Closing In

NDSU picked up a valuable road win yesterday in Omaha, 75-59 and in the process put themselves in a good spot to clinch either the one or two seed for the upcoming Summit League Tournament. Taylor Braun may have played his best game of the season yesterday; 31 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists as the Bison pulled away early in the 2nd half and secured their first road sweep of the season; it was Braun’s 4th 30 point game of the season.

Taylor Braun scored 31 points and picked up 15 rebounds as NDSU registered its 20th win of the season yesterday.

There were some interested spectators in the crowd yesterday in Omaha; Summit League commissioner Tom Douple; Creighton athletic director Bruce Rasmussen and Ken Pomeroy took in the game. Rasmussen is a key guy on the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee; obviously wanting to get a closer look at the Bison if they happen to win the Summit League Tournament. Pomeroy is well known to all college hoops junkies for his statistical data site that perhaps is the most accurate in the country; his website is here. Pomeroy tweeted this about NDSU yesterday:


The conference race opened up yesterday and again because of Denver, the Pioneers fell to winless IUPUI Thursday; then they come back and beat Fort Wayne on the road on Saturday. That leaves NDSU at 9-2; SDSU at 8-3 and Fort Wayne at 7-4 and to me it looks like a two horse race for the conference title between the Bison and Jacks and as luck would have it the two play on Saturday night at the BSA. But I think it also speaks to how wild the tournament is going to be, that Denver and Fort Wayne could find themselves in Tuesday’s final just as easy as NDSU and SDSU could be. The Jacks though have to be considered the favorite with that home crowd advantage they have proven tough to beat the last two years in Sioux Falls.

Potential big day for the Bison wrestling team, they open with Chattanooga in the D1 National Duals in Columbus, Ohio this afternoon and if they win that match, they’ll go up against Minnesota in the next round. Obvious a big challenge there for NDSU, who returns to conference play this weekend with two huge matches against Wyoming and SDSU; but I’m curious to see how they fare against some of the best team in the country.

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6 thoughts on “Closing In

  1. What exactly is the tiebreaker for getting the top seed should SDSU and NDSU finished tied? I thought, after head to head record, it was RPI. Now someone told me that RPI is only the third tiebreaker? The 2nd has to do with record against other conference opponents. If that second tiebreaker is RPI NDSU is in really good shape regardless of next weeks result.

    Either way, should be a helluva game next week. To bad it’s not the final game in the BSA because it’s certainly going to be a classic the way the two teams have played since the last meeting.

    • 1st tiebreaker is head to head
      2nd tiebreaker is comparing teams record against next highest team in standings
      3rd tiebreaker:When arriving at another group of tied teams while comparing records, use each team’s record against the collective tied teams as a group (prior to that group’s own tie-breaking procedure) rather than the performance against individual tied teams.
      4th tiebreaker is RPI

      • In that case SDSU really IS a must win since the Jacks could sweep Denver while the best the Bison can do is split. Wow. And weird.

  2. What’s Saul doing with trayvonn and felt???

    Tray is 0-15 from 3 point line and Saul refuses to play felt.

    Tray needs to stop & felt needs more plays run for him.

    • Felt hasn’t hit a three since dinosaurs roamed. What good does a cold three point shooter do on the court?

      • Trayvonn is 0-15 from 3point land and you are calling out Felt? Saul doesnt even give Felt a chance anymore, maybe 2 minutes here or there. He’s getting the “eric carlson” treatment from saul im afraid. Reggie Miller raved about Felt’s 3 point shooting, but apparently Reggie Miller isnt good enough for bo ryan jr. Perhaps run a set play for felt, get imaginitive just one time to assist your senior player. trayvonn should stop with the 3’s and spend more time in the paint, just a thought.

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