Sunday Night LIVE Ramblings

The football season is in the rearview window, but there is still plenty to chat about from recruiting, new coaching hires, to the men’s basketball team getting a split to the women’s basketball team losing 9 in a row. Jeff, Big E and me 10pm Central!



3 thoughts on “Sunday Night LIVE Ramblings

  1. Interesting thing I saw about the women’s hoops thing was somebody citing our tradition and history. There’s a little revisionist history there though. The women’s hoops team struggled from the get go in the transition. Amy’s teams at the end weren’t very good either. Granted, DeHoff has done nothing to make it better, and Amy’s teams were at least competitive (most notable I remember them beating Minnesota at the BSA). But it’s not like DeHoff inherited a powerhouse. They haven’t been that since the D2 days and it’s been a while. I’m not really sure why that program can’t get things right in D1, but it’s NEVER worked in the D1 era.

    Quite frankly I think it’s fair to wonder if the men aren’t taking the Miami Heat approach with the regular season. The Heat essentially take games off in the regular season. They can do that because they play 82 games and they are, well, the Heat. NDSU’s not winning the Summit on talent alone, only has so many games, and they’ll not have homecourt advantage in the postseason. I’m surprised that a senior laden team can still get so rattled against rivals (UND, SDSU last year) or be just borderline uninterested against conference teams (IPFW).

    • I don’t think that’s a case at all. IPFW is playing well right now. They just beat NDSU and SDSU this weekend. That’s impressive. And for whatever reason, UND just seems to play well at home. Last year, UND lost to SDSU in Brookings by 30. Three days later, UND beat SDSU in GF. I don’t think any of us expected NDSU to go undefeated in the Summit this year. They just lost to a team on the road who’s playing well, and I think NDSU will be playing its best basketball come late Feb. and March.

  2. Everyone is talking about next year and not even mention Gebhart… If you look at % of catches/thrown to, I will bet he had the best percentage. Amazing how he gets overlooked. Hopefully the new staff can see what he can do.

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