FCS LIVE Sunday Night Chat

The 2013 season is in the books and 2014 is ready to roll, join Jeff, Eric and me as we chat about the Bison three-peat and what’s next for NDSU football, 10 pm start!


7 thoughts on “FCS LIVE Sunday Night Chat

  1. Went to the Cotton Bowl Friday night at Jerry’s Crib and received many positive comments from both OSU and Mizzou fans after they recognized the Bison swag I was wearing… THE whole BIG 12 was watching on August 30 it seems…

    • I have to agree, Bison football is at an all-time high when you are talking national attention. Not sure when the Bison would get an invite or be ready to move to FBS, but I have always said that if it is going to be one of the BCS conferences it would no doubt be the Big 12. The reason being that unlike the Big Ten who will only add schools from major metropolitan areas the Big 12 is located in much smaller cities as far as population. Go Bison!

  2. Enjoyed the Bison coverage, Dom, Eric, and Jeff.

    Turf problems at Frisco kind of lead me down a thought path – IIRC, the turf at the Fargodome was changed out for the 2011 season to a ‘kinder, gentler’ surface. It might make for an interesting study of the impact of that on player injuries and severity. If it did result in a healthier team, is there any way to estimate the number of wins the turf gets partial credit for? Perhaps fodder for a Masters Thesis in PE?

  3. Thanks for the great coverage all season Dom, Jeff, and Big E!! I didn’t get in on the live blog chat last night but I have a few questions for you guys….
    1. After seeing first hand what these last 4 Bison playoff teams were able to do, how do you think the 10-1 teams of ’06 and ’07 would have done if they were playoff eligible? Do you think they were better than the quarterfinal team of 2010?

    2. Grant Olson had an outstanding career at MLB and was an terrific leader for the defense both on and off the field. So I ask you this, who meant more to their respective team(s) Grant Olson or Joe Mays?

  4. What a weekend in Texas! What a team, coaching staff and fanbase! Thank you NDSU Bison!

  5. Heck of a football season. They won’t be as dominant next year but it’s still going to be a good team that will be fun to watch I think.

    Ready for hoops now with conference finally starting. Much as there seem to be many around here who think the Bison are a lock to Dance, I think it’s going to be an incredibly tight regular season race and tournament with NDSU, SDSU and Denver all in contention. The league is much better beyond that too. Omaha is going to shock a lot of people. Western will rebuild and IPFW is sneaky good. Unlike football it’s going to be far more competitive and difficult.

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