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Brock Jensen

Here is a snapshot from our Saturday GameDay story on NDSU quarterback Brock Jensen. Saturday will be the last game of a player who will not soon be forgotten by NDSU fans.

The kid just out of middle school football got in line to get his equipment his freshman year of high school. He was a running back, tight end and linebacker.

A coach asked him his last name.

“Jensen,” the kid replied.

In Waupaca, Wis., where there are a few Jensens, that didn’t exactly narrow it down.

“Which Jensen?” the coach asked.

“Brock Jensen,” the kid said.

At that point, Waupaca High head coach John Koronkiewicz pulled his head from around a corner and told the coach to issue the kid equipment for a quarterback. At least that’s the story that Steve Jensen, Brock’s father, remembers.

Here’s the question to you: What is you best memory of Brock Jensen?

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  1. You are not only marked as a man by how you carry yourself on the field but bigger still is how you carry yourself off the field. The night Grant Olson ripped his ACL I noticed along with many others that Brock Jensen came over the Grant gave him a hug and said a prayer with him. This coupled with he and many, many other BISON that take a knee for the LORD in thanks after ever game is how I will remember this great athlete but better still, this GREAT MAN.

    • Brock Jensen will be remembered not only as a great athlete but also a young man with integrity and faith.

  2. Biggest Jensen pay in my opinion was when he ran over the player from Georgia Southern for a touchdown on fourth and three.

  3. My seats are in the North Endzone and I was at the game against GSU when Brock ran it in.

    That was *huge*. Brock has seen that endzone many a time, but that one… that one I’m probably always going to remember.

  4. The best moment was the final drive at KState. That drive best defined him as a player and also introduced him to the country and impressed Coach Snyder so much that he sat down a wrote a note to congratulate him on his performance.

  5. Brock will go down as the greatest QB in NDSU history. It’s so hard to pick a favorite memory. Scoring the winning TD against GSU and then going on to be MVP of championship game after being doubted by many fans was special, as he proved them all wrong. My favorite image of Brock has to be the first time he broke out the Championship Belt pose against SHSU. Brock has been amazing for the Bison community and hopefully he gets a shot at the next level.

    • I agree with your opening remark. What is so remarkable about that statement though, is that he is going up against some pretty awesome QBs. Jeff Bentrim, Chris Simdorn and Steve Walker were all the best of their day, IMO. To have done we has done to overtake those legends of Bison football in these last 4 years, is phenomenal!

  6. He has been just incredible in his career but I believe he will have his greatest hour on Saturday.

  7. My favorite Brock memory was how great he interacted with my three year old son at Fan Day. My son waited patiently in line to get a picture with his favorite football player and Brock was wonderful to him. I think Brock did a fantastic job sharing his faith in Christ and I know he’ll be a great success in whatever he chooses to do because of that foundation.

  8. There are so many it is hard to narrow it down:

    1) Watching him walk off dejected if not inconsolable after the Eastern Washington game showed us all how much he cares.
    2) Came back with a fantastic sophomore season with the highlight being the Georgia Southern game. There were whispers at half he wouldn’t play due to flu. It almost appeared the game plan for that first drive was tailored to Esley with all the runs. Jensen busts the long run for a touchdown and the route was on.
    3) Junior season he was doubted by a bunch of naysayers and it was my firm belief he was playing with an injury. He won with his feet when needed. That’s what he has always been about, winning, not stats, which causes some fans to misrepresent him as overrated when the opposite is true. Highlight of the junior season was also the Georgia Southern game. 5 of the 8 plays on the last drive were Jensen, mostly runs with the 4th and 3 play that made the dome explode as the climax.
    4) Senior season has been his best season. Spot on in all phases. Kansas State and Northern Iowa, the only close games he led the Bison back for big victories. The rest of the games this year he helped build huge leads early so the dramatic wasn’t needed.

    Out of all of these my best memory is probably the fact that he has always seemed to ‘get’ it. Even as a redshirt freshman, any chance he had to interact with kids/fans he has been confident and realizes that what he says to the kids can make a world of difference. True class from the word go.

    Thank you Brock!

  9. Brock was that freshman kid in my class with the easy smile and great attitude–nice change in a keyboarding class where most kids think they are being tortured to a certain death–or at least carpal tunnel syndrome–by the end of the semester. Brock sat near my desk and we got to know each other a bit. I like him a lot.

    That grew as the years went on, as I am an avid sports fan and knew him and many of his classmates by watching them in their games and talking about them the following class day.

    Then, as a senior, Brock took the second semester of keyboarding (apparently the carpal tunnel most feared did not affect him!). Of course he was surrounded by freshmen, his foot firmly in the door of Waupaca’s football legacy, and he treated everyone around him kindly and with respect. I had known before then, but it was firmly cemented in my heart then that we had a very special young man here.

    I have been blessed to attend may of his games in Fargo over the last four years, one in Terre Haute, and soon to be all three National Championship games. He has earned and deserves every honor he gains. He is not just a talented athlete, but a leader and a man of God who not only walks the walk, but talks the talk. I have learned much from this former student of mine, and sincerely love and respect this young man.

    I can’t wait to see what memories are still to be made.

  10. The one play that in my mind defines Brock, akin to Bentrim and the pitch, is the 4th and 3 TD run vs. GSU. Everyone there and those of us watching from afar knew the play call. Gutty. Gritty. Winner.

  11. An important memory – not my favorite one, because it didn’t have a positive outcome – was the fumble at EWU three years ago. I have a feeling that play helped make Brock become the man that he is today. He hates to lose, and coming up a few inches short on that stage has made him outwork every other quarterback in FCS for the last three years.

    Get ring #3 now, buddy!

  12. My memory of Brock was the day he learned a great lesson in leadership. After fumbling near the goal in the Eastern Washington playoff game in 2010 Brock was crushed. A senior captain (Matthew Gratzek) had played his last game for the Bison but saw a hurting freshman quarterback who fought through injury for the team. This was more important to Matthew than than losing an opportunity to move on in the playoffs.. He walked over to Brock put his arm around him and walked him off the field. Brock learned from Matthew that day the true meaning of leadership. Brock is respected by his teammates because he is a true leader who sacrifices personal glory for the team. The biggest injustice of this season is that Brock is not a finalist for the Payton award.

  13. It was 98 degrees at game time in Manhattan, Kansas. Brock had just engineered one of the greatest drives in Bison football (7 for 7 passing and took it over on the ground himself) history that sealed one of the greatest wins. He had just pulled his helmet off when a ESPN reporter jumped him and asked how it felt. Looking and sounding completely wasted he replied “This was the toughest game of my life. I just want to thank number One, my Lord and Savior Jesus. I couldn’t have done it without Him”. Just at the moment greatness and glory in front 53,000 he could only give thanks and praise to God. Wow! Someone raised that kid right.

  14. This is easy . . . his press conference after the win against New Hampshire two weeks ago, when he talked about how much “This place” means to him and his fellow seniors. When he said that “This has been the best four years of my life, and “coming here was the best decision I ever made”. Great QB, great kid. Bentrim, Simdorn, Walker and Jensen. Quite a list. Go Bison!

  15. The heart of a true champion Is what happens off the field. Without knowing my mom, at my request, Brock visited her in palliative care a few weeks before she died from cancer. It brought so much joy that he took time for her. He is the most personable and loving young man I’ve ever known.

  16. All these that are listed are great. Too many to mention.

    Brock will go down as the best QB in Bison history.

  17. I agree with Brad, too many to mention perhaps.

    The K State drive, the 4th and 3 TD run with GSU players bouncing off of him, the fake pitch against SHSU last year and a safety bouncing off of him as he ran 21 yds into the endzone, the touchdown double check after the 1 yd plunge in the first national championship game, and many, many more.

    One more time Brock, just one more time, we will need a Jensen moment. Thanks for all of them.

  18. The 18 play 80 yd drive at k-state! I’ve watched that about 10 times now!!!!

    Single play: GSU

  19. I will always remember him falling backwards into the end zone in the K-State game for the winning score.

  20. K-State drive and the long run for a TD against GSU after he had been sick, was given IV fluids at half and had turf toe.


    The amount of old friends and acquaintances who have called, emailed or texted me over the last 10 days all ask the same question. “Can Towson win?” They all get the same answer. “You’re darn right they can!!”

    The Bison and the Tigers
    All you keep hearing about is what a juggernaut this Bison team is. NDSU deserves all the accolades heaped upon them. The Bison have won two straight FCS Championships. They are 14-0 this season, and they have blown away both of their playoff opponents.

    But look what the Tigers have done. They have gone on the road the past two weeks and taken down the number two and three seeds. They outdueled the two best offenses in FCS football. And again, they did it on the road.

    It was great to see Peter Athens practicing on Monday. Hopefully that is an indication he will be able to start against North Dakota State on Saturday. We all know the Tigers have the best running back in FCS football, and probably one of the five best in the country period with Terrance West.

    But Athens has been brilliant in the post season. He went 13-for-15 for 301 yards and three touchdown passes against Fordham, an efficient eight-for-13 for 115 yards against Eastern Illinois, and eight-for-nine for 144 yards and two touchdowns against Eastern Washington before getting hurt.

    Keys to the win
    For the Tigers to win, they will have to make the best defense in FCS football worried about the pass. The Bison only give up 11 points a game. But they haven’t faced an offense like Towson’s. The Tigers are going to have to get NDSU away from stacking the box to stop TWest. Athens playing the way he has does that.

    The defense will have to play to a very high standard. Brock Jensen is a very, very good veteran quarterback. He is efficient passing and can run. He has thrown 33 touchdown passes with just seven INTs. Jensen has also run for 459 yards.

    The Tiger defense will also have to slow down the two-headed rushing attack of Sam Ojuri and John Crockett. Ojuri has run for 1314 yards, and Crockett is just behind at 1191. Both average 6.6 yards per carry. A tough task, but the Tigers’ defense has the talent to get the job done.

    • Anyone can win on any given Saturday but Towson will need to be perfect and have a little luck in order to win Sat. If they can score more than 24 points before (the 4th qtr) there is a chance but since they never played against a defense like the Bison chances are slim. With all do respect to Eastern ILL. and EWU which have great offenses and players but don’t play defense. Good Luck Towson but as you go into the 4th qtr the sucessful playoff run will end Bison 35- Towson 21.

  22. Meeting him and GO at a basketball game last year and how gracious they were, how easy they were to talk to, and how they treated my kids. Awesome memory! Also, his TD against GSU last year was electrifying! But there are just so many good ones. Thanks for the memories Brock!

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