Bison Video Blog: Summit League action heats up

Join WDAY sports director Dom Izzo and The Forum’s Jeff Kolpack for the latest ‘Bison Video Blog.’

26 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Summit League action heats up

  1. Great job as always, keep them coming. These last few home hoops game should be magic. Also, hopefully a ton of NDSU fans get down and support the Bison hoops team in Sioux Falls!

    Lastly, any idea when the next roster update will be on

  2. If they are saving a couple of scholarships, I would sure bet that Coach K has his eye on some junior college transfers to fill the gap on the interior defensive line.

    • Yes it wuold be nice to get 2 JC guys for the interior line spots. I really believe it they don’t get filled the Bison defense will struggle next year.

  3. When is the blog about the wrestling team coming? They’re having a great year, being ranked higher nationally than any bison team from any sport has ever been….. They deserve some blog time.

  4. Does anyone Know if Jacobsen left the school also or if he transferred to another school to play football? It wouldn’t shock me to see him show up in Wyoming.

  5. The men need a sweep this weekend and then a dominant performance against SDSU. A sweep the following weekend would be great as well.

    If Jacobsen transfers out to another FCS or up to a FBS school he loses a year of eligibility and has to sit out doesn’t he?

  6. The sky must be falling. I know we are thin at this position just like we were at linebacker but we found a way. Klieman has 6 months to figure it out, my money on him, that he will.

  7. An absolute certainty: NDSU football can’t go 11-0 every season from now until forever.

    The world doesn’t work in such ways.

    It’s going to happen….NDSU is going to have an 8 win season one of these years…

    Just going to be sad to see Bison fans blame Klieman, Taylor and who knows which other people. Perhaps Kolpack!

      • Jeff, I thought you just report the news and voice your opinions. I didn’t know that you can decide what the football team does. :)

    • Of course they are not going undefeated every year. Good grief.

      I’d be shocked if they lost more then 2-3 games for a few years though with the talent on the team.

    • And an 8 win season should be good enough for the selection committee to put the Bison in the playoffs…… after all, we are the Bison and not some 8 win team from the Big Sky.

  8. With what seems like all the Missouri Valley teams playing seven home games next year, is it possible NDSU could schedule a 7th home game? I know they prefer a home and home with next year being away but could it be an option if they can’t agree with anybody?

  9. What? Of course the bison will go undefeated every year until forever. You have to believe that or you get complacent. Go bison.

  10. The Summit is the easiest league to be a member of and get an automatic bid to the bid dance. I don’t say that because of the lack of talent or competition, I say it because… what other auto-bid conference has 8 teams besides the Summit and the Ivy League?

    Saturday is a big game between IPFW and Denver. If Denver pulls the upset, a number one seed is looking pretty good for the Bison in Sioux Falls.

    • America East, Horizon and Colonial all have 9 teams; those last 2 leagues (Horizon and Colonial) are right about the Summit in terms of RPI; and let’s not forget the mighty WAC at 9 teams, Summit goes back to 9 and gets instantly better with addition of Oral Roberts.

  11. Our first 3 star recruit is leaving the team.

    Its amazing how NDSU builds so much of its success with players that are under the radar type of recruits.

  12. All of sudden ‘Bison Pride’ is turning me into a fan of all sorts of lower tier sports, like wrestling and etc.. I am actually following that wrestler at West Fargo and hoping he wins 6 titles. Does anyone know if each title is at a different weight class? Also, I find myself cheering for a crushing of Wyo wrestling when they come to town. I can’t imagine why. Can anyone tell me what a fall is in wrestling? I don’t suppose the WF wrestler will go to NDSU when he has that kind of talent. I sure hope he does. I believe Dom stated that Mike Felt will reach the 1000 point plateau. He better pick it up, he hasn’t scored in four games in a row now. Still needs 48 and that is looking tough at this point. I am cheering for him but he may need a really big game to help him out if he is going to achieve the feat for NDSU.

  13. Sorry, I misspoke. It was Big E that asserted Felt would reach 1000 pts. I should have known Dom wouldn’t make a mistake like that. Odds are very slim at this point.

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