Bison Video Blog: Welcome to Frisco, Texas!

Join the Bison Video Blog gang as they welcome you to Toyota Stadium in beautiful Frisco, Texas! The undefeated Bison face the Tigers of Towson as they attempt to make history with a third straight FCS National Title.

13 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Welcome to Frisco, Texas!

  1. The belt, the hat, the need stats. The perfect trifecta in Frisco. Keep up the good work boys.

  2. Friday night’s Pep Fest is sold out with 10,000 tickets sold. Frisco will be overran with Bison fans starting tomorrow.

    SHSU had to play all road games on the way to the game last year as well. SHSU’s defense was not as good last year and was worse this year.

    The Bison defense has improved each season.

  3. Are the Bison home or visitors for Saturday’s game. Do we know what colors they will wear?

  4. Just ran into a frisco resident who will be at the game on Saturday. He sounded as excited as us. This was in a Walmart in frisco. Noticed several establishments also had a good showing already at 6 pm this evening. Looking for some fun, come join us at top golf at the colony. Great food and golf on three levels without the bubble. Great food and beer too!

  5. Talking about been there before

    Our seniors were busy taking group photos, signing autographs in Scheel’s and drinking free jello shots in BDUBs from past three days before heading to Frisco. Talk about counting chickens before they hatch.

      • Or maybe they’re just enjoying one last good time with some of the best friends some of them have ever had before they have to go off into the wide world. Its pretty clear that *at games* and in preparation for games these guys are *exceptionally* serious. You can’t be serious all the time.

        Its worth remembering that as amazing as these young men are, they are still… young men.

    • They can do all that after the game and I will agree so far they have been a very focused group. Hope these seniors are not too lax with Townson.

  6. GO BISON. Bring home another one so that North Dakota is known for more than it’s harsh winters!

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