Bison Video Blog: 2013 Year End Awards Spectacular!

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack and Eric Peterson for the 2013 Bison Video Blog End Of Season Awards Show! The boys will recap a history making season which culminated with the green and gold marching their way to a third straight FCS National Championship.

21 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: 2013 Year End Awards Spectacular!

  1. Great job guys. Can’t wait to see Tyler Wrice get the ball in his hands next season. I think he can fill some of the void left by Ryan Smith as a slot guy.

  2. Great stuff! Not sure if you remember me, but I was the guy in the Frisco tailgate lot with a cold one in hand that thanked each one of you for another great year!! This just backs that up!!

  3. From all of us at Six Flags,
    THANK YOU for all you guys do!
    It’s been a fun ride for NDSU fans, and the info we get from you guys makes us that much more involved!
    See you guys at Chub’s!
    Kolpack’s buying

  4. Did you guys meet the fat guy that goes by the name 56bison? I think he was a backup lineman back in the last century? I think thats who you are talking about. Always has the beer…

  5. I have loved the Bison video blog the past few seasons. Great job as always, guys!

    Bison football has never been bigger or better, and there is even a national awareness of it now. Much of that awareness and “Bison Buzz” came about because of College GameDay, and there would have been no College GameDay in Fargo if the Bison would have lost the season opener at Kansas State. That’s why I agree with Eric that the Play of the Year came from that game. While Derek Lang’s catch kicked off “The Drive”, my choice happened a little earlier in the contest.

    Trailing 21-14 with 2:45 left in the 3rd quarter, the Wildcats had the momentum after pinning the Bison down at their own two-yard line after a successful punt. On first down, Sam Ojuri broke through the line and raced 61 yards down the sideline before being pushed out at the Wildcat’s 37-yard line. That play flipped the field and totally turned the momentum the Bison’s way. NDSU never looked back. After Ojuri’s run, they subsequently kicked a field goal, stopped K-State to get the ball back, and then went on “The Drive”. Behind those great blocks up front, Ojuri’s run was the turning point in that game, and more than anything else that victory really vaulted NDSU onto the national stage. It might be more obscure, but for all the success and the media attention that win brought to NDSU, that run by Sam Ojuri was my Play of the Year.

  6. I agree totally and if you were watching all the games, that power play behind billy worked on the opposite goal a few times this year. Our So. Linemen are going to be great next year too.

  7. I think my POY is Travis Beck dive against K-State, that set the tone for the rest of the season.

  8. Great job Bison Media blog. You guys sure do a lot to keep us in the loop that is usually all factual and not just throwing crap out and seeing if it sticks. If you take a look at the roster, (plug for todays paper with the special section) we are loaded. You guys mentioned the loss of so many linemen on D side of the ball. Schaetz is back, I think you said he was gone. There is some real studs on the way up as well. Do you think any O line guys would change to the other side of the ball? I wonder if the big kid from Bismarck coming in can make an impact right away as a D-end. He was a beast all year in high school but seemed a bit dinged up toward the end of the year. If Carson gets the time on a three to five step drop that Brock got, look out, just hope receivers can hang on to the ball that he fires.I feel two deep strong at every position but D interior line will be the norm. I am fired up.
    Go Bison.

  9. I didn’t see any of the Bison football stories on the online site…will any of them make it there or is it print only?

    When does Klieman announce the remainder of his staff? After signing day?

  10. It looks like a great recruiting weekend at NDSU. Three major commits and one great FBS transfer. The Herd continues to build.

  11. Are Sir Marcus Collins and The King Frazier on Camp? Bison football its looking like a full reload!

  12. The play of the year for me was the begining of the 3rd qtr of the K-State and they scored 2 quick TD’s and was 21-7 and my boss texted me “The begining of the end”. I texted back by saying “it is the end if K-state gets to 24 points”. Well the rest is history and K-State didn’t score another point. I believe 24 points was the most points the team gave up in 2011 and the defensive stats that this team put together over a 2 year span was amazing.

  13. Great stuff guys, as always.

    I agree with coach. The blocking and the run by Ojuri when they were down by ten points and deep in their territory against K State was the play of the year. On all levels it set the tone for the rest of the year.

    Good call Coach!

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