee recognizes that wins alone do not warrant an invitation to the playoffs.

  6. Patriot league did not offer any scholarships at that time, so your Lehigh example is like comparing apples and oranges.

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