Bison Video Blog: Summit League Tournament preview

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  1. Ha, so funny, Bison media blog, is about Jag’s WBB, not a word about the girls who did their best with what they had this season… Blog gets two thumbs down on this one

    • Have you watched the women’s team? I’m sure they tried hard……but you can only say “Good Job!! Good Effort!!” so many times

    • Exactly. Hey one more loss and then this train wreck can finally start to be cleaned up and hopefully get back on track under new leadership.

  2. Think Kolpack is right that Felt’s not that big a deal. Though I respect what he’s done as a senior, I think the more Brown plays with Alexander the more their chances for victory increase. Brown’s too good defensively against the better guard tandems at Denver/IPFW/SDSU to be benching in favor of a 3-pt specialist. Maybe Felt hits a game winning three to prove me wrong….but if the game’s on the line in Sioux Falls I think the lineup out there is Braun/Bjorkland/Wright/LA/Brown.

    If NDSU wins the Summit it’ll be for the same reason SDSU did last year with Wolters-balance. Yes, we have the league’s best and most transcendent talent (Braun), but he can’t do it alone. We saw that a year ago. We all forget Braun and Wolters pretty much went mano-e-mano point wise. Difference was Wolters was getting help from his supporting cast (Dykstra, White, etc) while Wright and Bjorkland had their worst games possibly of the season. That’s part of what made Wolters special, he could set guys up and get them the looks. Braun can too just by his presence alone, but last year they had nothing aside from, ironically since I just said Brown is better, Felt hitting a couple 3’s. If Nate Wolters had gone for 50 or 60 in that game I bet the Bison would have danced. Similarly, if Braun goes for 30-40 that might be a bad sign. Granted, the SDSU loss last year and the UND loss & close call in Vermillion this year have been pretty distant, but if other guys struggled they used to get in the “just get the ball to Taylor and watch him” mode. Sometimes, this year, Braun has carried the load (the win at USD), but still, if they don’t win, I think it’s because they won’t have the balance that makes them so tough.

    And for goodness sakes, 300 Bison fans in Sioux Falls? That would be powerfully weak. I know some people, especially if we don’t win the men’s tournament, will start to argue that Fargo should make a push to host the tournament at least once or twice, but it would be hard to take it seriously if we can’t get more than 300 people to Sioux Falls. It’s a three hour drive folks. The weather I think (I’ve heard 50’s in Sioux Falls is possible) won’t be horrendous. Take a freaking “sick day” or two you panzies.

    • Frisco is/was for a national championship, the Summit tournament is playing two games for the right to lose in the NCAA tournament. How can you get excited about losing?

      • For someone whose name is “BIGTIME” , you seriously think that’s a “big time” attitude? Yes, Frisco is for the national title, but it’s the FCS FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP. It’s not the Super Bowl. It’s not the FBS title game. Unless you live in an FCS city, nobody cares about the FCS national title game. Only when the Bison or App State win 3 straight do people take notice, and even then, NDSU and App State got MORE attention because they beat major conference teams (K-State, Michigan) than they did for actually WINNING the title game.

        The Big Dance is the Big Dance! It’s one of the biggest and most popular sporting events in the ENTIRE country. People take more sick days from work to watch the first two days then they will at any time of the year.

        And you’re attitude is “Well, it’s not that big of a deal, we’re just going to lose”.

        NEWSFLASH!!!! So are 65 other teams. So I guess half the field shouldn’t even bother playing then? And this doesn’t scratch the surface of the fact upsets happen regularly. You do realize that if NDSU upset a major conference team, or made a Sweet 16 run, the national press for that would DWARF the press of the FCS title game right? If NDSU hits a buzzer beater against, say, Kansas, it will be on every screen in America and probably be watched by virtually every sports fan in the country. The FCS title game? Not so much.

        And that brings it to Sioux Falls. We need to win two games to get to the Dance. Two games. It’s a three hour trip. It costs a FRACTION of the money it takes to go to Frisco. It’s not that hard. If the attitude here is, “Well it’s not as big a deal because we’ll just lose in the NCAA Tournament”, okay then, but I hope you’re not one of the folks who believe NDSU is destined for the FBS because I got news, we’d never win an FBS national title or even make the playoff, so I guess there’d be no point in going up.

      • ndsu has had plenty of balance this season. and if we make the dance if we get right matchup a win is a very real possibility

        • I agree but that’s the thing people forget about last year. Everyone thought it was just Wolters a year ago against NDSU. It wasn’t. Dykstra had 20 and their other senior was in double figures. Other than Braun, nobody scored in double figures for the Bison. They’ve had balance all year but they did for most of last year too. It HAS to be there again or they will struggle to win

  3. Come on Bison Nation get down to SF and support the men’s BB team. If we can get 15,000 to Frisco we can darn well get 2500 to SF. This team deserves our support. Let’s go dancing baby! GO BISON!!!

    • You can only buy tickets that are available. The South Dakota people buy most of the tickets. They can stay at home no need for a hotel and most don’t even have to take time off from work to attend the tourney. Put the tourney in Grand Forks and lets see who buys the tickets. The Frisco thing is a totally different situation and that is about Bison Football. Period.

      • Tickets have been on sale for awhile. You can buy session tickets for certain days it’s not like you have to buy a whole tourney package. Tickets are still available as far as I know. SF is a 3 1/2 hour drive from Fargo. Come on people enough with the excuses, get down there!

  4. What happens to DeHoff’s resignation if she coaches the team to the title? (Will the resignation letter join the unicorns flying out of Dorn’s behind?)

    • People and Dom do realize last year proved there is no Izzo Jinx right? I mean, I get that got out of the 1st round and made the title game. But we still lost. Loss in the tourney is a loss in the tourney wherever it happens.

  5. NDSU fans can’t get summit tickets because they allow sdsu fans to get them in person at the window down there every year!

    Absolute must wins for the bison at summit, only 2-3 quality wins on the season so ndsu needs to destroy the 2 teams and show the ncaa seeding committee that they deserve a #12 or #11 seed

    • What are considered “quality wins”? Santa Clara (13-18), Rider (13-16), Notre Dame (15-16)? I think the best two wins NDSU has this year against the Colonial leaders, Delaware and Towson (22-9).

      I think the 17 point loss to Ohio really hurts…I know ESPN has NDSU at around a 12 seed right now, but I see more of a 14 seed in reality.

      • they will not get a 14 seed. the rpi is high, the summit has improved last few seasons and this team, only have 6 losses. plus there will be upsets in mid major tournies. 13 is most likely. they have a better shot at 12 seed than a 14 IMO

      • NDSU will have an RPI under 40 in this scenario. That would make them a lock for at least a 13.

  6. It was not discussed on the Blog, but what NDSU needs to get fans to SF is for the Bison to Win and the Jacks to lose on Monday. There will then be lots of tickets available.

  7. Bigtime = hayDuke und fan go away it’s getting sickening . For a year now dom/jeff you allow this prick keep posting while stopping.moderating ndsu fans

    • Not sure who this hayDuke guy is but why the classy name calling?
      Do you understand the difference between a national championship game and a conference tournament in Sioux Falls, SD? One game for the title against one of the best FCS teams in the country versus two games against mediocre programs in a seven team conference with no real Division I national championship relevance.
      It’s been a great year for NDSU men’s hoops…but in the big scheme of things…the Summit Tournament is just a precursor to losing on March 20 or 21.

      • You obviously think the FCS has a MUCH higher place in the national sporting realm than it does in reality. In Fargo, it’s the biggest thing there is, and I get that. Nationally, tell that to anyone outside of Fargo, that an FCS title game is a bigger deal than going to the Big Dance, and they’d think you’re nuts.

        • A lot of people in Kansas City pay attention to what the Bison did this year in football and it wasn’t just the Kansas State fans who were really watching.

          • Yay. We’ve got some alums in Kansas City and people out there paid attention after their defending Big 12 Champs were beaten. Go to a Tuscaloosa, Eugene, Talahassee, etc and try to see how big a brand Bison football, or any FCS team is.

        • Reality tell me that Ndsu basketball has a Bigger audience then GameDay!! Millions of Football Fans Watched that Saturday!! The First Round of the NCAA tourney has empty Seats everywhere!! The Bison will Not Win More then 2 games.. So don’t compare the Popularity of Bison Basketball n Bison Football!! Your Posts are Talking about the Final 4!! Bison Basketball will be of Vacation!!

    • I hate to agree with BIGTIME, because there are quite a few things he says that I don’t agree with. I do agree that this team doesn’t have a quality win like the Woodside era had. They’ve had a good run in their conference along with a couple other nice wins, but outside of that I’m not overly impressed.
      Putting that aside, I do believe this team has a chance to make some noise in the NCAA’s if they all contribute and don’t rely on Braun too much.
      Go Bison!

  8. Actually, it’s HayDuck; I have a picture of one, well, actually two on a big round bale, but that’s one for Bisonville and not for the tender sensibilities of the blog moderators.

  9. NDSU’s a definite favorite in my mind. I just checked my online sports book, and for those of you who know what this means, we are -115 to win it. SDSU is 2nd at +450. So if you trust the odds, we’re a HUGE favorite to go dancing.

    It would be nice to see SDSU go down before the finals though. Remember last year, we were the underdogs against a better SDSU team and gave them all they wanted in the title game. When you consider that it would basically be a home environment for SDSU, I have a feeling it would be a similar game this year. I’d rather not find out what happens. Ideally, Fort Wayne knocks off SDSU in the semis. I think Bison Nation would ne a lot less nervous against Fort Wayne than SDSU.

  10. Big Dance Time! true story, if NDSU wins 1 game in the big dance, it trumps every sports accomplishment in north Dakota by about 5times.

    you have no idea how big it would be for NDSU to win just 1 game in an upset on CBS in the big dance.

    ps- WHY CANT SAUL PLAY MARSHALL & AABERG AT THE SAME TIME?? cant he put in a few set plays for them together?? wasted time.

    • Defensively you can’t have them on the floor at the same time, they are not athletic enough.

  11. I don’t get complaints that some fans(?) have when it comes to quality wins. Before it would any win over a major program and now we have to look at the degree of quality wins. It is the same argument when FB has wins over FBS teams and they have to look at who it is. It seems like some have to complain about something instead of enjoying what we have. There are many schools out there are lucky to be good in one sport we seem to be good in many sports. Count our blessings enjoy the period we are in because this is rare time. Go Bison

    • Totally agree. A win over an ACC team, (the same one Duke, North Carolina, et al play in) is a signature win.

      • So 16 other programs also have”signature”wins against Notre Dame? Notre Dame is in the same conference as the big boys…but they are not at that level of play. Good luck convincing the selection committee that NDSU deserves a 12 seed based on that win three months ago.
        We may be getting ahead of ourselves if we don’t win the conference tournament. With such a big signature win resume this year I am sure an at-large bid is a possibility?(sarcasm) I think a seven team conference hurts the tournament ranking even if the RPI ranking says otherwise.

  12. First off we need to win the Summit first but to say we won’t get get higher than 13 because we play in the Summit is a weak argument. Is this the same conference from even a year ago. We added Denver and lost UMKC and most would say that made the conference stronger. If the RPI is higher means that this team did play stronger competition and that should determine how the team gets seeded not what the conference did in previous years. If the conference always gets 14-16 seeds how will they ever get over the hump. As far as losing to Ohio State that was the end of a long 3 week stretch mostly on the road and game after beating ND if they played now it would be closer game. Put Ohio State on a similar schedule and have it played at NDSU that would have been a signature win. The selection committee needs to put their biases aside and do the right thing.

  13. Summit champ will not get higher than a 13 seed. Rpi means very little in the eyes of the committee. Quality wins at the end of the season are considered much more important. With only 7 eligible members, and constantly changing membership, the Summit will not garner any respect from the committee…and frankly, they haven’t earned any respect yet either.

    • I don’t think a conference has ever earned a seed before. That is based on a team’s overall body of work, the strength of a conference is reflected in that but there is also non-conference as well. NDSU’s non-conference resume is very solid.

      • Solid compared to? Zero wins against the top 75 rated teams in the country. And those non-conference wins are a couple months ago. No one else in the Summit is rated above 123rd in the country. Reality is, there are no eye-opening victories for the committee to look at. Ya gotta take off the rose colored glasses every once in awhile.

        • Compared to other conferences!! The Summit compares very well, currently ranked 17 out of 33 DI basketball conferences. Compared to the Big Sky, which UND is a member of, has a conference ranking of 26, near the bottom of the barrel.

          So based on the strength of the Summit conference members, NDSU has a lot of solid comparisons.

          • The Big Sky is like the MVFC…..they’re all so good, they keep beating up on each other. LOL LOL. Seriously the Big Sky has no consistent good teams, and no clear leader, and will probably get a 15 seed. If there are 16 conference winners worse than the Summit, the Summit winner will still be slotted as a 13. The bubble teams that go on a run in the B1G, ACC, etc, will all garner more respect for those late season tourney wins than anything the Summit champ will do the rest of the way.

        • NDSU’s non-conference RPI is 19 and non-conference SOS was the 20th most difficult in the nation.

          Yep you are right that isn’t solid at all. That is freaking terrific. The committee will eat up that SOS and our 10-5 road record.

          • Strength of Schedule (SOS) is 127, in a 7 team mid-major conference with an 0-2 record against top 50 RPI teams…

            Is this suppose to impress someone on the selection committee to award a seed higher than 14?

          • It impressed the selection committee enough to send somebody to watch NDSU play.

        • I agree 100%. Other than a good record in the Summit, there isn’t a whole lot to brag about yet with this team.
          Don’t get me wrong. When everyone on the team contributes, they can be a dangerous team. I think the Bison have a great chance of winning the Summit tourney and going to the NCAAs. They may be a 12 seed or maybe a 14 seed. Noone knows at this point.
          I get tired of people building up a team that outside of the Summit or any of the bottom half of conferences, probably would struggle to make the NCAAs.
          It doesn’t matter to me personally what the bloggers call a “signature” or “quality” win. It matters what the selection committee thinks is quality.
          Seems like we’ve waited 4 years for a win that means something. There are a couple nice wins sprinkled in against some respectable teams, but nothing that jumps out at you.
          It’s almost embarrassing now to call Notre Dame the quality win some have waited for.
          ND numbers:
          Non Conf SOS-94
          ACC Rank 12th
          ACC record 6-12

          I am a Bison fan and hope they win a game or two in the NCAAs. Until this team does something meaningful outside the Summit, I have a tough time pumping them up too much on a national scale.

          Go Bison!

          • Notre Dame lost their leading scorer after the NDSU game for academic reasons. That was a nice win, they are on the bubble if he was still there. They lost a ton of close games.

  14. If I remember right Bigtime predicted a big loss at KState because we did beat anyone.

  15. I wonder if it helps or hurts to have Doug Fullerton (Big Sky Conference Committee) on the Selection Committee? Will a Weber State get favorable ranking if they win the Big Sky tournament over the Summit tournament champion?

  16. I will amend earlier comment about Bison seed if they get 13 seed or lower it will be because we only played 26 D1 games when almost every other d1 team played 29 or 30 D1games. If they get a 12 seed it is because of their non conference SOS of 11. Notice the major schools with the exception of Kansas and Wisconsin all had higher NC SOS of the top 50 rpi teams. With that I’ll shut up now.

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