Bison Video Blog: Media Day wrap up from Toyota Stadium

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack and Eric Peterson as they wrap up Media Day from Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas.

16 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Media Day wrap up from Toyota Stadium

  1. We as BisoNation are destroying this poor town 18,000 bison fans 1500 towson fans 500 other fcs coaches. Cmon man its too easy im thinking 40-0 domination.

  2. If the Bison win, I hope the Welcome Home celebration will be somewhere indoors and not outside the Fargodome. I think a lot more people will show up.

  3. After watching the game last night between Oklahoma and Alabama I would love a shot at either of those teams. Absolutely no defense and we are just as talented on offense. Brock would have a field day.

  4. Oh wow 18,000 fans??? too bad you guys are in the junior varsity division. Fake D1 wannabes. remember a team called Appalachian state??? Most people dont. They won 3 in a row a few years ago. No one cared, No one remembered. Have fun playing at a texas high school football field for your championship that seats like 20,000 bahaha we get more that 20,000 at our pep rally’s . Go Sooners!

    • I forgot that ESPN said the best College Gameday show of the year and maybe ever was in Norman Oklahoma this year. Oh wait, it was in Fargo. It’s getting old listening to fans of power schools say that no other football matters. Ok Sam, let’s just do away with JUCO, D3, D2, and FCS football. Then your Sooners can go 6-6 every year because they don’t have anyone to play but the other big boys. Get over yourself.

      • sorry didn’t proof read, also eliminate every FBS school that doesn’t play in the BIG10, BIG12, PAC12, and SEC. Because those schools don’t matter either.

        • Wait, does the BSC even matter? I mean really! Not with the NFL around it doesn’t. Cut BCS while we’re at it. Snip, snip!!!

    • Let’s play!!
      Oklahoma vs. NDSU
      Not worried, their field or ours or a neutral.
      GO BISON!!!!!!!!

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