LIVE Sunday Chat

Busy week up ahead, Jeff will join us from Sioux Falls as the Summit Tourney is in full swing, we begin at 10pm Central!


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  1. Class B Comment:

    Rugby was undefeated going into the state championship game in 1952. They finished second the previous year. Minot Model led by Henry Milkey dumped them. Model had a bunch of juniors and went undefeated the next year.

  2. Everyone looks impressive when they all played and we didn’t. Denver’s defense could be troubling. I’m still more worried about SDSU. If they beat Fort Wayne they’ll be coming in with a full head of steam, and that old barn of an arena will still be the toughest place of all to beat them in.

  3. Sorry I missed the blog last night. Dom, at 10:01 you said the #1 team always plays the early game. In the Class B tourney last week, however, Rugby was the #1 seed but played a night game rather than the traditional 1:00 pm first game of the tourney. Any idea why?

      • Im pretty sure the #1 seed is always supposed to play the first game of any tournament. Its an advantage to play first and then watch the other teams, it also gives them a few more hours of rest if that means anything.

  4. Really hoping IPFW beats SDSU tonight. I think we’d all be a little nervous playing SDSU in that environment. We’re the better team, but some of that goes away when it’s basically a home game for SDSU. Easy to get rattled if things start to go south, that arena gets loud when SDSU is playing.

    • I wasn’t sure Old School. I remember that he brought the Minnetonka girls team to play the DGF girls a number of years ago. Did he ever coach the boy’s team?

  5. Did I read that this is the last year for the Summit Tournament at the Sioux Falls Arena? Are they planning to move it to the Sanford Pentagon? That is where the NBA D-League team plays. Nice venue, but it must have less seating than the old arena.

    • They are currently building an arena that will host the tournament next year. I think they are calling it the Sanford Center.

  6. Unbelievable performance by the Bison tonight, this isn’t even a game. Hope we save some for tomorrow night for a trip to the Big Dance. Another Bison team and game on ESPN!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Looks like Bison versus IPFW tomorrow night. Bison fans should be able to get a bunch of fire sale tickets from upset SDSU fans.

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