An impressive defeat, if that makes sense

The season is over for the NDSU women’s hoop team and it’s time to look for a new coach – but not without a couple comments from Saturday’s first round loss to IUPUI.

It actually was a pretty impressive defeat, if that makes sense. The Bison were down 18 at halftime (it reached 20 early in the second half) playing for a coach who had already resigned. A lot of players would have sat in the locker room at halftime and proverbially mailed the season in. So what happened?

They played as hard as ever, and afterward saying they did it for their head coach, cutting the deficit to five points on a couple of occasions with chances to cut it further. It was quite remarkable if you think about it, to have motivated players who could have quit on the team. It was also impressive in how Carolyn DeHoff handled herself in the post-game press conference, taking responsibility for the lack of victories not working out. There was no blaming the BSA, the tough prospect of following a legendary coach or whatever else, just matter of fact “it didn’t work.”

She was right. Carolyn is a good person, a nice person who had the attention of her players – that was obvious in the second half Saturday. It just didn’t work out and that’s life, time to move on. This isn’t a third world country, she’ll end up on her feet and thriving somewhere else.

The great Patrick Reusse taught us scribes long ago to adhere to a journalism cred: comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. Well, the former head coach has been afflicted enough. The next chapter in Bison women’s basketball starts today.

9 thoughts on “An impressive defeat, if that makes sense

  1. Good blog entry Jeff, and I agree.

    But the line “This isn’t Afghanistan, she’ll end up on her feet somewhere else.” was unnecessary. I know it was only meant as a quip and I know this is just the BMB, not the Forum.

    But still, come on.

    • Way too much free time if you need critique the blog writings of a Forum reporter. He was trying to lessen the beating she’s taken in the media the last year and give her credit for working to the end.
      Now I’m mad at myself for even responding to your critique. You’ve wasted my time now too.

  2. Jeff,

    I agree that Coach Dehoff, did her best, her teams seemed to have the worst luck with injuries. I didn’t see enough of her teams to be able to say was she out-coached, out-played or just didn’t have the talent on her roster due to poor recruiting?

    I wish her well in her future endeavors, I hope that the NDSU finds the right person to lead them to new heights (conference championships, NCAA tournament) but not at the cost of academics and making quality young women in to quality members of society.

    Thanks again to you and Dom for dedicating so much time to NDSU sports.

  3. Are the summit league men’s tournament games going to be on tv in the Fargo area?

  4. Bison WBB needs a coach that can build a program (like Tim Miles at Nebraska) since the Bison have a ways to go to get to the top of the Summit League. I don’t know if that fact makes it a requirement to hire a proven coach (I think it does) but a coach that hasn’t been a head coach hasn’t built a program.

    I’ve always thought struggling programs hire up and coming head coaches and programs that are winning and lose their coach hire an assistant hopefully from the winning coaches staff.

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