Manic Monday

Less than 48 hours after NDSU completed a three-peat, the NDSU football offices underwent a complete makeover as Chris Klieman has assumed control of the Bison and his staff is nearly completed with the hirings of Tim Polasek, Matt Entz, Randy Hedberg and Jamar Cain. Nick Goeser and Conor Riley are staying on as well, Klieman says he still needs to hire a secondary coach, wide receiver coach and tight end/fullback coach, figure those hires will be coming soon; especially with the upcoming coaches convention over the next week. Some other highlights from today’s press conference:

  • Randy Hedberg will handle North Dakota for recruiting, Entz will be in the Twin Cities, Polasek who has hit some home runs in Wisconsin (namely Brock Jensen and Colten Heagle) will return there, Riley will take Nebraska. Goeser’s specific spot hasn’t been defined yet, nor has areas like Iowa, Florida or Arizona, big spots for NDSU over the past three seasons.
  • Grant Olson will join the staff next season as a student assistant, he still have some classes to finish up.
  • Klieman says that NDSU has between 22-25 scholarships to fill this season, by Jeff and I’s count the Bison have 15 verbal commitments to date.
  • Klieman told Jeff that several players will miss spring football; Zach Johnson, Travis Beck, Colten Heagle, CJ Smith and Adam Keller, the first four with shoulder injuries, Keller was on his hip.
  • Finally maybe this is the biggest news of all; tight end Kevin Vaadeland tweeted that he will return next season for a 6th season of football.

    Kevin Vaadeland and his eight touchdown receptions will return for NDSU in 2014.

  • With Vaadeland returning, that makes it 14 of 25 starters that will return for 2014: Vraa, Z. Johnson, Josh Colville, Joe Haeg, Kyle Emanuel, Esley Thorton, Carlton Littlejohn, Travis Beck, CJ Smith, Christian Dudzik, Colten Heagle, Adam Keller and Ben LeCompte.
  • Nine more return that have significant playing time over the past two to three seasons: Trevor Gebhart, Jesse Hinz, Jack Plankers, Andrew Bonnet, John Crockett, Nate Moody, Mike Hardie, Brian Schaetz, Zach Colvin, Luke Albers and Jordan Champion. 
  • Couple other redshirt freshmen or true freshman that saw the field that will also be counted on for bigger roles in 2014: Eric Perkins, Bo Liekhus, Chase Morlock, MJ Stumpf, Pierre Gee-Tucker, Nick DeLuca, Carey Woods and Brad Ambrosius.
  • Obviously there is one name that is not on that list and that’s Carson Wentz, he has seen plenty of time, but no meaningful reps, we’ll have plenty on what’s expected of him in the coming days and weeks.

23 thoughts on “Manic Monday

      • I saw on his Twitter page he appologized for the mistake. It still is very sad when national media still calls NDSU UND.

    • I sure hope Gene Taylor contacts this guy and sets him straight. Let’s look for a correction or apology from John Feinstein in the near future as we deserve one!

    • To New Yorkers, North Dakota isn’t even in flyover country, so why would he waste any of his precious time doing even the most elementary fact checking? Probably couldn’t tell a Sioux from a Bison if you gave him two guesses anyway.

    • I’ve stopped caring what these clowns say any more. It just shows their ignorance.

  1. Illinois and Missouri are more of a concern then Arizona. I dont see them going into AZ anymore. All the effort they put in down there and only Farnloff and Champion to show for it. Great players, but lots of resources used to only have 2 guys stick

  2. The next big hurdle will be when verbals become actual commits. CBS dufus must have a cousin at NCAA head office…..

  3. After all the talk of the seniors this year it came as a surprise that we have 9 seniors returning!

  4. Final Sagarin’s ratings for the year.

    Ohio State 16
    NDSU 17
    Wisconson 18

    Not sure the Bison were really top of the big 10 good but damn they were special this year.


  5. Vaadeland is obviously an academic all star.

    Wouldn’t we have heard about him coming back before now? Doesn’t the process have a time limit from when the injuries occur?

    Has there been anything official from NDSU? Or are we taking the word of a 23 year old?

    If true, that’s a huge concern that went away in a hurry.

    • What is happening is the correct way it’s done. You document what is happening at the time of the injury(ies), then actually apply for the medical hardship waiver after your 5th year.

  6. Dom – re the new coaching staff here and at UND; didn’t SIU take a big hit in losing a lot of their staff, or have I read the bios incorrectly?
    So far, I think NDSU has made some very good hires.

    • Kalen DeBoer(OC/recv) > Eastern Michigan(recv?)
      Bubba Schweigert(DC) > UND(HC)
      Randy Hedberg(QB) > NDSU(QB)
      Eric Schmidt(ST/ILB) > UND(OC)

  7. 9 seniors returning, so what are the college rules on playing? used to be only a total of 4 years of playing time allowed were some of these red-shirted in the past?

    • The rule is 5 years to play 4 seasons. Vaadeland’s situation is that he lost his first two years to injury. He’s only played 3 seasons so far. The extension he is applying for is so he can play 4 seasons over 6 years. The other returning seniors on the roster either redshirted their first year or lost a year to injury somewhere along the way. Next year will be their 5th year of school and their 4th year on the field.

  8. The blog team did a great job throughout the football season. Thanks for the effort guys.

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