Bison PostGame Show vs IPFW

It wasn’t easy, but for the second time in it’s six year Division One history, North Dakota State will play in the NCAA Basketball Tournament after a 60-57 win
over IPFW. Taylor Braun showed why he was the Summit League Player of the Year with a dominant performance over the final three minutes including a three pointer with the shot clock winding down and then a three point play with 12 seconds left to give the Bison a hardfought win and a berth in the big dance. Jody and Jeff have complete coverage with interviews from the players included from Sioux Falls. We’ll of course have plenty on Sunday with the Selection Show, likely a live blog or two coming that day! Selection Show is 5pm on Sunday on CBS.

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  1. Well they made it congratulations to the players, coach Phillips, AD Taylor, School and the State of North Dakota. This game wasn’t easy and watching it on ESPN it was like the players had weights on their feet (except for Trayvon he’s a beast)and I was just waiting for them to start running. Braun hits the three and I remember saying he will end up with 15 and we win. The better team won tonight maybe did not play the best game but they are the team that has the best chance to win a game in the NCAA in a very long time for the Summit. The one sugestion I have for Saul and the team to do look at the start of the game before tip off Saul was pacing the side lines like a cage animal very uptight and FW coach was sitting very relax. I think the players felt that and played that way for most of the game. Maybe it was because everyone felt they were suppose to win and put that extra pressure on themselves. The next step is the dance and there will be some initial jitters but find a way to relax and show the country that we do play great BB on the trundra and make sure the coach doesn’t drink any Red Bull before the game.

  2. I commented that Taylor Braun should have stayed at the hotel the way he was playing for the first 37 minutes and then boom, he hit the three and his reaction was like take that, fan sitting on the couch, and stuff it. Trayvon and Marshall did a great job to keep them around and then Taylor took off. It was like he was playing scared but great to see him go off. Go Bison.

    • I thought Taylor played scared too…all he wanted to do was drive, he never looked to shoot the 3 until that big one at the end. Hopefully he will play relaxed in the tournament. Great Win!! Trayvon was the reason we won!!

      • Braun’s first two shots in the first three possessions of the game were three-pointers.

    • According to Saul on the Jack Michaels Show, Taylor had a bad migraine before the game and it was a tall order to get him ready to go.

  3. NDSU athletics once again puts FM, the region and ND on THE national map. First football and now basketball, way too go BISON!!

    Dancing, Dancing, Dancing!!

    • In addition the Bison wrestlers are ranked in the top 20 nationally. I wonder what other mid-major/FCS level schools are able to claim this kind of well rounded success. Congratulation Bison athletics. You are making me a very proud alum.

    • where do some of you guys get your maps anyway? I believe north Dakota has been on there since 1889.

  4. Nice to see the Bison pull it out at the end of the game. It was pretty nerve wracking as I really wanted this team to be dancing. So glad it finished the way it did. Now to prepare and pull an upset or two.

  5. Bison played tight but that’s understandable. They were expected to win and they did. Now go to the Dance and have some fun. If they play like they did against Denver they could make a run in the Dance! That would really help out NDSU and the Summit league. Go Bison!!!

  6. Nothing in Dakota College Basketball compares to the Summit League Tournament! Its going to be great having Oral Roberts back too.

    Can’t wait until Sunday to see where the game is and the opponent.

    Congratulations to The Bison and good luck in the tournament.

    • Don’t forget the University of North Dakota!

      They have a nice team and will compete well in the Big Sky tournament starting this week.

      It would be the best possible outcome for the state to have it’s TWO FLAGSHIP schools, BOTH in the tournament. Wow!

      • If it happens great, they have a chance in the weak Big Sky. Although most feel that UND has underachieved this year, as this was the year with their senior group, yet they are only a .500 team with a 15 & 15 record.

        Bison athletics has once again put North Dakota on the national map.

        • Agreed; NDSU is a superior MBB team at this point.
          It would be cool to have UND get in to the NCAAs with a Big Sky bid, and then meet the Bison for a rematch.
          Tthe Bison would handily get their revenge!!!!!!!!!

          • rematch in the tournament? Do you understand how seeding works in the tournament. A 15 doesn’t play a 16 in the first round.

        • Be careful with these comments. That team nearly put the century mark on us and we are the Summit champions.

          • Yes, but that was 4 months ago. A lot has changed in 4 months. Everyone would agree, that today the Bison would be favorites. UND just lost to team that had not one DI victory this year.

          • one game does not a season make, The big sky had no team near an RPI rating. NDSU women could have a shot in the Big Sky mens tournament.

      • Probably more likely that the UND women could get in. I’m a die hard Bison fan but as a native of North Dakota (resident of Minneapolis) I could still get excited about another ND representative on the national level.

  7. I am not a Sioux fan but I watched them dominate us earlier this year. I agree the Bison would be favored now but I think UND has a very talented team and if they come out and play like they did when they beat the Bison they could win the Big Sky tourney.

  8. It was the toughest bracket in the tournament lots of upsets and we made history. The final 4 was a blast.

  9. These people are nuts they lost to a 0-26 team and they are talking smack hilarity

  10. I’ll never understand why people can’t see how cool it would be to have both of the Division One college basketball teams in North Dakota in the Big Dance. In addition to that we could well have USD and UND in the women’s tournament, this coming after having SDSU’s teams recently in the tournaments.

    That would be six of the eight men’s and women’s programs in the Dakotas making the NCAA D1 Tournaments in the last two years.

    Forgive me for not falling in the “It would be best for NDSU if there were no UND athletic program and we should just ignore them completely” camp. Heck I’d rather they be in the Summit League. But either way, quit being so petty and recognize how cool and important it is for this part of the country to have virtually ALL of our teams competing at such a high level in Division 1.

    • Agreed; it would be good to have the Fighting Sioux in the MVC and the Summit AND beat them every year.

        • Yes, like this year. No doubt that the Bison football and basketball teams were stronger, just look at season schedule and final RPI. The Sioux did win a meaningless preseason OCC games in November, if they were in the Summit the result would have been different as a conference game.

    • Big Bison fan and NDSU alum here! And yet I’m totally on the side of the state of North Dakota today. Would love to see both UND teams win and make the tournament.

  11. Actually having UND at the dance would help NDSU by making the us focus. We don’t want to be the one to lose our game and they win theirs. Overall it’s good for the state but if we both win it would be great.

    • The Big Sky Conference champion is forecast to be a 16 seed in the tournament. The Big Sky Conference RPI and the teams in the championship game are very, very, very low. The team that wins the Big Sky and is a 16 seed will not win a game in the tournament.

  12. None of the 7 teams that qualified for the Big Sky postseason tournament would have lost to IPFW. They start a morbidly obese guy, a bald guy so old he looks like a YMCA Saturday morning player, and a “leading scorer” who had a 2nd half melt down of epic proportions yet NDSU barely wins in the last minute.
    They were discussing on ESPN the fallacy of RPI, and why it is not a relevant determination of rank. Summit teams have 6 more non conference games than Big Sky teams do. Six more opportunities to lose to higher ranked teams, and under the RPI system, credit is actually given for losing to higher ranked teams. Despite all the extra non conference games, Summit teams didn’t have any more victories against top 50 teams than Big Sky teams.

    • RPI, Sagarin, Kenpom, mid-major poll, SBnation mid-major power poll. All pretty much say the same thing.

      Heck there wasn’t even a Big Sky team getting votes in the mid-major poll. Big Sky basketball is garbage.

  13. Once NDSU meets a team with a hint of athleticism for the first time since the non-conf. games, they’ll have their hands full.

    • IPFW had enough athletes to take Dayton and Illinois to the wire. Omaha beat Nevada and took Iowa and UNLV to the wire. Denver demolished Belmont, beat Wyoming and Colorado State. Heck Denver went on the road and took St Joes to the wire, same St Joes team in the A10 Title game. Kind of hard to do these things without having some good athletes.

      Are you done making a fool of yourself yet Steve? Or do you want me to contiue to give you beatdown? I swear UND fans have the basketball IQ of a peanut, stick to hockey you puckheads.

  14. #butpolls! Or is it #buttpoles? The Big Sky this year is like the MVFC is; everyone beats up on everyone else, leading to fewer teams making the football playoffs, and in this case, the big sky winner getting seeder lower than the summit.

    • The MVC is like the MVFC. One great team and then everyone else. The Big Sky is the MEAC, a bunch of weak teams waiting to see who gets to be the team that gets crushed by a top seed or in some kind of first round play in situation.

  15. Really? Yep, Wichita State and NDSU are basically the same teams this year…. Lol!!! You are hilarious!

    • Hey you wanted to make a comparison and at least that one works since you have a team that is heads and shoulders above everyone else in both instances. Both undefeated as well of course.

      It was you that wanted to compare DI hoops and FCS football, not me.

  16. After seeing the UND women win the Big Sky to go on top of USD this year and SDSU before, I can only imagine Gene Taylor, Lynn Dorn and everyone in the NDSU athletic department has to be burning to make the women’s program competitive again.

    Assuming anyone still cares about it over there. Not that I can blame them with the way the big money sports like football and men’s hoops are performing. But from an overall stand point, I hate to see an NDSU team lagging so far behind our Dakota rivals in ANY sport.

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