IPFW game big in more ways than Summit standings

It’s been three straight games now where the NDSU men have not been at their best men’s basketball flow. The 66-60 win over an under-talented IUPUI team was disturbing in that the Bison had them down and ready for the 10 count in the second half, yet the Jaguars got back in the game. NDSU was up by 14 points with 13 minutes left, yet couldn’t finish the deal. Good teams don’t do that.

First place teams don’t go 8 of 15 from the free throw line or shoot 0 of 10 from 3-point range anywhere, much less at home. The Bison were outrebounded 32-28 against a team that wasn’t real athletic inside. Yet, NDSU prevailed when it wasn’t at its best.

Good teams do that.

The Bison shot 52 percent and committed only five turnovers — they found a way to win. They outscored IUPUI 52-12 in the paint. I would, for now, file this three-game stretch into one of those weeks that every team goes through. They won two of those three and are tied for first in the Summit. NDSU’s best player, Taylor Braun, battled an infection and looks noticeably slimmer. He’s got the rest of February to get that strength back.

Things brings us to Saturday against IPFW. I think this is a swing game in terms of how NDSU is playing. Three average games can be a hiccup. Four, including two straight at home, can be a trend. The Mastodon game is for first place in the Summit standings, but in the bigger picture for NDSU, it’s bigger than that.

19 thoughts on “IPFW game big in more ways than Summit standings

  1. We score 90+ on Saturday with everyone contributing. The only question will be can FW keep up? This is the season and good teams find another gear in the big games.

  2. The boys better get it together. Not sure what’s happened to some of them but they are really in a funk. Borjkland’s not playing well, Wright is inconsistent and Felt is non-existent!

  3. The Bison had about a dozen dunks. Makes the game exciting. Inconsistency seem to be a hallmark of Philips’s teams.

  4. I really thought this tram would take off after the SDSU win. Instead they’ve probably regressed a bit and its been covered by the fact USD and IUPUI aren’t that good. This team is tough to figure and they just seem to tune out of certain games which I don’t get for a senior laden team on its last shot. I certainly don’t remember this many lapses on the 2009 team.

    I expect we will see a much better Fort Wayne team than the one that got blown out of Frost last night. I honestly think that was more SDSU starting to finally play the way they are capable. That’s the other part that kinda stings….we had Denver and SDSU down and almost out. Now we lose to the Pioneers and SDSU seems to figure its stuff out and they’re both only a game back now. NDSU should’ve have kept pedal to the medal and put them away. I know all 3 have to come here bit still, we’ve left the door open for one of those 3 to steal the league title.

  5. Bison fan is dead on. Sdsu is team to beat right now. Quit buying into the preseason favorite tag and get some killer instinct. They let too many teams back into games.

  6. Everyone was mad at me and saying I was a jacks fan for picking the jacks to go back to the dance before the season started. But here we go this Bison team always has those 6 to 8 minute stretches when they don’t score. I don’t get it. The jacks are getting better every game and that is a trait of Nagy coached teams. They lost Wolters but have three starters and some bench kids who have been to 2 straight NCAA tourneys. What do we always say about Bison football teams? Kids with lots of talent and big game experience. Well that also describes the Jacks basketball team, talent big game experience and a great coach. Bohl won three state titles and Nagy is going for three straight NCAA tourneys. Bison can turn this around but it starts tomorrow . . . Put up or shut up! Go Bison,

    • It’s still important to remember that NDSU really dominated SDSU on the glass in that game and I don’t know that the Jacks can turn that around either in a few weeks or in the Summit Tourney. Thing with these Rabbits is they can go cold from the field shooting which makes no sense. Several of the guys you mentioned are their all time three point leaders yet, as happened in the 2nd half when they went 7-8 minutes without a hoop, they can’t throw it in the ocean. Much the way you wouldn’t expect our senior guys to have lapses, it doesn’t make sense that the Jacks seniors who’ve shot well their whole career have struggled so bad at times. Maybe it’s just that kinda year.

      And as Kolpack I believe said last year and to run along with your point about the football-basketball similarity, when the Jacks play in the Sioux Falls Arena it’s basically the basketball version of the Fargodome in a playoff game. The good news is NDSU proved they can go into Frost and win. But as you said, SDSU’s seniors have won 2 Summit Titles. Our seniors have won 2 Summit TOURNAMENT GAMES. It makes a difference.

  7. Settle down there, Bison Jeff. Yes, we haven’t looked great these past 3 games, but still have a share of first place in the conference. And don’t forget we beat SDSU on their home floor less than 2 weeks ago. I don’t know how anyone can say we’re still not the team to beat because of a 3 game stretch, 2 of which we still won. We weren’t the most talented team last year and came up a bit short. We definitely have the most talent in the conference this year and not winning the conference tournament would be a bit of a let down.

    Getting the #1 seed in the tournament should be the only focus right now. We know this team can play and are still the best team when they do. We still have Denver, IPFW, and SDSU at home. Take care of business in those 3 games and they should be right where they want to be going into the conference tournament.

  8. I don’t understand what is taking the Big10 so long to invite us? Look at the Capitol One cup standing right now, we are better athletic program than any team in the Big10.

  9. I wise college basketball coach once said that you play 5 really good games, 5 really bad games, and 20 games with mixed stretches of good and bad play over the course of the season. Good team find ways to win a couple of those games they play really bad in. Hopefully the Bison have gotten their 5 bad games out of them.

  10. Agree this team needs to play more consistently. Let’s stop comparing them to the ’09 team because they haven’t proven it yet. The ’09 team may have gone several games into the tournament had they not had the first dance with Kansas. The time is now.

    Go Bison!

  11. We can be critical what happens during stretches of the season but it still comes down to what happens in Soiux Falls. The Jacks had a great game last night have they peaked? No one knows wasn’t just 3 games ago the Bison had a pretty decent game against them. Let’s not get so hung up what happened last night and look forward to upcoming games after all with a win Sat we are in first and I don’t think we have peaked yet.

  12. Silent Bob I’m with you. Let’s hope tomorrow the Bison turn it around like we all know they can. Go Bison!

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