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Busy times in the football world even though we’re still 12 days away from the Super Bowl and over two weeks away from signing day, but the Senior Bowl is taking up plenty of attention this week as former Bison All-American Billy Turner is in the game, the first NDSU player to participate since Mike Dragosavich did in 2008.

Billy Turner is seeing his draft stock rise by the day at the Senior Bowl in Alabama.

Got some interesting links to pass along, starting with an interview I did on Dizzo’s Den last night with Dane Brugler from CBSSports.com, who’s in Mobile and has some strong comments on Billy.

NFL Network has some great coverage all week on the game, practice airs today from 1-3 on each squad, likely we’ll see the “Big Mountain” featured, he’s wearing number 72.

Also had an interesting question posed in our Sunday Live Chat and I wanted to throw it out here hopefully for a thoughtful discussion; What are Bison fans more interested about right now; football recruiting or the men’s basketball team? Jeff and I discussed on my radio show last night, I tend to think recruiting is the leader right now, football popularity is at an all-time high and there are hundreds of web sites all over the country ranking players with videos accompanying those players and while the basketball team is off to a great start in conference play, that seems to be swallowed up right now. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s the vibe I’m getting now.

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  1. Hate to say it but I’d probably go recruiting. With the new coaching staff, Wyoming recruiting the same kids its added a little drama.

    Still following basketball closely but knowing the season will come down to what happens in the conference tournament diminishes the excitement of these regular season games.

  2. Can I say “both”? NDSU hoops is going very well right now and I’d love to see a ton of fans travel just down the road to the Summit Tournament.

  3. Since ndsu football is trophy chasing and afraid to play with the big boys, ndsu basketball should be the focal point. They beat Notre Dame! Winning the summit tourney is a must else its a complete failure for coach.

    The money the NCAA bb tourney brings in trumps football profits I’m willing to bet.

  4. Really wish basketball team would get more press, but recruiting is important to cover mostly for the more hardcore fans. I don’t think general fans really don’t care about recruiting as much as they care about real games. Personally I can only get moderately fired up about recruits because in large part it really is a wild guess how they will turn out. The basketball team is actually happening right now and we have some amazing games coming up USD, SDSU, Denver. I guess a 50 50 split is alright for now… but come Feb. hope basketball heats up with Sioux Falls around the corner.

  5. Both with the caveat being that Basketball is about the present and recruiting the future. Approach it as such, speculation is all well and good but it isn’t NEWS. NEWS is what is happening or has happened.

    I think this Bison BB team deserves everyone’s attention. The recruits will get enough attention when they sign, practice and play for the Green and Gold.

  6. I think the MBB team deserves all the attention they can get. Saul Phillips is a guy Bison fans should be in love with. They are having a great year. I think when we get closer to the end of February we’ll see the interest ratchet up. That being said, how much attention can you give 12-15 guys playing in a underachieving league this year? How many “Marshall Bjorklund love pigs more than the NBA stories” are there on the team?

    A 7 team league is sad. And who’s going to give NDSU a run? At 8-10 Denver isn’t living up to the hype. SDSU is understandably down. USD has been a surprise in league play, but I think they’ll fall back down to earth. IPFW looks like a legit number 2 in the Summit, but that loss to USD was rough.

    Except on a MBB game-day, FB recruiting is a better story right now. They have 22 slots they want to fill. Bison FB fans want to know if any of them are going to be able to help out next year. You’ve got more opportunities to cover stories about kids most know nothing about, but who they want to know what kind of potential they have.

  7. SDSU in men’s BB
    Incarnate Word in FB
    Really?? The answer is clear to me!
    GO BISON!!!!!!

  8. Not much into BB. Does it really matter? I mean yeah a Summit League title would be nice and it would be fun to see them make the NCAA tourney again but I mean they are not winning the National Championship or anything so really what is the big draw?

      • agreed. The football people need to understand that successful basketball is important both for revenue and branding. A win or two this year would go along way to legitimizing the entire program.

    • If you really think winning an FCS title or, if they went FBS, winning the Pizza Bowl gets more national publicity than the Big Dance heaven help you.

  9. Men’s basketball!

    Wow are they good. I’ve made it to a couple of the home games and I’m really impressed. They are not getting enough love right now, IMHO.

  10. That crazy guy with football recruit info is always yelling at people online and trying to make Jeff and Dom bow down to him that’s what turns me off to football recruiting news at ndsu he basically stalks 17 year olds on twitter from Vegas yet cries when no one gives him credit for regurgitating twitter info it’s very odd unless he has issues or a superiority complex than I apologize Yes football is king but I’m from Indiana via a job in Fargo and basketball will always be king to me until ndsu is in big 12 or something like that

  11. Just think if Bison had a DI lacrosse program, practice would be starting this week with games in about a month.

    • Lacrosse……..really????????? ugh.

      NDSU needs to start an ice hockey program, D3 if need be, and gradually build up.

    • At least they are televised and this might be the best option considering most games are played in prime time. The main thing is getting the interest up.

  12. For me it’s always football. I like basketball but I am not crazy about Summit League basketball. Yes, I think it would be cool if they win and go to the big dance but would only get excited if they actually won a game in the tournament. Also, I personally don’t think this team as good as they are advertised so I’m not as excited as I was with the Woodside era.

  13. Football all day.

    However, Love hearing that the BB team is having success. I dont really like BB….. But I love WINNING so sure, go nuts with the BB coverage, but Football is easily King at NDSU, and will be that way until they start losing consistently and the BB team is tearing it up in the new arena.

    Football Future > BB (at least until we play SDSU or tournament time)

  14. Here’s something to think about when it comes to football recruiting: the University of Minnesota passed on Billy Turner.

    They did so because they decided to select Jimmy Gjere instead of Turner. Gjere was rated higher in high school. Interestingly, they came from the same school district (suburbs of Minneapolis).

    How did that decision end up? Gjere was injury-prone and ended his career before significantly contributing to the Gopher program. Turner started four years at NDSU (including as a true freshman) and earned three rings for his efforts (should’ve been four).

    Now one writer covering the Senior Bowl for CBS Sports mentioned Turner specifically in Monday wrap-up articles for both the North and South squad practices. Even says that he sees Pro Bowls in Turner’s future.

    Just goes to show you that football recruiting is not a science. It’s an art. And apparently an art with a fanatical following.

      • Big Ten football programs do not covet two star high school players.

        In recruiting college programs are going after a specific type player at the age of 18 who appears to have the best future. A lot of things can change from 18 to 23 but the FBS programs are playing the odds and recruiting the highest rated players at that time. For every success story of Turner there are twenty recruits that the FBS program was right on.

        When recruiting a four star player (Jimmy Gjere) and a two star player (Billy Turner) the FBS program is always going to recruit the four star athlete over the two star. No one could have seen ongoing concussion symptoms ending Gjere’s career his sophomore year.

        BIlly Turner is a great player and an NFL team should be lucky to draft him in the 5-6 round this year.

          • Only people in Fargo are projecting a first aor second round selection of Turner…reality people…reality.

        • That’s philosophy is all fine and well, BT, but I think the point we’re making is that not only does NDSU recruit well, but they develop players REALLY well – better than some Big Ten programs (hint). I understand that your pride was hurt and you felt you needed to defend your favorite team, but whatever Minnesota’s recruiting philosophy was the last 4-6 years has been completely outdone by NDSU. If Big Ten programs want to use the philosophy that you described (and I’m not totally convinced they do), that’s just fine. NDSU (with their recruiting philosophy) will keep beating Minnesota (in Minnesota’s house) with NDSU’s two star recruits.

        • I love that you don’t give credit to a Football Program that is Heads n Shoulders above most FBS schools!! Just ask The Mr Kill on who recruits Better Football players right now! Don’t compare NDSU with most FCS Schools!! We are recruiting better athletes / football players than YOU think!!! I told you that the 2013 Bison was special and would make History!! We’ll keep Winning and you kept disrespecting!!!

  15. Don’t know if it’s true, I’m too lazy to look it up, but I heard one time that when Montana won the FCS title, the athletic program received more money from Eastern Washington making a Cinderella run in the big dance and sharing with the conference than what Montana got for winning the FCS championship. Maybe bb deserves more press!!

  16. Who decides who is 4 and who is a 2 when it comes to desire and heart. Who’s a team player or not. If you have all 4 stars but can’t get them to work together as a team won’t be very successful. On the other hand the so called 2stars who work well as a team seem to be more successful which I think we have seen play out over the last 4years.

    • The BR article was written by Dan Hope a sophomore at Ohio State. In 2013, Hope predicted Jesse Williams (Alabama) would be drafted 13th overall.. but instead he went in the 5th round (137th overall) to the Seattle Seahawks. If it’s on the internet it must be true…right? I have also read articles online about big foot, UFO’s and the Loch Ness Monster.

      Turner is a 5-6 round draft selection at best. He is the 12-14th best OT in the draft this year.

      • To be clear I am not against Turner being drafted high, I would like to see it, I am just a realist. He had a good day of pratice at the Senior Bowl on Monday but…”After looking good on Monday, North Dakota State’s Billy Turner struggled, particularly against [Dee] Ford.” (SB Nation) Unless Turner runs a 4.6 at the combine he will be a late round draft selection.

      • Well CBS’s lead draft guy just ranked him in the top 50 today and said he would be 2nd or 3rd round pick. But what does he know, I’m sure you are a bigger expert then him. All he does is work for CBS.

  17. Just pointing out that he wasn’t from Fargo and there seems others that are taking notice. Whether he is a 1 or 6 you don’t and I don’t really know where he will land. Just depends on the what a particular teams needs are. That is the reality.

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