Thursday Updates

Busy weekend for NDSU sports coming, starting today as Amy Anderson plays in her first LPGA Tournament as my colleague Mr. Kolpack noted, it’s not her first pro tournament, since she did play in the 2011 U.S. Women’s Open, TV coverage starts shortly, live leaderboard you can follow here.

UPDATED: Jeff Kolpack’s shooting skills on display up at the BSA; a must see!


The NDSU wrestling team is ranked as high as its ever been in the Division One era, up to 23 after big wins at Boise State and Oregon State, they have a showdown tomorrow night at the BSA with Air Force, already a biggie in the Western Wrestling Conference, Jeff has a  great story on the wild ride for former West Fargo state champion Tyler Lehmann took to get to the mats at NDSU.

I know plenty of NDSU fans have been riveted to different people writing and blogging about the Senior Bowl and Billy Turner’s performance there, we saw yesterday in the televised coverage of the South’s practice that Turner was working at right guard and right tackle, there’s no doubt that he’s grabbed the attention of the scouts this week and to be honest we’ll probably have no idea what they really think of him until the draft and a team selects him. His performance seems to be getting some good grades and obviously can help himself even more with a solid performance at the combine next month. The game is almost an afterthought in the eyes of the scouts, but still will be fun to watch Saturday at 3 on NFL Network, more here from on Billy’s day yesterday.Jeff and I will have a new video blog tomorrow on the Bison men’s basketball team as they prep for its matchup with South Dakota State, an early showdown in the Summit, till then!

9 thoughts on “Thursday Updates

  1. Any thoughts on how far the Bison wrestlers could go this year? What does the schedule look like?

  2. Some day, John Crockett will be playing city league basketball, think back to after his junior season of football and thank me for the expert lesson on shooting the ball.

  3. I know one thing that many offensive linemen at the Senior Bowl would love to have is all the write-ups, stories that have been written about Billy Turner. I think Billy Turner has been mentioned in the blog stories about the Senior Bowl every single day. He has also been mentioned in the Kansas City Star and a bunch of other newspapers around the nation. Billy Turner will be drafted and I’m beginning to believe it will be in the first 2 rounds where he is selected.

  4. Big week ahead for NDSU with the SDSU/USD road swing and Denver game. It’s the trip that goes a long way to determining, IMO, whether we win the regular season title. 3-0 and the title is all but locked up. 2-1 and they’re in good shape. 1-2 it gets dicey. 0-3 and it’s a crisis.

    More important than the regular season, though, is seeing a senior laden team perform in rivalry/hostile conference environments. Frost will be sold out. The Coyotes stink on the road but are great at home and I think they’re expecting big crowds there too. Nobody in Denver cares about the Pioneers unless its hockey so, unless there’s some crazy promotion, that will be the smallest and least hostile environment they play in. Spare me the Notre Dame game. Great win but conference foes and especially rivals treat North Dakota State differently than ND did (or every will) treat any visiting team from a small conference. The way they melted down at a hostile environment (North Dakota) and lacked emotion against a smallish crowd in conference (Fort Wayne) still bugs me. These next three games are the closest they’ll get to previewing what it could potentially be like in Sioux Falls. It’s time to see if this team has grown into what everyone expected in preseason, or see just how much farther is left to go.

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