Bison Video Blog: FCS National Championship postgame show

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack and Eric Peterson for our final video blog from Frisco, Texas! History was made today as the Bison marched to a third straight FCS National Championship.

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  1. Maybe if coach bohl had not been so greedy!!! And waited till the season finished today – he wounld not have to go to a extremely subpar program that at best would be a fcs program at best.

    • Larry, you are a dadgum fool. Just how big of a baby are you? “Whaa, whaa… Bohl is leaving and it hurts my feelings, that meany, he just wants the money and is going to leave us all alone and in the dark….whaa whaa”. Do you realize how nauseating your post was? NDSU and coach Bohl just won the NC for the 3rd year in a row and you are crying about coach moving on to advance his career? Remember, Wyoming is in the FBS… you realize this? The fact they have struggled at this level is totally immaterial. If coach Bohl wants to coach at a big-time school (Nebraska, Michigan, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, etc..)he will have to pass through schools like Wyoming. Now go write Coach Bohl a letter Larry, be sure you tell him how grateful you are for all he has done. Man….people like you amaze me….geesh!

      • AMEN! Jeeze Louise, how would you react if you took a new job for three or more times the salary and people whined at you about being “greedy” and “ungrateful” and “disloyal” and all that? RIDICULOUS! It’s his life, his family… he deserves your understanding for making the move, and he deserves everyone’s respect for what he’s done for the Bison football team.

    • Thats how college football is. If they Bison wouldn’t have made the playoffs no one would have cared. Wyoming needed a coach to keep and get recruits. They told him to take it or they would have to hire someone else. They will not wait that long for a coach! I have no problem with him and I wish him well.

  2. Coach Bohl deserves the money he is getting. He has a right to follow his dreams as much as everyone else does.

  3. There is a difference between following your dreams and doing it with some respect and loyalty to others. The least he could have done was wait till the end of the season and not take almost the entire coaching staff with him leaving the NDSU scrambling to find top candidates. While he did do a very good job here I lost all respect for him as far as a man to look up to.

    • Would you turn down doubling your yearly salary? They all want to go to the next level. Taking your staff with you is the fastest way to get a program up and moving. Look at Jerry Kill almost all his assistants have followed him from SIU to NIU to Minnesota. Has turned programs around very quickly.

    • You are simply ignorant of the way things work in college football, it seems. There is NO WAY Wyoming could wait until TODAY to make that announcement and get the agreement done.

    • If Bohl didn’t leave now his staff would have started moving on to other jobs. The fact that Bohl kept this staff together the past few years is pretty remarkable considering the turnover we had from 06 to10.

  4. I’m pretty sure Bohl didn’t want that information out but Wyoming was dying to get the news out. However, recruiting our recruits is a different matter. It sucks.

  5. It just isn’t realistic to expect the timing to be any different for coaching moves….. Bohl has done so much for NDSU, I can’t believe people are bitter towards him. The team’s performance was clearly not affected, and planning for the future has had a month’s headstart compared to if Bohl did not accept a different job until after this season finished. The recruiting overlapping is unavoidable; the kids commit to a coach. The coach moves on, and the kids then initiate contact with the coach’s new school. Congrats to the best coach and best team in NDSU history.

  6. I think we need to focus and appreciate what Coach Bohl did for this program. It is obvious that for most of the players he still means a lot to them. In the end how the announcement came out really was pretty minor even though I think he should have waited. Is Wyoming the right fit for him time will tell but my gut is that three years from now when they should see a turnaround that whole coaching staff will wish that they were back in the Fargo Dome in front 19000 rabid Bison fans. The money can buy a lot of things but the memories of 11 years is priceless. NDSU/Fargo has set a standard or a point of reference for these coaches that will hard to replicate in Laramie. Coach Klieman made the correct decision, he and NDSU will be the better because of it.

  7. Mr Bohl will find that he will never find the love and loyalty that he is leaving behind. Even if almost all of Laramie heads out for a game, it will not equal the number of fans who traveled over 1100 miles to support him and their team. Not once, not twice, but THREE times, in a row. Not to mention the other road games where there was a sea of green and yellow. Money can not buy happiness, and I suspect that he will live to regret this move.

    • He may…but every coach dreams of the big time. If we don’t follow our dreams, we wither and die. Let him do his thing and be appreciative of the memories he has given all of ND. What else does ND have to offer?

  8. This program was losing to Augustana in a half empty Fargodome before Craig Bohl. Please shut up about loyalty. He built a great program and they just produced a title run the likes of which FCS may never again see. Yes, I think he’s making a mistake going to Wyoming. That place chews up and spits out good coaches. But it’s his mistake to make and he’s earned the right to do whatever he wants. Thank You Coach Bohl.

    • Whiney pee pants. You would have done the same thing if in Mr. Bohl’s shoes. We all would have. Grow up.

  9. The one thing that I noticed early in the game when Towson scored and made some defensive stops their coach and players were carrying on like they were going to win this game doing some trash talking. It woke up the sleeping giant the blocked the field goal happened and the game was over at that point. The ESPN announcers were terrible the color guy must had a tingly feeling going up his leg, couldn’t stop talking about Towson.

    • I really don’t blame Towson for that. You look at every team that NDSU has played they all seemed pretty meek. Granted those games were in the FargoDome, but all those teams seemed intimidated. I don’t think Towson was and to their credit they were giving the Bison their toughest fight since the Northern Iowa game. NDSU just did what NDSU has done for 3 years. Make plays. They block a field goal which totally turns momentum, then get a big pick. Game. Set. 3-Peat.

  10. No question up to that point of the game the Bison were being outplayed. The coach if he watched any film at all should have known that the Bison get stronger as the game goes on. The score is tied, 40 minutes left in the game you just have to keep emotions in check. At the end of the day when you look up at the scoreboard were these guys that much better than the other teams we playedin the playoffs? Yes they were for 20 minutes but no because the lack of discipline. As far as their star RB , I think I would take the duo of Crocket and Ojuri any day, but he is not ready the big time quite yet.

  11. Well, I may get crucified/bashed on here for this but with that risk I will write what I feel. As a former Bison Captain, we lost an entire coaching staff because we stunk for one year – one year only. A nearly entire new group of coaches came in, they gelled, we gelled and the result was a Conference Championship.

    Don’t fault Coach Bohl for advancing his career. The timing of the announcement has been reported that it wasn’t his and I am sure he would have liked to have waited. He is taking his God-given talents to lead and motivate and allowing his crew to advance their careers too. What an inspiration.

    Disruptive technology are the key words in the Silicon Valley these days. WE TOO will rein again with this disruption. Gene Taylor would not allow anything less.

    I simply say, “HAIL THE BISON” and thank you for an outstanding three-peat. Best to Coach Bohl and his family and if there are recruits hanging 10 waiting, get on the bus.

    To the players – thanks for the entertainment, the Bison Pride, your example as gentleman and your character in winning. YOU’RE ARE INDEED THE BEST!

    The best line for me of this entire soap opera was when Bohl said “Park it”” They did, they won and this will carry them for the better part of their lives.

    Bison football has been great for nearly 50 years ~ it will remain so for decades to come.


  12. thanks former Bison Captain….well said……..have followed the pokes for years living in the area…..this will be coach Bohl’s biggest challenge to turn them around……can’t wait for the fall of 2014 so I can follow the BISON and pokes!

  13. Is taking recruits with the coach standard procedure? Jeff and Dom taked about it a week or so ago questioning what it would do to Bohl’s legacy but it has since been hushed up. It seems recruits should committed to the school not the coach. Bohl was on the NDSU payroll when he recruited them. What does the NCAA say about such a practice?

    Anyway the Bison have outscored their opponents 91-26 in 3 championship games. Chris Klieman has big shoes to fill but sounds like the players coming greatly approve of the choice. That says a lot. He is the coach they want to play for. Next year should be a challenge and very interesting.

    • WY hasn’t taken any recruits from NDSU. They are pursuing a few guys that have not committed to any team yet. This little recruiting controversy will not affect NDSU’s ability to stay on top and will be forgotten pretty quickly.

      Bohl will be remembered as the greatest coach in NDSU history.

  14. Thank you to Dom, Jeff and Big E for all that you have put forth this season. I have enjoyed the blogs, video blogs, live chats and in-game blogging very much, and they have been great to help to follow the Bison from a distance. Well done!

  15. The2013 Bison football team had a very great year. The 24 Seniors played like championship leaders to a three repeat.The Bison were better team because of there speed,strength and discipline.

  16. Proud to be from a state that not only talks about excellence but shows it. This is all great, nothing to feel bad about. Coach Bohl new job is what most of us would do too, its usually about money. NDSU will be great again, it has the history and drive for perfection.

  17. Congrats to the Bison Team & Coaches! I want Coach Bohl, know I salute him for what he did for NDSU! We knew we have had a GREAT FOOTBALL program & GREAT FANS! Now the World know we are #1
    !5 wins & 0 loses, 3 peat NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, THANK YOU TEAM!!!!

  18. Bohl’s and staff brought the Bison into the 21st century–with class and very
    well trained football players. Back in my days we had Roger Gebhart and that
    was it. Rather than all these chaps whining and suggesting that Craig Bohl is simply another greedy coach–check your own careers–duh

    Hats off to all of you in the Bison nation–you made North Dakota proud in Frisco!

    Class of 1960–as best I can recall.

  19. Congratulations to the Bison and NDSU. What a way to celebrate a great University! Go Bison!!

  20. Might as well start using “legendary” whenever we talk about this team, and Coach Bohl, cause that’s what they were.. They have given me something to look forward to, and talk about, every week during for many years, and for that I give them my heartfelt thanks. And after doing all this, Coach Bohl left in an honest, straightforward manner, and showed a lot of class. Let us hope that the new coach will be able to build on the solid foundation Coach Bohl has laid down. We may yet see the time when NDSU will play Wyoming, and beat them. I hope the Bison do play them in the coming years. It would be a wonderful series.

  21. It was exciting watching the game in Arizona on ESPN2. There were a lots of North Dakota snowbirds that saw the game. The problem is that the local newspaper the Arizona Republic In there sports section gave two sentences of coverage to the game! Appears Division 1 FCS football isn’t very important even if it was the Championship Game! Why?

  22. What a great run these seniors have had. Lots of great things said and written about the Bison defense. my favorite stat is that in three championship games the Bison have only given up a total of three points in the second half and that was a field goal to Sam last year. You can win a lot of games when you average giving up only one point per game.

    A shout out to the Norwegian who had a sign at the game that read “Bison win by a Towson”. Classic !

  23. Thank you Coach Bohl and all the Bison staff that are departing for Wyoming. Thank you Wyoming for allowing Bohl and the assistants to finish out this season with the Bison. It says a lot about their work ethic and character to do such a great job when they have already accepted a new position that will require a lot of work.

    I would like to that the entire Bison team for this great run. I would like to thank the seniors for providing the leadership necessary to be consistently good and earn the greatness they strived for.

    I am excited to see how Coach Klieman and the staff he hires builds on this success. The Bison have a lot of talent returning and quite a bit of it is on their dominating defense and offensive line. This Bison team was so much better than the rest of FCS it was almost ridiculous. With the talent returning and the coaching staff we have I see no reason that our goal is anything other than winning a 4th national championship in a row. So what if the games are a little bit closer than they were this year. I still think the Bison will have the best team in FCS next season.

    Hail The Bison!
    The March Is Still On!

  24. Thanks for the memories and good luck at Wyoming. Now with the hires under Coach K, I am pumped, as I bet so many of the underclassmen, are as well. Here is what I had called for upon hearing so many of the staff heading to Wyoming.
    I wanted Coach K- Check
    I wanted Grant Olson on the staff to work with the linebackers-Check
    I wanted Coach Polasek back as OC or more if needed-Check
    The additional hires are bonus.
    The gun was fired and with that came a three-peat and coaches moving on.
    Now the gun has been re-loaded and the bullets they are a plenty. We want a quad-peat.
    Go Bison!!!

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