Bison Video Blog – Welcome To Spokane

The Bison have arrived in Spokane and so has the video blog team. Jody Norstedt and Jeff Kolpack are at the home of the Bigfoots, Spokane Community College, where NDSU practiced on Tuesday for their initial impressions, much more to come tomorrow with initial media availability.


8 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog – Welcome To Spokane

  1. you guys seem so calm, do you not see SASQUATCH!!!, standing right behind you. Kevin is sitting right next to him. Get some pictures!!!!!!

  2. Is Jody really tall or is Jeff really short? Not that it matters but that video surprised me. Hard to tell with media types. Enjoy Spokane.

  3. At first glance I thought Big E. had made the trip to Spokane with you two.

  4. What is up with Taylor Braun’s neck? I see he had some of those strips that athletes wear when they have muscle issues. Kari Russell (?) the USA Olympic volleyball player had them all over her shoulders a few years back.

    I heard he had a migraine before the Summit League Championship game. Could it be related?

    I hope he is healthy because the Bison will need a very good game from him to win tomorrow.

    Go Bison!

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