A New Leader

NDSU took over sole possession of first place in the Summit League Saturday after a 69-58 win over Fort Wayne in front of 4,557 fans at the BSA in what was a loud and raucous environment. It was a dunk show in the second half for the Bison, TrayVonn Wright

TrayVonn Wright had a couple of monster throwdowns vs IPFW Saturday.

(pictured here) had a thunderous one-hander near the end of the game that sealed it and reminded me of George Hill’s infamous one-hander in 2008 when he was here, which seems fitting since that may be the best dunk in the BSA’s history, this one will rank right up there, for the record Saul Phillips said Wright’s dunk is in the top five of TrayVonn’s dunks.On the flip side, free throws and three-point shooting continue to be an issue for NDSU; the Bison after not making a three Thursday against IUPUI, went 5 of 19 on Saturday, which isn’t great, but it’s a step in the right direction. Free throw shooting though was again not good just 12 of 20 and eventually that’s going to catch up to the Bison in a game and won’t be able to overcome. Wright said postgame it’s a mental deal and “just can’t let it become more of an issue than what it is.”

What is an issue for Bison opponents is Kory Brown. The sophomore is starting to blossom, he had a terrific two games at home, Thursday he goes for 10 points and five rebounds against IUPUI, he was even better Saturday against IPFW, a true stat-stuffer, 13 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists and 4 steals, he was terrific in all facets of the game and has become another threat to score, not just a defensive stopper. The Bison have five games remaining in the regular season, three at home, two on the road, NDSU plays at Western Illinois and Omaha next weekend, a tough road trip, NDSU hasn’t won in Macomb since December of 2009, and Omaha is a totally different team at home than they are on the road. The Bison have first for now, we’ll see how long they hang on to it.

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  1. What a game. How many dunks did the Bison have? Basketball is a great game, and today at the BSA was a blast!! Go Bison!!

  2. The game was fun to watch. This team has really blossomed. One thing I have noticed is LA likes to drive the lane when nothing is there and throws up an out of control slop shot. Almost never works and it happened twice in a row yesterday when NDSU was needing some points. He really needs to pass it when nothing is there.

    I really like the way Brown and Dupree look at this point. Can’t wait to watch them in the coming years. Who will replace Bjorkland though? Nobody on this team currently able to fill his shoes next year. The other bigs just aren’t that big. Without Bjorkland yesterday Forbes would’ve stole the show and a W for IPFW.

    • I don’t think size will be too much of a factor. Bjorkland is 6’8″ 250. Kading is 6’8″ 230, so by next year Kading will almost have the exact same dimensions as Bjorkland. I think the real question will be if Kading can improve his footwork and stack his arsenal of low-post moves the way that Bjorkland did.

  3. The Bison stepped up in a big game and that is all you can ask. Brown playing so well makes the Bison tough to prepare for. Keep it up and finish strong! Go Bison!

  4. Hey Jeff : Scott Miller said that this years final game in the BSA would be the last game in the BSA. Isn’t that a little to position. The new arena is a big building to build and the 2014-15 season is only 9 months away. Could you clarify ? GO BISON ! ! ! Very proud to be a former student athlete from N.D.S.U.

    • You’re correct. The new arena won’t be ready for next season. NDSU is looking at Scheels Arena for the 2014-2015 basketball season.

  5. Impressive two game weekend for the Bison. They didn’t shoot very well in either game but the dunks in both games were incredible. This is by far the most athletic team that I can remember at NDSU. The Fab 4 (Woodside’s group) were a great team but they were no where near as athletic as these guys are.

    Taylor Braun and TrayVonn Wright have some spectacular dunks.

    Kory Brown is playing some great basketball. I hope he arc continues to trend upward. They way he is playing will be a huge asset to getting to the dance this season. If he continues to get better it bodes well for the next few seasons as well.

    Go Bison!

  6. The new arena will be ready by 15-16. The Bison will play in Scheels arena next season.

    • New arena will be ready for 2016-17 is what we’ve been told, looks like Scheels Arena for the men and the BBF for the women, waiting on confirmation on that.

      • I don’t understand that, is that NDSU’s preference? You would think they would prefer to have the BB games on campus in the FD. I thought one of the stipulations for the FD being built on land donated by NDSU was they get first preference for use. Having to shuttle across town for a BB game is stupid.

  7. Dunks are nice but its the fundementals that you have to do as well, free throws, jump shot, 3 point shooting, taking care of the ball. We fall in love with the glitz and glamor but thats what starts the inconsistancies that we see in this team. Dont get me wrong its fun watching but I think I prefer dominating play, where we don’t go into the scoring droughts because we get away from doing the basics.

    • Someone should correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the Civic floor is too small for NCAA regulations.

  8. A few years ago the MN high school BB tournament was in Mariuci arena because of conflict at Williams and actually it was a good venue for BB. I haven’t been in Scheels arena but I’m sure it will work just fine as would the Fargo Dome.

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