Bison PostGame Show vs Denver

It was a tremendous performance by NDSU on Monday night in Sioux Falls, starting right off the bat with a TrayVonn Wright slam dunk and the Bison never looked back after that. Taylor Braun poured in 28 points, they shot 73 percent from the field in the first half against Denver and never trailed. If there was a perfect performance this was as close as you could get for NDSU. Jeff and Jody join you from Sioux Falls to break down the game and look ahead to the showdown with Fort Wayne tomorrow night for the automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. (8pm – ESPN 2)

18 thoughts on “Bison PostGame Show vs Denver

  1. About 600 ndsu fans tonight we need at least 1000-1500 tomorrow drive down plenty just stand in lobby officials promise to find tickets for anyone even if they have to re issue some

  2. Much as the SDSU crowd would have been a hamper, Fort Wayne is the toughest matchup for NDSU. They were in the regular season, they will be again. I don’t think it’s a blowout. Might be more like Oakland 09.

    For goodness sakes people, get to Sioux Falls. There’s no excuse now.

  3. Guess we will see how the Jackrabbit fans support the Tourney when neither of their Teams made it to the Final. They just may show up out of habit. Will there be lots of empty seats with no more SDSU?

  4. For those not going down to Sioux Falls for the game, it will be on ESPN2 tonight. Check listings for time (I think 8pm Central).

  5. I’ve been the tourney every year, and I’m from ND! There will be seats available tonight no doubt. All the SDSU fans were humbled by losing both teams yesterday. They won’t show up. The SDSU fan next to me flat out said as much before he stormed off last night.

  6. for all the bluster the Jack Fans have about filling up the SF’s arena it will be interesting to see their attendance today.

    Guesses are
    1/4 full for womens game
    1/2 to 3/4 full for Mens Final. Lots of paid for/ empty seats

  7. Come on Bison Nation let’s get down there tonight and support our team. They are going dancing baby. Go Bison!!!!

  8. IPFW and NDSU have split in conference play this year. The major difference in the two games was that NDSU had 15 total turnovers (Braun had 6 TO) in the loss on January 9th and only 10 total turnovers in the win on February 8th. IPFW had 10 total turnovers in their win and 16 total turnovers in the loss.

    Braun is a much improved player since January and will not turn the ball over 6 times again. This looks like an NDSU win by 5-7 points if the turnover battle is won.

      • Court is still same length and rims the same height, the actual score which was affected by turnovers is what determined the outcome.

        This one is at a “neutral” site in Sioux Falls so I would say turnovers will have a bigger impact on the outcome of the game than on the location.

  9. Turnovers and need to stay out of foul trouble. We do that and win by double digits. Good thing we worked on 3pt defense that was the difference for FW last night. The second game seemed sloppy on both sides FW will need to play better if they are to have a chance. I agree with Saul we will be cutting down the nets, we seem focused.

  10. The hated rivalry between NDSU-SDSU is so apparent down here at these games. If the football only crowd at ndsu came down here and witnessed the garbage it would ramp up this rivalry to new heights.

    Sdsu fans were cheering for denver so ndsu cheered for ipfw there was plenty of trash talking and hatred I love it!!

    Drive down there will be tickets and sdsu fans will come and cheer for ipfw you watch.

    • When I go to a college basketball game I go to see a good game. If I want to put up with your juvenile high school crap I will go to a high school game.

  11. NDSU is favored by 8 or 8.5 tonight, depending on the book. You won’t see many spreads that high in any of these conference championship games. I think the lines-makers even realize that NDSU is on another level than the other Summit teams. I think if we play well tonight, there’s no way we will lose. Just too skilled at this point.

    • Lines are set so that people bet evenly for each team. More people, Bison fans, are placing money on NDSU so the spread keeps moving higher. Probably 9 by tip off, to try to entice more bets on IPFW.
      Granted that spread seems like a lot, may be tough for NDSU to cover.

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