Bison Video Blog: Basketball, Billy Turner and more

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack for an extra-special Friday edition of the Bison Video Blog.

21 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Basketball, Billy Turner and more

  1. Big game on Saturday. Two mighty Dakota Land Grants in a home town classic. Its Dakota Big 3. The Big 3 stayed with tradition. they know where home is. Its not out west someplace its hear in the heartland. Its the NCC all grown up.

    • Yes, I agree it is here in the homeland. Too bad UND didn’t make that choice. I think that they are paying the price with mucho travel costs for the Big Sky choice.

    • Short term memory loss running rampant here. Funny you fail to mention NSDU helped block UND out while letting mighty USD into the conference. Don’t you need an asterisk behind “Dakota Big 3″, to explain getting creamed by big brother UND doesn’t enter into the “Big 3″ equation?

      • How about a rematch in the NCAA tournament? Oh, wait…..I doubt they will take more than the Big Sky champ (11 out of 13 in that conf. are under .500.
        GO BISON!!!!

        • You are delusional at best to think the Summit will get more than one team in, as well. So you’re saying…. When the bison win, they’re better. But when they lose, scratch that- get dominated- it calls for a “rematch.” gotta love it! LOL

          • LOL????
            let’s check back in later in the BB season on comparing the Bison and the Fighting Sioux, OK?
            GO BISON!!!!!!!!

      • Or we could just compare using the results of the actual game played. That would make a little more sense. But I forgot, you lost handily, so it doesn’t count. lol. It will be interesting to see if the Bison of the “Dakota Small Three” can beat UND in any sport this year. So far, it’s 4 -0, advantage UND.

        • only a fool would use your logic. so belmont and uab are better than North Carolina? That game happened back in November. NDSU is the better team

  2. Dom, I think the perfect situation for you and your man Garappalo would be for the JETS to spend another 1st round pick on a QB and select him. That way you could watch him and follow him with your team’s future tied to those padded stats.

    • Disclaimer: I’m not saying that Brock Jensen = Joe Montana, but I believe that they had similar college careers. Not eye-popping stats, but all they did was win, win, win. Hopefully Brock gets a good shot based on that.

  3. Remember when Williams was a first round lock in the draft? Jensen will never suit up in an NFL uniform. Turner may get drafted in the 5-7th round.
    It’s a much bigger jump from DIAA than DI to the NFL.

    • Yup, just ask Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, T.O., Romo, McNair, Westbrook, Matt Birk, Marcus Colston, Jared Allen, Victor Cruz, Vincent Jackson, Miles Austin, Joe Mays, Ramon Humber, Craig Dahl…….if they can make the jump. Mr. Negative go back to your little Undies board, don’t need you here

    • Have you lost your mind? All three will be in NFL camps this spring. Billy Turner will be drafted in the 2-4 round. There will be other Bison signing free agent contracts. This is big-time, the NFL, and numerous Bison will be given opportunities. Bison football and players are on the national radar!!

    • nobody ever said williams was a 1st round lock. many the last few years did say about 3rd round though

  4. Let’s be honest about 1 thing, both the Summit & Big Sky are sisters of the poor conferences. Bison FB plays in a GREAT conference, & look how that conference is in B-Ball. Both NDSU & UND would struggle to be above .500 Wich St would wipe the floor with both of them, as well as other teams in the Missouri Valley

    • cool thanks for comparing us to Wichita State. The 4th ranked team in the country. If you look at the realm of things in all of College Football MVFC is a sister of the poor conference too

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