The New Names

The applications for the open women’s basketball position at NDSU will close tomorrow at 6pm, although the job will remain open until it’s filled.

Applications for the open women’s basketball head coaching position will end on Tuesday.

Some new names have come in after Jeff’s first sifting thru the 70 names that have applied; here are just a few that stood out since we started this process:

  • Andrew Stephens – last job I could find was Director Of Operations at Texas Southern 2011-12
  • Jeff Lorenz – Milwaukee Area Technical College Women’s Head Coach
  • Lisa Willis – Assistant Coach at NAIA’s Montreat College in North Carolina, played at UCLA and with the LA Sparks in WNBA
  • Doug Porter – Assistant Coach at North Central College (D3) in Naperville, Illinois
  • Brad Rideout – Assistant Men’s Coach at Shippensburg College (2012-13)
  • Micha Thompson – Assistant Coach at Utah State, also assistant at Oral Roberts.
I’m not sure what to make of these candidates or the ones previous, Tom Goehle also has put his name in to the hat, he in my opinion is responsible for the three best players on the women’s roster (Brooke LeMar, Marena Whittle and Bree Whatman); not sure if he’ll be considering most fans probably want complete distance from previous staff. We’ll see what happens, will update will final applicants likely on Wednesday.

18 thoughts on “The New Names

  1. Problem here….nobody from the past decade from NDSU women’s program whose really gone on to other levels as an assistant or a D2 head coach that wants to come back (unless you count Jill DeVries and I don’t). Obviously the last staff didn’t have an assistant in waiting ala Richman if Saul leaves (due mostly to poor performance). There’s no, to make another comparison, Craig Smith type former NDSU WBB assistant who’s waiting on a head coaching job. If any are, apparently the job is so sour it’s not worth taking. Are there honestly no good NCC coaches we’re looking at or who are interested? These people on the lists are so far out of the region in spots.

  2. Is it me or are we seeing a lot of Div III and NAIA applicants? Where are the Div I assistant coaches looking for their first head coaching gig?

  3. Micha Thompson – Assistant Coach at Utah State, also assistant at Oral Roberts. She recruited Kevi Luper the star player at ORU! this lady should be hired on the spot!

    plus, whoever is hired needs to hit Minnesota hard, like everyday, there is so much talent in Minnesota and twin cities for girls basketball its unbelievable!

    • Honestly she reminds me of DeHoff. Another great assistant and recruiter from Utah. Yeah how’d that work out?

  4. Perhaps the issue is with their would be boss…the women’s AD. The change should have started there!

  5. Micha Thompson for the win with Shannon Boldin & Kelly Roysland as asst. NDSU would mop up Minnesota with recruiting and Micha would find the next Kevi luper I totally agree with oral bob. Make these 3 happen do it quick and let’s get back to Bison winning.

  6. At this point I’d almost consider giving the job to Kelly Roysland. Yes, she doesn’t have much experience but she knows the area, has family roots here, did coach briefly at NDSU and has Big Ten experience too. I know she’s young and has no head coaching experience, but looking at the list of applicants, none of them strike me as being any better for it. I think NDSU made a mistake in DeHoff in that they reached for someone who, in the end, really didn’t know the region that well and couldn’t recruit it. Some of these applicants are farther out than she was.

  7. Having Thompson as the coach would give us two advantages. First would be that she knows the systems of newly Summit returning Oral Roberts. Secondly, she would have the Oral Roberts background that has always given SDSU fits.

    • And as long as the Summit Tourney is in the Brooking’s suburb of Sioux Falls…we need every advantage available.

      • Didn’t seem to bother South Dakota. Not only did the Coyotes win but they dominated that game in front of about 5,000 SDSU fans and they just as easily could have won the title game the year before too.

        They have an advantage but it’s not unbreakable. And if it’s an excuse for the NDSU women it shows why they are where they are.

  8. I am really surprised a the lack of depth in the applicant pool. I think that says something as to how low this program was allowed to drop. That is in on Dorn. When in doubt, go young and hungry.

  9. Who makes the decision on Dorn? There needs to be a total house cleaning the pressure needs to be put on that person now. Do we really think Dorn would make a sound decision if she knows she about to get the boot. What a mess. The wrong selection could put the women behind five years or longer. Glad we have Taylor on the men’s side all he does is get his coaches promoted because they win championships.

  10. Kelly would be outstanding as an assistant… We need her here in some capacity… Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting

    • I agree, I think she would relate well to the young women. WE should at least put her in to the final list so she can give her thoughts.

  11. I hear that Pam Borton is available. We know how much she loves the Dakotas!

    (da da dun)

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