Bison Video Blog: Summit League basketball, wrestling and more

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16 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog: Summit League basketball, wrestling and more

  1. Not much to blog in the summer about I’m guessing.

    Cmon ndsu basketball. Don’t let BisoNation down!! 4 more wins

  2. I’m pretty sure the BSA is done even if this team is forced to settle for the NIT. I believe it goes by bids and, unless NDSU got paired up with some smaller school, we’re not winning a bidding battle with a major conference team, even though I think there would be a bigger crowd/more interest in Fargo than, say, if an LSU or somebody like that hosted the NIT. Besides, how’d we never get a home game in the CBI? Two years ago against Wyoming I get, we were a surprise entrant that year, but last year we certainly had the record to host. Who knows if they’d want to risk delaying the building process. All of this is secondary to the fact that if they had to settle for the NIT I think the collective attitude would be pretty low considering their regular season performance and goals coming into the season.

    As for the women’s program, when you say “do what SDSU does”, one look at their roster tells the story:

    EVERYONE on their team is from South Dakota and Minnesota. They’re really not that much different, in terms of recruiting locations, to NDSU with a few exceptions (obviously we have more North Dakota kids). It’s quite obvious that: 1. They get the best talent in the region and 2. They coach it up better than anyone else. If you tell anyone outside of these parts that a team made up of South Dakotans and Minnesotans would beat major college programs, people would think you’re insane. I know we get hung up on recruiting a lot around here (more in football), but it’s STILL all about coaching. Sometimes SDSU gets a genuine blue chipper as they apparently (and this makes me scared to face them in years to come) did this season by signing a guard named Macy Miller (related to Mike Miller) out of who is apparently re-writing state scoring record books and would have been more heavily recruited by major programs had she not signed early with SDSU. But most of the time it’s local kids with talent that Johnston molds and builds up.

    That’s why I’m not sure you can just “copy” what SDSU does. Do you spend more time recruiting in South Dakota? I’m not really sure that works, and we’d be probably a distant fourth for many years if we tried (SDSU, USD and yes….even UND would look more appealing). It’s all about finding the right coach and that’s never an easy process. Just taking someone off SDSU’s staff will only take us so far.

    But it can be done. Look at the former USD coach Ryun Williams for example. He guided them through the transition and, in their first year in the Summit (when they weren’t eligible for the league tourney) they won something like 20 games and actually beat SDSU. And I think he went out to a Missouri Valley or Mountain West school after that (can’t remember where) and has his new program contending for a league titles now too. He’s laid the foundation for USD to compete with SDSU, and the woman they hired to take over seems pretty good too. And he had ZERO ties to the Jacks. That is what you all a GOOD COACH. They are out there. NDSU can find one too and get competitive in a short amount of time.

    • Last add…..I REALLY hope NDSU considers nabbing someone out of the NSIC. I know some will poo poo it….but lets be honest, that’s a good Division 2 league, we’ve gotten good coaches from there before (Tim Miles!), and we all forget that DeHoff was a big time assistant at major programs like Utah and Wyoming who was supposedly going to elevate our recruiting. Now NDSU probably would be 5th or 6th place (at best?) in the NSIC.

      Googling a couple of NSIC’s better teams, consider Chris Kielsmeier out of Wayne State and Paul Fessler out of Concordia-St. Paul. They’re both very successful and fairly young. They’ve been in their situations long enough to where they’re probably at the point where they are ready to try and move up. I would hope, with the NSIC Tournament in Sioux Falls this week and our women’s program in Vermillion, Lynn or somebody from the athletic department spends some time in Sioux Falls scouting (interviewing?) potential candidates.

      • Pretty sure they do put in financial bids for “consideration”. It’s rigged to basically major conference teams another home game. I remember recently seeing Dayton, the higher seed, play a game at Iowa. The Robert Morris thing a year ago is rare and only happens when a home team (Kentucky who was then hosting the NCAAs) cant host.

        • they dont bid for home games. usually the higher seed gets the home game. unless, like you said said, the higher seed is already hosting in the NCAA Tournament. there are special financial offers to consider teams to be placed in the tournament though

  3. Way to go, Dom & Jeff, giving the very solid (always capable?) Bison wrestling team some props.

  4. Dom & Jeff,
    Women’s BB.The problem is and always has been Lynn Dorn. Not hard to figure out from 1970 grad. Maybe someone will take her on.

  5. William. It’s 4 games. 2 this week and 2 in summit. There will be 1000 at Sioux Falls this time, we got 12 tickets and sdsu fans will dump tickets on Craigslist or in person after they lose to ipfw in semi’s

    • Most certainly; I live in Sioux Falls and know quitge a few bunny fans. Jack fans will not return to the arena if the Jacks aren’t playing. There will be tickets aplenty.

    • if there’s 1,000 that will be a terrible turnout! Back in 2009 I remember what seemed like 3,000 at the Arena for the title game, and it would have been more if not for a blizzard making travel impossible day of the title game! And the crowd in the first two games was probably at least 2,000.

      I can’t understand why it would be so hard to get a minimum of 3K down to Sioux Falls for the first game, and more if they play the title game. I get it, the Jacks could swallow it all up. But if this were Bison football people might sell a child to find a way to get in. And imagine how well this team will play with a homecourt/sizeable fan base at the game! If the tournament were in the BSA or FargoDome they’d never be touched. The emotion of a good crowd is a huge boost for them. When they’ve lacked it they’ve either lost or struggled on the road on many occasions.

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