Bison Video Blog – Preview NDSU vs San Diego State

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17 thoughts on “Bison Video Blog – Preview NDSU vs San Diego State

  1. Does this tournament run change any of the plans for where the Bison men play next season? It is a shame the BSA renovation isn’t complete so the Bison could capitalize on this success and maybe sell out the basketball games too.

    • I think they’re going to play at Scheels Arena regardless. It’s not that far off campus and it’s a nice, modern arena. But next year is next year. Not like they sold out a ton of games this year. If they struggle at all or aren’t playing this well next year people won’t show up just because of this run.

    • That’s funny, except Wyoming doesn’t have an opening.

      Love Saul’s comment regarding not looking for a job while his team is still playing. That says class right there. Subtle jab, perhaps?

  2. Marquette would be the better gig, Wyoming is such a powerhouse the Gillette GBB coach will be announced tomorrow (saving money because of what they are having to pay FB coach).

  3. Gumbel talked about NDSU’s upset bid on CBS during halftime of the Florida & Pittsburgh game.

    CBS, ESPN, USA Today and New York Times just some of the national media outlets that NDSU has been on this week.

    Still can’t believe The NDSU Bison will be playing a second game in the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament.

  4. Duke loss to Mercer has Coach K on the hot seat and Saul is in the running. Why do so many NDSU fans just clamour for winning teams and then when the TEAMS win then those fans and media and blogger trolls all are infatuated with coaches leaving. Those TEAMS are very good and although NDSU has had many good coaches, they have also been surrounded by great assistants and players who make up that TEAM. Sure Saul will probably leave and I bet Marquette contract ink is not even dry, but can we just enjoy what Bison teams are doing without constantly reading or hearing about the coach being gone after this season.
    Go Bison TEAMS!!!

    • Who is the next kid that falls into Saul’s lap? If Braun’s grandpa didn’t live in Ayr, we don’t see this years results happen. You all can clamor all you want about how great a recruiter he is, but to say he isn’t replaceable is pretty short sighted.

  5. I predict, there will be lot of pushing and shoving from the San Diego guys just because they have height advantage ? they will plan on staying under the rim to a get a good shot. Will be a very physical team.

  6. When Thames gets in the NBA someone will guard him, early second round pick the scouts are saying.

  7. Since this frickin blog wont post my stuff, I am still curious now how soon Saul will be gone.

    • It was an 8 point game, three possession game with 4:38 remaining. It wasn’t a whopping for 36 minutes.

      Thanks Bison for the 4 days of national media attention,

  8. Great run by the Bison this year! Fifteen minutes of national fame are over with but won’t be forgotten in Fargo for a long time.

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