The first look at applicants

Here is the list of applicants for the head women’s basketball coach opening at North Dakota State, which will be available after the season. As usual, it includes some head-scratching resumes that have about as much chance as I do. The university only furnished the name (not sure why but I’m not going to fight every battle and this is one we’ll leave for now), so there are bound to be inaccuracies with a coach’s latest position per web search. The one familiar name is former Bison player Jill DeVries, who resigned as the head coach at Valley City State last year and is working as Ultimate Hoops Trainer at Lifetime Fitness in Minneapolis. There were five applicants that through a short web search I couldn’t identify as a potential candidate, so they were left out. At least there doesn’t appear to be anybody who went by #chuckthepigskin in his applying for the head football coach at UND.

  • Daniel Johnson, coach, Lake Worth Christian High, Fla.
  • Lee Loy, former HC, High Point University
  • Kevin Lynum, assistant coach, Warner University
  • Chad Killinger, assistant coach, Marshall
  • Taj Franklin-McWilliams, assistant, New York Liberty
  • Chris Chougaz, coach in Greece
  • Kaylord Saunders Jr., coach, Minneapolis Public Schools
  • Ken Flickinger, HC, Westminster High, Ill.
  • James Pappas, assistant, Concordia University, Wis.
  • Keith Ferguson, assistant, Louisiana-Monroe
  • Paul Haney, assistant, Cecil College
  • Kip Jones, assistant, IPFW
  • Jody Craig, HC, Foothill College, Calif.
  • Kristen Holt, assistant, Texas-San Antonio
  • Kody Ketterling, HC, Filer HS, Idaho
  • MollyAnne Light, HC, Camden County College, N.J.
  • Mark Kost, assisstant, Morehead State, Ky.
  • Tammy Bagby, Women’s American Basketball Association director
  • Thomas Flahive, assistant, Saint Peters College, N.J.
  • Daryle Tucker, HC, Green Mountain College
  • Justin Hager, HC, Cibola High, Ariz.
  • Sheronda Powell, assistant, Three Rivers College, Mo.
  • Greg Gilreath, HC, Prairie Seeds Academy, Minn.
  • Andre Bright, assistant, Cheyney University
  • Andrew Johnson, assistant, Widener University
  • Geoffrey Lanier, assistant, Kent State
  • Dennis Cox, HC, Clayton State, Ga.
  • Tad Parson, HC, Lenoir CC, N.C.
  • Jill DeVries, former HC, Valley City State
  • Roy Boggess, HC, Garrett College, Md.
  • Sydney Smallbone, HC, Lakeshore High, Ind.

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  1. Taj franklin-mcwilliams was a very good player in the WNBA, that doesn’t mean she can coach, but that’s all I know about any of these applicants.

  2. not that this is a great position but still i would have thought that the list would have been a little better than this. Why no assistants from high major universities who are looking for their first chance at a HC position?

  3. FWIW, Taj Franklin-McWilliams played 12 seasons in WNBA and ranks first in career offensive rebounds and second in career total rebounds. She was a member of the 2011 League Champion Minnesota Lynx.

    Championship basketball team.

  4. kinda sad that for such an up and coming DI school there are not many mid level head coaches apply – lots of high schools

  5. I agree, go with Taj. Great player and coach, she would be real good for the program.

  6. No mention of the fact that we have a former WNBA champion Minnesota Lynx on the list? (Taj Franklin-McWilliams) Currently an assistant with the NY WNBA team.

  7. This is a long list of nobodies. The College season is not over so lets wait to see who applies then. It has been sad to see this Historic Program go through what is has since the transition to D1 and UND already excelling. No reason that the Bison Women should win the Summitt every year.

  8. Okay…..umm….wow. This is powerfully weak. I seriously can’t believe there aren’t any NSIC coaches on this list. We’d be absolutely stupid not to look at a few and I can’t believe none would apply.

    Dennis Cox out of Clayton State actually might be a decent option though. They’ve had one of the top ranked Division 2 women’s teams in the country (might have won a national title). Not sure he’s a fit for the area as it’s a team in the south so his recruiting ties might be a bit off.

    The McWilliams one is intriguing. Beyond those two….man how far this job has fallen. Oh…and all due respect to what she did at VCSU and NDSU as a player….but Jill DeVries had better not get this job. I don’t care about the program roots she has, a coach with ZERO D1 or even D2 experience trying to rebuild this mess doesn’t sound logical.

    • She was actually let go and replaced by the former USD coach Ryun Williams at Colorado State. Guess she wants another head coaching shot but man, that has to be a kick in the pants. Get let go from a Mountain West school, watch a guy from the Summit League come in and instantly win, and then basically try to go to your successors stomping grounds.

  9. Only one person on that list that should be hired and that is Jill DeVries. Senior captain of 1991 NC team, coached with Amy, assistant at UW-Green Bay and took Valley City to three straight NAIA tournaments.

  10. My vote is for Jill DeVries! Talk about experience at ALL levels!!

    *14-year tenure on the sidelines at VCSU. DeVries guided the Vikings to the NAIA National Tournament the past three years, amassing a school-record 24 wins during her last season in 2013.

    * She was named the DAC Coach of the Year in 2011 after leading the team to the DAC Tournament Championship.

    *Prior to arriving at VCSU, DeVries served as the top assistant and recruiting coordinator at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. In her tenure at UNK the Lopers were 52-8, two-time RMAC champions, advancing to the North Central Region tournament both years.

    *DeVries’ college coaching career started at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay as a graduate assistant.While at UWGB the Fighting Phoenix advanced to the NCAA D-I national tournament for the first time in school history. DeVries was promoted to second assistant in her third season at UWGB.

    **Last but definitely not least, DeVries played her college ball at North Dakota State University where she was captain of the 1990-91 Bison national championship team. During the 1990-91 season DeVries was selected Women’s Sports Federation All-American and All-North Central Conference. She was also honored by being named to the 1991 Final Four all-tourney team. In 2007, DeVries was inducted into the NDSU Athletic Hall of Fame.

    This lady knows how to get the job done!! Don’t pass her up!!

    • People have been pushing for DeVries as the next coach since Amy was at the end of her run. The only really credential she has is her Bison roots. VCSU finally made some noise late in her run but she spent 14 YEARS there. And oh by the way, it is NAIA division 2.

      I’m sorry but 3 NAIA tourneys in 14 years doesn’t instill confidence in me that she’ll beat SDSU head to head on the court and in recruiting.

  11. Jeff, you are saying you have a chance! That is great. If you get it, I would like to be on your staff as a defensive specialist. Our goal is to not let the opponent score, ever! I have mastered Nintendo women’s basketball games at all levels. We will drink 2 quarts of five hour energy drinks prior to each game and oxygen masks and air tanks for each player. No one will ever be tired in our, in-your-face defense. We only need to recruit 2 players who can score just in case one fouls out. We only need a basket or two each game. This will be great. Good Luck Jeff. I only expect to be paid minimum wage, because once we take off, the offers will come in from everywhere. YEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!

  12. Is the “search” limited to just applicants, or can the AD ask people to apply? Here are some potential candidates:

    2013 Russell Athletic/WBCA National Coach of the Year Award Recipients
    NCAA Division I – Muffet McGraw, University of Notre Dame
    NCAA Division II – Barbara Stevens, Bentley University
    NCAA Division III – Kris Huffman, DePauw University
    NAIA – George Wilson, College of the Ozarks
    JC/CC – Kate Lynch, Community College of Rhode Island
    High School – Curtis Ekmark, St. Mary’s High School (Phoenix, Ariz.)

    Past Spalding Maggie Dixon Division I Rookie Coach of the Year Recipients:
    2012 – Jennifer Hoover, High Point University <- excellent opportunity for the right person!

    • Sure, McGraw to NDSU.

      And while we’re at it, lets make a run at Coach K when Saul leaves or Nick Saban if the football job opens again.

      • I’m with you on this one reality. Did we talk to Nick Saban when coach Bohl announced he was leaving? People have to be realistic, why would she leave one of the top 2 or 3 programs in all of D-I women’s basketball to come to NDSU?

        • I would hope this guy just copied and pasted the coaches list and doesn’t seriously think McGraw would be a candidate for the NDSU job. Heck, if she were interested in leaving one of the best D1 jobs in the country for one of the worst, I’d seriously question her sanity.

  13. There will be more qualified coaches applying once the regular season is over. Hopefully the deadline is not until April, so that successful college coaches will apply. Can you imagine a successful NSIC coach applying when they are currently battling in the playoffs?

    • That’s a good point, but I still have to imagine somebody with NDSU was down in Sioux Falls this past week scouting some of these coaches and maybe getting an initial conversation going. It’s not an out-and-out interview, but it’s pretty common to see, when people hop coaching jobs, somebody begins talking at a conference tournament.

      The Fessler guy from Concordia-St. Paul would be a good fit here IMO.

    • uh can you say Craig Bohl? i believe they were in a semi final game when he announced.

  14. Pretty sure the next head coach isn’t on that list and hasn’t even applied yet. The big names probably won’t apply until the last minute because with the open records in ND they don’t want their name out there very long. This gives Dorn something to do while Gene waits for the right candidate! LOL

  15. It’s pretty cool that Bison women’s hoops can actually generate some passion. That has not been the case for a loooong time.

    I like the idea of stealing the Notre Dame coach. She would obviously be impressed by the revitalized downtown Fargo nightlife.

  16. Its a tale of two cities. UND fans want to fire the mens BB coach and NDSU wants to hire a Womens BB coach. NDSU is moving ahead and it seems UND is always moving backward firing coaches or threatening to on a seemingly constant basis. What a disastrous transition for them.

    There has been a lot of national and regional success for NDSU since moving up. On the other hand NDSU has had some problems, especially in womens BB. I hope the new coach has strong recruiting skills and has proven they can manage a team to victory.

    Should be a great tournament in Sioux Falls. Maybe we will see the new coach there. Its the biggest collegiate Basketball event in the history of the Dakotas!

    • Why does UND want to fire their men’s coach? I think he has done a great job.

    • NDSU hiring a new coach is moving forward, but UND hiring new coaches is moving backward? Sounds like you’ve got a touch of goat-roping logic.

      I think Yoda once said: Four old NCC teams, Indiana alphabet soup, and Denver, a historic collegiate basketball tournament does not make.

      • NDSU should have fired its womens’ coach a few years ago. That is not moving backwards.

  17. An acquaintance of mine was the women’s coach of Moorehead State (KY) and was just let go after 4 years behind the bench after a 51-68 record. I know that does not seem very good, but it was in the women’s basketball hotbed of the south. The recruiting and competition is a little different what NDSU experiences. Perhaps I will see his name on the list?

  18. The thing that is interesting to me is the interest from just about every part of the country. They might not be qualified candidates but it is a indication that people know of and want to be a part of Bison Nation.
    I do agree that the most qualified candidates have yet to apply because the teams they are involved with are still playing.

  19. maybe the issue is who they would be working for —–the women’ s athletic director

  20. The Bison women’s basketball season is over with another first round loss in the Summit League Tournament. Coach DeHoff thank you for your service, seniors thank you for your efforts.

    Now it is time to get to work. The Bison need a coach that can build a program and can recruit. The 2 go hand in hand and that is what is needed. Look at what Tim Miles did and is doing at Nebraska that is program building. The program fix needs to be long term and not a quick fix with a bunch of transfers.

  21. Tim Dixon the #1 asst at Idaho State has applied. Has collegiate HC experience and is the recruiting coordinator at Idaho State. He got a kid to commit sight unseen to ISU before her visit that was being recruited by USD, PEPP and others. Great with community and can recruit as shown at Lamar. Battles for ND/SD/MT kids. Could be good fit.

  22. Our womens’s AD has such an awesome reputation that a lot of Highschool coaches apply for the job.

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