Who’s next?

Now that the direction of the Bison women’s program has been established, there’s no reason to wait until the end of the season to speculate on the next coach. To me, it’s an easy philosophical question: who out there would best fit to match up to South Dakota State?

The Jacks are the benchmark and NDSU is so far behind them that’s it’s almost frightening. SDSU has won 18 of the last 19 meetings between the teams; 18 of 19 — that’s like NDSU over Morningside back in the NCC football days. So, if you can’t beat them, then take from them. Look at the SDSU assistant coaches, such as Mike Jewett. He’s been a head coach at two other schools for a total of seven years, including four at Southwest Minnesota State. He has a career winning record of 110-85 as the head coach. He was an assistant at St. Cloud State when the Huskies reached the Elite two straight years in 2005 and 2006. I would guess he knows the Upper Midwest recruiting footprint, an area the Bison have not done well in recent years.

I’ve heard Kelly Roysland’s name, although I don’t think she has enough experience. She’s an assistant with Minnesota, a program that is also currently struggling. There are folks who want to bring Amy Ruley back. I don’t think that’s the way to go. Her legacy is assured in NDSU history and not sure why she would want to risk that — or go through what could be a tough couple of years unless the program hits on some instant-success recruits, which at this point considering schools are now mostly recruiting high school juniors is doubtful. NDSU it would appear is way behind there.

This is a good job. It’s well funded, a new arena is coming and, although getting to be a long time time ago, there still is history of success. It’s going to take somebody who is willing to take the patience route and get back to what once made this program great: recruit well in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota for the core of your team and find athletes who don’t take no for an answer and play a team game that is fun to watch. In other words, find the kids that South Dakota State is recruiting.

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  1. Hopefully the new coach can handle Social Media criticism without claiming it’s directed at his/her team instead of him/her.

  2. Roysland would be good, even though young, but Curtis Lloyd (Univ. of Minnesota assistant) would be the best candidate in the upper midwest. He has recruiting connections around the country.

    • Lloyd would be a very good hire.

      Forgot the SDSU assistants. Find the best coach available.

  3. So Jeff, what’s important to you is to recruit locally? With the rep this school has in the area, that’s a tall order.. Or are you saying Marena, Whatman and Lemar should pack their bags? What difference does it make… I’d rather recruit the best possible then recruit with blinders on.lemar and whittle are our best players to work with for next year… I’d go after best available, look at some high profile AAU tournaments and sell it, spin it or whatever to get the best players. Hiring a coach from a major conference with a national footprint would do wonders for the school not to mention restore some credibility to the program

    • I’m saying the critical mass of your team in terms of recruiting should be Upper Midwest, doesn’t mean you can’t go get a few players elsewhere. Over time, recruiting regionally makes for better evaluations and better contacts with high school and summer coaches.

    • For all the “Copy The Jacks!” talk, look at their roster. It’s all South Dakota/Minnesota kids. You don’t have to get big time blue chippers or expand your reach to be competitive, on a national level no less, in the Summit League. All you need is a good coach who knows how to build and mold kids. Every now and then SDSU gets a blue chipper, but most of the time Johnston just takes local kids who are good and coaches em up.

  4. Go get the SDSU assistant Mike Jewett. The Jacks have an awesome program and you know the old line “If you can’t beat’em, take one of their assistants”! Go Bison!

    • You can’t be serious. The head coach at VCSU to NDSU. she’s had 1 year of winning in like 20.

      • Agree, not the best choice, but your name is offensive and degrading. You should go elsewhere to post comments.

  5. The program could be great again. Look at football. When Bohl came in, NDSU football hadn’t won a title since 1990, 13 years. NDSU basketball was in the DII title game in 2000, 14 years ago. The tradition is still there. Look at the banners in the rafters to see it. The next coach needs to do similar to what Bohl did. Get in state talent, recruit well in the region, instill Bison pride and get the program back to where it once was and can be again.

  6. Hire someone who can coach recruit and can handle criticism. What is annoying about the alleged social media being blamed, what does she use as the excuse for the 2 years prior to these alleged social media attacks when the team was equally as bad?

    • Somewhere , somehow , sometime this ‘blame social media’ topic has to be dealt with. I find it a growing problematic phenomemon.
      Far too much of the ‘social media’ is just a conglomeration of beer belly , self appointed , barstool coaches , who are not more ‘qualified to judge sports than the subject of their ire.
      The first amendent does indeed enable them the right to do just that, just as MY 1st A. right give me the right to say this.
      I saw this again in the concluding Olympics as the ‘social media ‘ snark bunch got all mob- like crazy over a few of the ATHLETES who did not excell and in fact fell flat on their faces. The athletes fought back which pleased me. “how dare the critics who have NEVER hung it all out there , never put their ass on the line , who have no idea what years and years and blood seat and tears can be put into one moment of extreme pressure ,can be so @%&$#! judgemental’ etc etc. Don’t tell me this arrogance does not exist.
      Yes there are ‘worthy ‘ critics in the ‘social media ‘! Former athletes , reasonable thinkers , but when it all gets jumbled up in a loud NOISE! , how much should it have on decisions in sports offices!
      a good example is the ‘ social media ‘outcry of last fall with the Viking qb controversy . Dump the bum (Ponder) was the gathering mad mob’s cry, never mind the mob was ignoring the glaring flaws in the team ( aging thin defense) the team’s Front office went all gooey in face of the social media to ‘do something’ and signed Josh Freeman . Yeah the barstool engineers said ! And how did THAT turn out?
      I see it all the time too in baseball,’fan’ pressure to do something with consequences seldom positive.
      My rant probably does not apply to this NDSU issue very much. It is not meant too. She probably needed replacing , for the good of the program.
      But what does it say about sports in 2014 when one of the major qualifications for a coach is ‘ how they handle the jerks in social media?”
      I think the jerks in sociall media will be pretty pissed at me for the audacity to say that.

      • now don’t reply to me with snark saying . win baby win ! that will satisfy the jerks!

        If life was just that easy.
        the jerks have seldom felt the thrill of victory on their own , let alone known the path of perseverance it took to get them there. That is why they are so free with their ‘barstool wisdom’!

  7. Absolutely correct. NDSU has more money than most schools at our level. If one of those peer schools is consistently beating NDSU, then the answer is clear: buy one of their coaches and tell him to do exactly what was being done there here.

    Very simple and it works.

    It worked with football. NDSU bought UNI’s coach and that next season was the turning point.

  8. The next WBB needs to have strong connections to the upper midwest. Could come from a Big Ten staff or even in the MAC. Look at the staff of Iowa, Purdue, or school like Toledo, Bowling Green, or Dayton for strong candidates. A bonus would be a staff that also has connections in areas with direct flights into Fargo. Don’t overlook being able to get home easily or having friends and family come watch games in an athletes decision making process. Male or female makes no difference, since both have there pros and cons. This a premium job with new facilities coming online in the next few years.

  9. Jeff, I agree with you that one of the Jacks assistants would be a good hire. If Jewitt isn’t the one what about Katie Falco? I know she is instrumental with their defense and they have led the Summit in defensive stats. I think she is also one of their better recruiters too. Does she have any head coaching experience?

  10. They need to hire the most qualified coach regardless of gender, color or age. I do agree that the coach needs to be able to recruit the Midwest. West coast coaches have failed at NDSU before (Giacolleti).

    • I believe Giacolleti went to Eastern Washington which was a step up and then moved on to Utah. I would say he was a good coach and NDSU was lucky to have him.

  11. Hire Kelly tomorrow , let her get out and recruit now during state tourney time. This new london spicer recruit is a must keep she had 42 & 18asst last week. Minnesota girls bob is a national hotbed, you must capitalize on it and Kelly would.

    Ps. Lynn dorm needs to retire like now please.

  12. I know Kolpack hates to say the words UND. But NDSU should probably very much be concerned with the school 70 miles away too. UND is probably going dancing this year too. UND recruiting is affecting the recruiting of NDSU to a large degree too. Kolpack is way to funny. His hatred so very evident.

    • UND does not matter, don’t you know that they are in a different conference. SDSU is in the Summit. NDSU is in the Summit. NDSU must get past SDSU to get to the NCAA tourney, UND is not in their way.

      • Yes but if UND is taking the best local talent away from us in North Dakota you’d be foolish to believe that won’t effect NDSU if they have to settle for 2nd, 3rd or 4th best. The next coach absolutely MUST get the most talent players in North Dakota to play at NDSU. That’s a part of the equation to winning. We can’t be losing them to the school up north even though they’re in a different league (and lets be honest, sooner or later UND probably will be in the Summit too).

      • UND does matter. They recruit the same kids NDSU does. They are on the verge of winning a regular season title before the Bison. That’s sad.

  13. You don’t get it. If you not able to get the area recruits away from UND you will never have a chance to beat SDSU. It doesn’t matter what conference you are losing the recruiting wars to. Does that simplify it for you. UND is very much in their way.

  14. Actually, it probably would be smart for NDSU to look at other parts of the country for recruiting since SDSU and UND kind of have command of this area. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

    • Nope. Perhaps you can get a transfer or something (LeMarr for example has been great). But you don’t win by leaving your footprint or trying to run a system contrary to the rest of the league (See “Football At UND” for a prime example).

      Recruiting really is not the end all, be all of this. It’s about finding the right coach. SDSU’s lucky that they’ve held on to Johnston (who nearly left for Green BAy not that long ago). He’s a next level coach. USD had a great young coach in Ryun Williams who perfectly built them up for the transition and IS succeeding at a higher level once he left. And his successor isn’t bad either. And UND really struck gold with a good Roebuck assistant in Brewster. Whether it’s someone with ties to the program from the Ruley days or someone from the NSIC, etc, it’s all about finding a good coach. You get a good coach, they can turn average players and take them to the next level. Once that person gets the program competitive, then he can start having more success with the top talents in the region, and get in early on the best sophomores and juniors throughout the upper midwest

  15. Tom command? Haha the new London Spicer recruit would dribble circles around the fergus falls recruit the Indians got.

  16. By the way, how has that recruiting been working for you lately. Probably need to see some results on the floor before you brag about NDSU recruiting.

  17. Remember Reality is a und fan. There is like 1 nd basketball girl a year, NDSU should get Sarah jacobsen of shanley and Mckenzie korf of pelican rapids, BUT they need a coach that values this area to slam dunk deliver them.

  18. Minnesota is actually the key recruiting area. What year is the Pelican girl. How good is she? Does she have a tie to NDSU?

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